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3 Ways Fintech Companies Can Automate Direct Mail

May 21, 2017
Michael McCarthy

“Fintech is changing the finance sector just like the Internet changed the written press and music industries. In what is a stagnant sector monopolized by banks, finance is ripe for innovation and fintech is unquestionably the catalyst needed for change.” — Philippe Gelis, CEO of Kantox
Fintechs are tech companies that cater to the financial industry. One of the most powerful marketing techniques to generate leads that is often overlooked by marketing managers is direct mail.
Inkit automates the direct mailing process. Dramatically reducing the money, time, and energy fintech companies spend on their outbound marketing.
At Inkit we believe you should spend your resources on lending. Not outbound marketing. In this post, we’ll cover 3 ways that fintech companies currently use Inkit for their direct mailing.

1. Warming and Converting Leads

To maintain their growth, fintech companies must acquire customers by warming cold leads and converting warm ones.
Many companies rely on inbound tools like email marketing and social media. However, many marketing teams find it’s difficult to attract customers with good credit profiles.
These companies utilize outbound strategies like manually sending direct mail, although it is resource intensive to compile and deliver customer lists to printers. That’s why many fintech companies trust Inkit with their business. No more compiling customer lists or waiting for batch sizes.
Savvy fintech companies use Inkit to seamlessly send automatic mailings based on programmatic triggers. Mail is sent on demand because it is connected in real-time — saving businesses time and money.

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2. Customer Success

The Internet changed our relationship with money the same way it changed our relationship with the media and entertainment industries. Fintech companies must capitalize on this to stay engaged with consumers.
Forget ad-hoc mailers, our fintech companies rely on Inkit to provide lead nurturing during the path to purchase and post-purchase. Sign up bonuses, customer referrals, and appreciation letters can now be automated by using Inkit.

3. Customer Notices

Banking regulations are tough and require lots of sticky compliance. Fintech companies currently use Inkit to automate action letters, collection notices, billings and other confidential customer information.
This saves compliance departments the hassle of manually sending mail. In the future, Inkit will be offer tracking and delivery notifications!
Fintechs are indisputably disrupting finance as we know it. Let our seamless platform take care of the mail so that you can do what you do best. Lend. We’ll take care of the rest.
Join other fintech companies that are making their mail automatic. Call us at 612–444–1182 or send us an email via our contact page at, and see how Inkit can automate marketing campaigns, offer letters, and billing notices.

Ready to captivate your customers?
Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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