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How to Integrate Real-Time Address Verification and Autocomplete into Your Website Checkout Process

October 28, 2021
Inkit Team

Eight in ten e-commerce customers who add a product to their cart leave the store without ordering. It may be because of overpriced delivery, a competitors’ offer, or UX issues. Even though e-commerce businesses cannot completely eliminate cart abandonment, some checkout process best practices reduce the rates.

Automated data validation autocomplete is one of the checkout process best practices to adopt. It allows you to speed up the checkout process and increase conversions. Thanks to real-time address verification, you also collect reliable contact details for future delivery. Customers become less likely to provide invalid or inaccurate address details.

This article will help you streamline the checkout with address data validation autocomplete. Discover the business benefits of real-time address verification and get integration instructions here.

How Does Address Data Validation Autocomplete at the Checkout Works?

After customers browse your website, select the products, and add them to the cart, they proceed to the checkout flow. Here, they fill in their name, surname, email address, contacts, and credit card information. These details are necessary to check the buyer’s identity, validate delivery information, and complete the transaction.

Address data validation autocomplete happens in real-time as soon as someone starts typing an address. The e-commerce store or application matches the information provided by the customer with official databases. If it finds records with the same details, it displays them in the drop-down list. The options provided in the drop-downs are already verified and have the necessary format. Thus, a customer can select and confirm a suitable option.

You can use the address information provided at the checkout for delivery validation and AVS checks. Delivery validation enables you to ensure the provided address is deliverable, and the logistics company will reach the recipient. AVS checks are billing address verification run to confirm the credit card ownership of the buyer. They allow you to prevent fraud among payment options and avoid financial losses.

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Address Data Validation

Once address verification tools complete the verification of checkout forms, they automatically record the addresses. E-commerce stores keep these details to improve the checkout experience during future purchases. Yet, it also requires them to regularly re-verify address records to keep the existing database updated.

Benefits of Real-Time Address Verification and Autocomplete at the Checkout

Real-time address verification and autocomplete help customers create an account and share their contact details. The optimized checkout process increases customer satisfaction and brings other business advantages listed below.

Increased Conversion Rates

Conversion depends on many factors, including page design, layout, and usability. If any of these elements fails, the bounce rate will skyrocket. Automated address data validation autocomplete is critical for a smooth customer experience and directly affects conversions.

Imagine a customer purchases but doesn’t provide the billing address in a proper format. As a result, the system declines the transaction, and the conversion never happens. If the website had real-time address verification, this wouldn’t occur.

Facilitated Automation

When you implement address data validation autocomplete as one of the checkout process best practices, you considerably increase the automation level in your systems. The automation of one process usually simplifies the automation of other related activities. For example, reliable address data allows you to automatically send personalized and trigger-based direct mail to customers.


Manual address verification is more expensive than it might seem. You waste a lot of precious time creating batches and uploading them into checkers. On the other hand, automated address data validation autocomplete helps to save time and money. It instantly checks address records and is more affordable than you think. There are many address verification tools you can use for free or purchase for a fair monthly subscription.

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More Satisfied Customers

73% of customers state that a positive experience affects their buying decision. Hence, when the checkout is easy thanks to address data validation autocomplete, customer satisfaction increases. Customers that value your brand become loyal and are more likely to return with repeat purchases or recommend you to their friends. It helps you promote your offer and increases revenue.

Reduced Number of Errors

Automated data validation autocomplete as one of checkout process best practices enhances data quality. When you provide users with validated address options, the risk of mistakes, typos, poor formatting, and other issues reduces. You get an accurate database for delivery, contacting customers, identity verification, and fraud prevention.

Optimized Work of Employees

Without real-time address verification, your teams need to verify addresses manually. They have to check records every time before forwarding them to a logistics provider.

Hence, it’s better to implement real-time address verification from the launch. Ask your software development team to connect address data validation autocomplete while they are still working on the website or mobile device app. It will make the work of your sales and support departments much more effective.

Apart from the mentioned benefits, real-time address verification helps you protect customer data and achieve regulatory compliance. You can better control access to the personal contact information of customers and prevent breaches.

Satisfied Customers

How to Implement Address Data Validation Autocomplete in Web Stores

Custom development of address data validation autocomplete is too challenging. You will need to get CASS certified, connect to USPS databases, design address parsing, standardization, and formatting capabilities. It will strain your resources and distract the software development team from more critical tasks. Product teams working on e-commerce solutions usually don’t adopt this approach.

API integration is a recommended option to implement automated address checks and autocomplete in your e-commerce store. It allows you to get ready real-time address verification and autocomplete in your software. An API is an application programming interface that manages different kinds of requests between sending and receiving applications. When, for example, a customer fills in their address at the checkout, the e-commerce store triggers the connected data validation autocomplete API.

Note that there are no open-source APIs for real-time address verification. Since address data validation autocomplete services process private information, they must require authorized access and ultimate security.

Therefore, looking for an address verification API, make sure it’s reliable and protects personal information. Also, keep in mind that not all address verification APIs support both real-time address checks and autocomplete. Many solutions are limited to validation and don’t generate address suggestions, which isn’t suitable for the checkout flow. To optimize the checkout, you need an API with automated verification and autocomplete, like Inkit Verify.

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Inkit Verify for Real-Time Address Verification and Autocomplete

Inkit Verify is an address verification and autocomplete API for checkout process optimization. Integrate it with your e-commerce store or web platform to automate address validation and offer address suggestions to users. Verify automatically parses, standardizes, and matches the entered addresses with official USPS databases for validation and verified suggestions.

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