Even though Google docs is one of the most easy-to-use tools to create documents, it lacks some features in adding multimedia content. Google Docs does not have a function that allows you to add a caption to images inserted yet; however, there are ways you can use to achieve this. There are various alternatives to try if you need to add captions to images. Today’s article will guide you through these methods. In this article, you will learn:

  • How to Add Images in Google Docs
  • How to Add Captions to Images in Google Docs
  • How to Layer a Text Over an Image on Google Docs
  • How to Layer Images in Google Docs
  • Limitations for adding images in Google Docs
  • Frequently Asked Questions on adding and captioning images on Google Docs.

How to Add Images in Google Docs

Adding images to your document makes them catchy and engaging. You can add pictures to your Google documents by following these easy steps:

1. Open your documents with google docs.

2. Click on ‘Insert image.’

3. Choose the image you want to add from:

  • Google photos: You can choose an image from your Google Photos.
  • Google Drive: You can select an image you have uploaded to Google drive.
  • From computer: You can use images already on your computer.
  • Copied link: If you do not have a copy of the image, search the web and copy its URL, you can add the image by pasting the link.

4. Click ‘Insert,’ and the image will appear in the document.

How to Add Captions to Your Images in Google Docs

After adding your images, you might want to add captions to the picture for easy identification or comprehension. Google docs does not have a direct function for that yet.

But there are a few different ways you can still add captions.

You can:

  • Use the drawing option to add caption to images.
  • Insert a table and then add caption text.
  • Use the in-line text to create captions.

Now, let's take a look at each method to learn how to add caption:

Method 1. Adding Captions With the Drawing Option

You use this feature without first adding the image. Follow these steps to use the drawing feature.

  • Move the cursor to where you want to place the caption and click on it. 
  • Click on ‘Insert.’
  • Click on ‘Drawing.’
google docs insert drawing
  • Select ‘new.’
  • Click on ‘image’ to upload the image.
google docs upload image
  • Click on the text box, drag it to the position you want it to be, and change the fonts for your caption and other features to your preference.
google doc caption font options
  • Click on ‘Save’ and close.

The caption is saved with the image, and you can move it to whatever position you want. You can also edit the image by going through a similar process. Click Insert> Drawing > New > Edit.

Method 2. Using a Table to Add Caption Text

Another way to add the caption is to put the image and caption together in a table with the caption appearing just below. After which, you remove the table borders. 

  • Click on where you want the image to be in your document. 
  • Click on Insert> Table. Choose a ‘1 x 2’ table to give a column and two rows.
google docs insert table
  • Drag or insert your image into the row above. 
google doc row table with image
  • Then, write your caption in the row below. You can edit the text to desired font and size.
  • To remove the borders, right-click and select ‘Table properties.’ 
  • Change the table border to ‘0 pt.’ and click ok.
table properties for image in google docs
  • Then you have your image captioned without any visible line. The caption will move together with the image if you decide to change its position.
inserted image with caption

Method 3. Using In-line Text For Captions

This is the easiest method to add a caption to an image. In order to use the feature, you should first add the image.

  • Click on the image, and some lines will appear on the left-hand side below the image.
  • The first from the left is the ‘In-line’ option. Click on it.
  • Put the cursor below, type in your caption, and change it to the desired style, font, and size.

The problem with the ‘in-line text’ method is that it does not move when you move the image. Also, it can be displaced if opened with another PDF reader. 

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How to Layer a Text Over an Image on Google Docs

Sometimes, you might want the text to appear on the picture and not below or above it. To do this, you will use the text box. 

  • Click on Insert > Drawing. 
  • Click on the text box icon and change its color to a neutral color.
  • Click on the ‘Save and close’ button.
  • Upload the image on which you want to layer the text.
  • Then click on the text box and click on the wrap text icon.
  • Click on the text box and position where you want it to be on the image.
  • If there is a possibility you will move the image around, select the ‘Move with text option’ and click ‘Fix position’ or any suitable option.

Note: You can change the size and position of the caption text by dragging the edges of the text.

How to Layer Images in Google Docs

To layer two or more images in a document, you can use the ‘Add Drawing’ method and the ‘wrap text method.’ The ‘Wrap text’ method is similar to the technique used to layer a text, as stated above. 

Add Drawing Method

  • Click Insert> drawing > new, then add the background image
  • Repeat the process to add the new image.
  • The new image will appear on your background image; drag it with the mouse to position it where you want. The new image can be your logo or tagline. 
  • Save and close, and you have your layered image.
  • Double-click the picture and select the element you want to edit to edit the image.

Limitations for adding images in Google Docs

If you intend to add images to your document on Google Docs with the function ‘insert image,’ there are cases where you might encounter errors. When you see ‘server error’ or ‘invalid image data,’ the problem might be one of two issues. The two issues can be the file format or area of the image.

File Format

The image format that you can add to Google Docs can be jpeg, png. or GIF. Any other format apart from these will show ‘file/ image error. If your image is not in this format, you can change it with an online file converter.

Area of the image

The ‘area’ of the image about to be added to the document can give an error message if Google Docs do not accept it. These are the sizes of images that you can add to Google Docs documents:

  • 5,000 pixels x 5,000 pixels
  • 25,000 pixels x 1,000 pixels
  • 1,000 pixels x 25,000 pixels

These are the sizes of images you cannot add to Google docs documents.

  • 5001 pixels x 5001 pixels
  • 5001 pixels x 5000 pixels
  • 5000 pixels x 5001 pixels

Basically, this means any image with 5,001 pixels will give an error message in Google Docs. Any image you need to insert in Google docs cannot exceed 25,000,000 pixel2.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Caption to Images

  • I am trying to insert an image, but it keeps saying ‘unable to insert the image.’ What do I do?

The case may be that the file size is too large to be uploaded. Use an online compressor to reduce the file size and try again. You should also ensure that the image is in .png or .jpeg format. There are online converters to use if the image is not in the supported format.

  • Can I use external tools to add captions to images in Google Docs?

Yes, you can use the add-on option to add captions to images. You should download apps like Caption-maker from Google Market workspace or other captioning tools to use the option. 

  • How do I move a captioned image in Google Docs without displacing the caption?

If the image captioned was created with the in-line text option, you might not be able to move it without displacing it. However, if it was captioned with other methods, click on the image and move it around with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Hold down the shift button and corresponding arrow keys to move it with smaller increments.

  • Can I add moving pictures to my Google Docs Documents?

Moving pictures/ Animated GIFs can be added to your Google docs. To add the GIF, you can use the same method used in adding photos to the documents. You can also add GIFs directly from the browser or with URLs. 

  • Why does my image have a triangle with an exclamation point?

If you used a screenshot or zoomed-out image, you might encounter this problem. To avoid this, use a medium or high-quality image.

  • How do I keep my images fixed in Google Docs?

If you want to be absolutely sure your image does not move around or change position in your document, click on the ‘Wrap text’ icon and select ‘fix position on page.’

Adding images and captions to your Google docs should not be a hassle with the different methods stated above. After adding your images and captions, preview them to ensure you positioned them rightly. Save it and view it again. There you have your perfect presentation.

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