Although the Internet and digitization rule the world, print and mail services still matter. We got used to treating them as a burden and tiring chore that takes a lot of time and resources. But what if customer relationship management can be automated? Moreover, what if mailing can help to develop and promote your business? Actually, today automated transactional direct mailing is widely used in the United States to improve customer service, cash flow, and billing turnaround. Customers and partners can promptly receive an invoice, leaflet, or any other printed material just at the right time. This makes regular mail printing an efficient and convenient way to conduct various types of business activities and increase their transparency.

Realizing the importance and potential of direct mail, many large and medium companies decide to entrust this task to professionals. An invoice printing and mailing service will automate all mailing stages to make your life simpler. In particular, such a company can print to mail the necessary documentation within the same day and organize the delivery. Outsourced solutions for mailing statements and sending marketing messages have also proven to be highly effective for a number of reasons. Here are the key five benefits of outsourcing transactional direct mailing.

Use a Third-party Invoice Printing and Mailing Service for Transactional Direct Mailing

Do you still ask your internal staff to fold and lick envelopes? What a waste of time and effort! Using modern mail services can be as quick and easy as sending emails. They can help to send time-sensitive information and confidential data such as credit card details and invoices directly to the recipients. Just make sure to find the right partner. With the help of outsourced solution for invoice printing and mailing statements, you will:

#1. Have more resources for your core functions

Like any person, businesses also have limited time and resources, and need to choose how to distribute their time wisely. Automating direct mail versus manually managing each batch is significantly more efficient over the long run. Automating direct mail campaigns will free employee time previously wasted on print and mail. They will switch to more crucial duties greatly contributing to the development of your company.

#2. Reduce expenses on mailing and equipment

If you have never sent mail pieces on a large scale, you may have a hard time understanding how to be cost-effective. Printing equipment and its maintenance can be costly and will swallow a huge part of your budget if care is not taken in selecting the right print provider. Save money by entrusting the corresponding tasks to an invoice printing and mailing service with substantial expertise. You will be charged less than what it costs to make everything independently.

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#3. Personalize your customer service

A personal approach to every customer is in the core of transactional direct mailing. Cooperating with a mailing expert, you get access to software with customized templates and CRM integration. This allows you to segment the audience based on their needs to send the relevant information and provide the top-notch customer experience.

#4. Ensure better regulatory compliance

When a company processes invoices or other kinds of personal data, regulatory compliance becomes one of the most pressing issues. The creation and delivery of bills or invoices is carefully monitored in the United States. You must make sure that all sensitive information is well-protected and use advanced security technology. This doesn’t sound cheap, does it? Professional mailing services are highly automated which means that user information is better protected – meeting all the relevant regulations.

#5. Improve your marketing campaign

Online mailing has killed the pleasure of anticipation that people experience when they open a physical postcard or letter. Regardless of the current tendencies, transactional direct mailing actually has a 90% open rate, looks more trustworthy, and helps to build more solid relationships with customers. You can use it not just for statement print and mail but also to share marketing messages with your customers.

How Does Automated Mailing Work?

Once you have decided to automate your invoice printing and mailing, you may use Inkit demo version to try everything out and see how it works. Using the functionality of this service, you will in no time reach your customers offline across the United States. In addition to automated printing and shipping Inkit also provides:

  • Integration with CRM systems, push-notifications, email marketing, and customer data services.
  • Unlimited package. Use the service to send a single invitation or a bunch of documents with no difference in price.
  • 24/7 customer support. Enjoy round-the-clock help with all possible mailing, job tracking, and data management issues.
  • Same-day print to mail. Usually, it takes no more than 3-6 business days to deliver mail to the end recipient.
  • A/B testing. Send different versions to different people to collect data about their needs and preferences.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the opportunities opened by Inkit invoice printing and mailing service. They supplement and expand the mentioned benefits of mail outsourcing. Yet there is no better option than to try everything on your own and accelerate your business.

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Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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