In 2020, global retail sales amounted to 23.36 trillion US dollars. By 2022, they are projected to reach a 26.7 million US dollar threshold. As consumerism gets stronger, the retail industry is guaranteed to keep growing.

If you run a retail business or want to join this field, you are among the lucky ones.

Retail marketing campaigns deliver outstanding results and can considerably increase your profit. When automated, they optimize expenses and ensure a personalized approach to every customer.

Since there are multiple ways to leverage eCommerce marketing automation for reach enablement, we would like to focus on the most effective ones. Find tips and how to reach eCommerce customers in our article about:

  • eCommerce marketing automation: How does it work, and why do you need it?
  • How to reach eCommerce customers automatically in 2021: tips & tricks
  • Inkit for customer reach enablement (automated address autocomplete, rendering, communications, and more)

eCommerce Marketing Automation: How Does It Work, and Why Do You Need It?

eCommerce marketing automation as a process signifies using marketing tools to automate various marketing processes and align them. These tools are usually integrated within one system to run well-coordinated retail marketing campaigns. For example, you can use email automation to deliver online messages to customers based on triggers. When they place an order on your website, click an ad, or complete any other selected action, this will trigger emails with highly-personalized content.

triggered email

Why do you need eCommerce marketing automation?

Even though eCommerce marketing automation requires additional investment at the implementation stage, its advantages outweigh the expenses. Here are the main benefits you can reap from automated retail marketing:

  • Advanced retail marketing capabilities. When you try to promote an eCommerce business without marketing automation tools, many things would be difficult or even impossible to achieve. The software allows you to collect useful statistics, customize communications, instantly respond to customers, and more.
  • Ability to avoid repetitive tasks. Once you automate all manual processes, your team will become more efficient.
  • Personalized messages to reach eCommerce customers. Online retail marketing customization is impossible without automation software. Only professional tools can help you adapt content to the preferences of every lead. 
  • Retail marketing analytics. To make the right choices, you will need to collect and analyze a large volume of customer behavior data. Marketing tools do this automatically and generate ready to use analytics reports you can rely on.
  • Optimized marketing expenses. When you integrate eCommerce marketing automation solutions, you invest a specific amount of money and know how it is spent. It is much easier to plan expenses, cut unnecessary costs, and determine competitive pricing. With manual marketing, you risk overspending and losing money because of less efficient campaigns.

How to Reach eCommerce Customers Automatically in 2021: 6 Tips & Tricks

If you’re planning to max out the benefits of eCommerce marketing automation, it’s essential to pick the right tools and automate all the core processes. Although the marketing solutions will vary depending on your business niche and goals, some software is universal. In 2021, you won’t be able to run a quality retail marketing campaign without it.

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Find useful tips on how to automate retail marketing for customer reach enablement below.

#1. Automate email marketing campaigns to reach eCommerce customers instantly

According to Campaign Monitor, automated emails generate 3X more revenue than non-automated. They allow you to provide a personalized response to every customer, easily reach leads, and enhance customer service. People will automatically receive order confirmations, greeting emails, product offers, and other messages that improve customer satisfaction and, thus, make your marketing effort more effective.

Helpful tools: Active Campaign, Braze, BlueShift, Drip

#2. Run targeted advertising campaigns

If you sell dozens or hundreds of products, there is no need to limit yourself to several options in retail marketing campaigns. Reach customers with personalized offers on social media, landing pages, and search engines. To customize the ads, you will need eCommerce marketing automation software that displays content based on the search history, demographic characteristics, website clicks, and other customer behavior metrics. Targeting makes people more likely to tap an ad and buy a product.

Helpful tools: Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager

#3. Launch an automated loyalty program to reward customers

People that feel an emotional connection with a company have a 306% higher lifetime value. Hence, loyalty programs are a great retail marketing solution to increase customer retention and revenue.

Reach your retail customers with an offer to join your loyalty program. They would be happy to earn point buying from your retail store, receive special offers and other bonuses. Automation software is the only way to run loyalty campaigns in retail marketing. Customers must be able to automatically redeem points, watch their progress, and upgrade their accounts.

Helpful tools: Perkville, FiveStars

loyalty gift cards

#4. Automate document rendering to generate custom communications

If you run an online retail store, you send thousands of online and offline communications every day. Promo offers, thank you letters, purchase orders, and invoices are just a few of them. eCommerce marketing automation can help you automatically generate these documents and deliver them to the right recipients. Such marketing tools create personalized messages based on your database’s information to reach eCommerce customers at any point of their conversion journey.

Helpful tools: Inkit Render

#5. Benefit from automated cart abandonment campaigns in retail marketing

Abandoned carts are an excellent occasion to reach eCommerce customers. It’s a chance to remarket 88% of leads who leave their carts.

Although email marketing tools with drag-and-drop email builders and triggered messages are most commonly used to remind customers about abandoned carts, you can leverage other channels. Enhance reach enablement by combining automated emails and contextual advertising or personalized direct mail with product descriptions. The simultaneous use of several channels should help you reach bouncing customers in 2021.

Helpful tools: Klaviyo, Drip, Active Campaign, CareCart for Shopify, Inkit Send

#6. Use address autocomplete and verification

Whereas address verification enhances the accuracy of marketing, the autocomplete function improves customers' experience. Automated autocomplete helps users to share data and streamlines onboarding. 

Reliable address data is necessary to implement a successful retail marketing strategy and reach customers. Verification allows you to ensure that all official communications (e.g., invoices, bills, privacy notices) and print marketing materials always reach the right recipient. It also improves the order shipment procedure and, thus, benefits customer service in eCommerce retail.

For more tips on how to use automated address verification in B2B and B2C marketing mix, read this article.

Helpful tools: Inkit Verify

To reach eCommerce customers in 2021, you will need to integrate several tools with complementary features. This will help to personalize the message to ensure the best customer reach enablement.

personalized message

Inkit for Automated Customer Reach Enablement in Retail Marketing Campaigns

Inkit is a reach enablement platform that combines several tools. It’s an excellent choice for eCommerce marketing automation and other uses thanks to the following products:

  • Inkit Verify enables customers to autofill addresses and validates them before shipping orders.
  • Inkit Render generates and stores paperless communications for record-keeping and regulatory compliance in retail.
  • Inkit Send automatically tracks the delivery of orders and communications to let you stay on the same page with customers.

If you want to discover Inkit’s capabilities for eCommerce marketing automation, schedule the demo now.

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