When is the last time you used a tool that enabled you to manage intimate customer relationships and conversations at scale?

  1. Why Integrate? Four Benefits of HubSpot + Inkit’s direct mail integration
  2. 5 Ways You Can Use the HubSpot + Inkit Integration to Make Your Life Easier
  3. Conclusion

All industries, businesses, organizations, and institutions must know their customers extremely well to effectively grow those relationships over extended periods of time. Yet how many times have you struggled to quickly obtain key information to attract and keep your customers’ attention?

Inkit’s direct mail automation software was invented by a team of marketers and engineers who were tired of wasting time and precious resources. They wanted to provide a simple, convenient solution to send direct mail that integrates with all your favorite applications and CRMs. With Inkit’s new HubSpot CRM integration, you can instantly access contact properties, activity history, deals, memberships, lists, and more. The CRM includes every detail you may need to grow a robust, lasting relationship with your customers.

With this HubSpot Direct Mail integration, you can easily automate personalized direct mail campaigns. The Inkit + HubSpot integration makes it is as easy to send direct mail as sending emails – a couple of clicks, and it’s done! Use this integration to connect the Inkit’s offline direct mail marketing with HubSpot’s online database and tracking system to boost your marketing effectiveness.

Here’s how it works. HubSpot and Inkit customers can create automated direct mail or multichannel campaigns that send direct mail based on a certain action or trigger using the HubSpot Workflow tool. Direct mail will become one of those actions. See screenshot below for reference:

Why Integrate? Four Benefits of HubSpot + Inkit’s direct mail integration

HubSpot + Inkit integration benefit #1. No problems with installation. You will get a guided integration installation setup, meaning we’ll easily guide you through the installation process. In case of any issues or questions, Inkit’s support team is available 24/7 to help you with technical issues or even advise on the best practices for your direct mail campaigns.

HubSpot + Inkit integration benefit #2. Working with your database and lists will be so much easier. You can use the existing data in your HubSpot CRM to target more segmented audiences, track the overall multi-channel campaign results, analyze customer behavior, identify triggers for sending direct mail, and much more.

HubSpot + Inkit integration benefit #3. Connected offline and online marketing channels. Based on direct mail response rate or landing page visits, you can launch new online marketing campaigns and make them more personalized. Feed the data back into your CRM, and get even better analytics and action plan for your next campaign. And vice versa – use the results of your digital campaigns to plan this special ‘human touch’ that direct mail offers, and reach out to your selected target audience with a special postcard at the best possible moment.

HubSpot + Inkit integration benefit #4. Get alerts on specific actions or conversions from a direct mail campaign. For example, when someone scans a QR code or visits the landing page based on your pURL, you will get an immediate notification.

This way, you will have all your marketing channels, including the digital as well as offline ones, in a single place, helping you better track, schedule, analyze and perform.

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5 Ways You Can Use the HubSpot + Inkit Integration to Make Your Life Easier

HubSpot + Inkit Integration Tip #1. Track everything and keep the data in a single place to make informed decisions

Sync data across teams and platforms — instantaneously! You’ll make more informed decisions even faster. There is a thought that direct mail can’t be tracked. It’s a false presumption.  

With HubSpot Lists, you can send direct mail and track the results in an easy way. However, don’t forget to include trackable features into your direct mail, such as pURLs or QR codes to track and personalize landing pages. You don’t need to look for other software to create landing pages for your pURLs. You can use HubSpot’s custom landing page generator, and Inkit will automatically create your pURL for you.

Inkit tracks each direct mail piece sent from our platform. We at Inkit track USPS mail delivery scans and you can see the updated information on your direct mail delivery. As soon as the status of your direct mail changes to ‘delivered’, you can trigger other online marketing channels, e.g. emails to capture more clients.  

Everything will be tracked and collected in your HubSpot account. This way, you can make your inbound marketing strategy more precise, target more audiences, and increase engagement.

HubSpot + Inkit Integration Tip #2. Bridge the gap between sales and customer retention

Customer retention is quite important in any marketing strategy. The existing clients who already know your brand and have bought something from you are more likely to come back to you and read your direct mail, as well as recommend your brand to others.

Utilize HubSpot’s marketing platform to reactivate inactive customers. There’s an old saying that new customers cost 6X more than persuading existing customers to order more frequently and increase their purchase sizes. Additionally, all communication will be recorded in your HubSpot account. Teams across the company will finally find the synergy needed to quickly close deals.

HubSpot + Inkit Integration Tip #3. Always nurture leads

Who wants to waste their time with meaningless cold calls and emails? Do yourself a favor and let our software do all the work so you can get back to what you do best. Send your cold, warm, and hot leads postcards in addition to emails to close the sales.

Inkit’s software has an up-to-date features and can make your direct mail campaigns much easier to launch and track. The Inkit direct mail + HubSpot integration enables you to use your CRM across both online and offline channels, and get the best of your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Once you’ve designed your postcard template and decided who should receive it, you can add it to a new or existing HubSpot workflow by adding a “Trigger a webhook” action. Setup is as simple as copying and pasting your webhook information from Inkit into HubSpot.

HubSpot + Inkit Integration Tip #4. Save time and relationships

Alleviate the negative effects of poor reviews and orders. Inside HubSpot’s support platform, Inkit can be utilized to reduce churn. Send clients a postcard with a thoughtful note or discount to keep them happy, buying customers.

How do you create a perfect postcard? No worries, you don’t have to spend time or waste money on searching for designers or copywriters. Inkit has a built-in template postcard builder. You can easily create the postcards design you wish, change colors fonts and insert backgrounds. You can re-use your email design as a background (but don’t forget to adjust to mailing requirements and format!), and drag and drop sections you wish to include onto your direct mailer.

HubSpot + Inkit Integration Tip #5. Customize your content

Creating relationships is all about fostering a personal connection. Stick out from the thousands of ads that never get a second glance.

Personalized messages have a higher response rate. Adding a person’s name and other personalized database information (along with using full color) can increase the response rate of direct mail campaigns by up to 500% (Canon).

How to make your direct mail more personalized? With Inkit + HubSpot integration, you have access to the whole online database of your clients and you can analyze your clients’ social media images, appeal to some interest they have or use your company’s branding features on your mailers.


With Inkit + HubSpot direct mail integration, you can automatically send direct mail with the help of workflows from HubSpot triggers and offer truly cross-channel customer experience. This integration makes it simple to send personalized direct mail to segmented audiences and get higher response rates, while enjoying the same tracking, scheduling & analytics benefits that HubSpot offers you with email campaigns.

Want to try this new integration yourself? Just schedule a demo with Inkit and get the best of this Inkit’s direct mail integration with HubSpot.

Ready to captivate your customers?
Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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