Series of lockdowns and increasing digitalization have changed how we consume. 57% of people say that they remained more likely to spend on locally produced goods after restrictions ended than before. Consumers have also become more interested in physical and mental health, fitness, and healthy eating habits.

But what do these and other global consumer trends mean for businesses?

Market research results allow companies to understand consumer behavior and preferences to adapt. It’s a chance to read consumers’ minds and offer them what they want most – the right product, the right message, and the right marketing.

So let’s talk about top global consumer trends below.

Global Consumer Trends and How Businesses Can Use Them

This list is based on the Top 10 global consumer trends 2022 report by Euromonitor International and other authoritative sources. It includes the global consumer trends that will impact the sales, marketing, and operational processes of most businesses. By taking them into account, you can increase your chances of business success.

#1. People Are More Likely to Buy From Locals

As it becomes more convenient to purchase products and services nearby, people refuse to wait for delivery and opt for local companies. Consumers, feeling that they contribute to regional businesses, are also more likely to stay loyal.

Hence, you should pay more attention to people living in the area where your branch is located. If you sell products and services locally, it makes sense to narrow your audience. Target them with ads, tell them you are a part of the community, offer special deals for local customers, and more.

Global Consumer Trends

#2. Interest in Eco-Friendly Products and Second-Hand

The days we have spent at home and remote work have shown us that we don’t need as many clothes and other stuff as we thought. It inspired consumers to abandon shopping malls in favor of second-hand and peer-to-peer marketplaces. The US second-hand fashion market will triple in the next ten years. These products are not only cheaper but also unique and sustainable.

Besides, the growing pressure of environmental issues additionally shapes global consumer trends in 2022. People become more conscious and want to purchase goods with minimum or no ecological impact.

#3. Offline Nostalgia

Future consumer 2022 trends include lots of offline interactions. As the vaccination rates increase and governments lift restrictions, people want the experiences they had before. It means consumers more willingly pay for trips, festivals, and other offline activities.

For brands, it also means offline marketing revives. You can organize events, participate in trade shows, or do something as simple as a direct mail campaign. Physical mail has a 9% response rate, which is much higher than digital marketing channels. Therefore, it’s an effective way to reach new customers and build your brand in 2022.

#4. Older Consumers Go Online

Digital seniors are one of the leading global consumer trends. Today 80% of Americans 55 and over are active internet users. Older buyers who ignored the online shopping experience for many years now order stuff online. They start to appreciate the conveniences of online store shopping.

That’s why brands that previously focused on younger audiences should consider older adults in their marketing and sales strategies. It can become a great way to increase revenue.

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#5. Increased Financial Literacy

Consumers are putting effort into using their money more wisely. Over 50% of global consumers say they will be better off financially in the next five years. How does it affect business owners? You will need more elaborate ways to engage and keep consumers. The competition that is already high may become even tougher.

#6. Supply Chain Disruptions

Many businesses suffered from product shortages in the last two years, which inevitably affected consumers. Apart from shifting us to remote work, lockdowns severely harmed supply chains. As people could not get what they wanted, they became more flexible and readily switched to another provider.

#7. Healthier Lifestyle and Importance of Mental Health

We pay more attention to how we feel. According to Google, it’s one of the pandemic consumer trends that will remain long-term. People buy more fitness trackers, order organic food, search for vegetarian diets, etc. These tendencies can guide existing businesses and beginners on popular market niches.

#8. Wiser Consumption Over Consumerism

Consumer behavior in retail has shifted and, therefore, sales have become less massive over the last few years. Buyers prefer products that last instead of buying dozens of similar items only to throw them away several months later.

These global consumer trends increase the importance of the value your products and services bring. Even though people still like sales, they also want to know the goods they buy are high-quality.

#9. Transition From Urban to Rural

Consumers leave their flats and move to cleaner neighborhoods. It may change the demand in different areas and impact the supply chain. Businesses should also be ready to adapt their marketing approach to a new reality. Those who left cities to live in houses form an alternative target audience with unique needs and mindsets.

 Supply Chain Disruptions

#10. Increased Focus on Socially Responsible Brands

As we have already mentioned, consumers have become more eco-conscious. It makes them choose brands that offer eco-friendly alternatives and take a sustainable approach to the business. Hence, companies need to ensure they look “helpful” in the eyes of buyers. All market leaders, from Apple to Microsoft, do that. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

#11. Online Shopping Growth Brings Higher Consumer Demands

As buyers move from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, they become even pickier. Now, consumers don’t need to waste time driving from one physical store to another. They can go to a competitor’s website in a click.

As a result, the fight for consumers gets fiercer, and their demands grow. People expect seamless usability, clear messages, and smooth checkout. If you make mistakes at any conversion funnel stage, buyers will drop off.

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Why Business Should Use Future Consumer 2022 Trends

When consumer trends change, buyers behave differently. Because of this, the existing approaches of your company lose efficiency or stop working at all. That’s why business owners and their teams should adapt to the future consumer 2022 trends in the following areas:

  • Supply chain. Companies must build a more secure and resilient supply chain to withstand unexpected fluctuations in demand.
  • Products and services. As new market niches appear and grow, it may be a great occasion to launch new products.
  • Marketing materials. Marketers should use advanced online marketing and power it with offline channels to meet global consumer trends, including direct mail.

To implement these changes, your company may need to revise existing business operations and implement new software. Inkit is one of the platforms that can help you follow global consumer trends.

How Inkit Helps Businesses Join Global Consumer Trends

Inkit is a reach enablement platform that allows companies to stay flexible in their marketing campaigns as the market changes. It provides professional tools for automating offline communications, document generation, and address data verification.

Integrate it through an API to unite with your currently used software. It will allow you to build marketing flows that automatically adapt to every consumer based on their behavior. For example, if the person who used to respond to emails starts ignoring them, Inkit will deliver offline mail instead.

Learn other ways to use Inkit and join the platform to test it for free.

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