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Top 5 Use Cases for Address Verification Service APIs

August 12, 2021
Inkit Team

If your company collects postal addresses for any reason, you need to validate address data. To do it automatically, you should use an address verification service API.

Address verification service APIs enable businesses to add automated address checks to their existing software. After a quick integration, the existing software can parse, standardize, format, and verify postal addresses. Thanks to this, a business holds accurate and up-to-date address data. It enhances the quality of order delivery, enables KYC checks, reduces fraud, and brings other measurable benefits.

For those considering address lookup or address verification service API, we’ve collected some key points here. Keep reading to learn what an address verification service API is, how to use it, and when.

What Is an Address Verification Service API?

An address verification service API is an application programming interface designed for automated postal address verification. It connects the third-party data validation solutions to your current systems to make them work as a whole. Such an API is usually integrated with websites, CRMs, applications, and databases.

The address verification service API standardizes addresses according to the Royal Mail (UK) or USPS (US) requirements. Some APIs can also enrich data, fix mistakes, or autocomplete addresses. Hence, choosing an address verification service API, you should realize your unique operational needs.

Address Verification Service API

Types of Address Verification Service APIs to Choose From

  • Address validation API automates address standardization and verification. This API automatically matches address records with reputable address databases to detect any discrepancies. It’s a popular solution for businesses that want to clean their existing and new records.
  • Address autocomplete API offers address suggestions as users type their address information in forms or fields. Address options are already validated and formatted based on standards. The autocomplete API is popular with companies that collect user addresses electronically and want to optimize the process.
  • Address lookup API powers software with an address search functionality. It allows users to find the necessary address in the correct format and get additional details they need.
  • ZIP code API is used to automatically generate ZIP codes based on address entries or vice versa.

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Advanced solutions like Inkit Verify combine several types of address verification service APIs. They offer multiple validation features to give businesses many use options and flexibility. You can validate address records, get an address lookup API, and provide end-users with address autocomplete with a single solution.

Why Use Address Verification Service APIs

An address verification service API saves companies from the need to develop address lookups and validation from scratch. Hence, they don’t have to assemble a team of developers and find resources for custom software development. That’s the first reason to use any API, including address lookup APIs.

Another reason is that paid address validation APIs are more effective and convenient than web solutions. Once integrated, they become a part of your existing systems and work automatically. You don’t need to upload batches of records to validate addresses. This optimizes the manual tasks and increases security. Your tech team can easily set up user roles and access permissions.

Moreover, the integration of the address verification service API is beneficial for your user experience. Whereas address autocomplete facilitates onboarding, verification increases address data quality and the accuracy of delivery by the post office.

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When to Integrate Address Verification Service APIs

We have already published a detailed article about what industries need address verification most. Here we will focus on when to use the address lookup API rather than other verification options.

Hence, companies should use address verification service API in the following cases:

Use Case #1. Users share their contact information through your services

If you gather street addresses through an application, website forms, emails, or at the checkout, consider address validation APIs. It will allow you to check addresses before they enter your database automatically. This way, you will instantly inform customers about any address discrepancies to fix them at the start.

Use Case #2. You regularly collect and validate address data in large volumes

A web checker can meet your needs if your company or organization doesn’t validate address data in large volumes. You will occasionally check the necessary address using one of the free address validations services provided by the United States Postal Service. Yet if you frequently process and validate address records, it makes sense to automate verification. The address verification service API will save you time and cut expenses. The human labor hours cost a lot and should be used for more complicated tasks than manual data validation. Besides, automated checks are more reliable. Address validation and lookups APIs prevent human mistakes, which may happen during manual data processing.

Use Case #3. You need both security and cost-effectiveness

Address records belong to confidential information and must be kept secure. They are a common target for data breaches and hacker attacks.

This makes open-source solutions a bad option for companies that process users’ personal details. On the other hand, custom software development that ensures the necessary level of security is too costly. Under these circumstances, an address verification service API is an optimum solution. Since APIs are provided by trusted vendors, their creators take care of secure data processing and storage. APIs are also cheaper than custom software development that can eat up all your budget. Hence, if you seek a price-quality balance, address verification service APIs are what you need.

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Address Verification Service API

Use Case #4. You want to automate several routine business processes

Automation is one of the primary goals of address verification API integration. It allows you to automatically parse, format, and check addresses in real-time. Although it’s an excellent capability that can be used independently, automated address validation is usually paired with the automation of other processes.

Simply put, if you run a company going through digital transformation and profound changes, address validation APIs are particularly recommended. They help to ensure software interoperability and create a single well-orchestrated system. Processing addresses in web tools, you won’t achieve ultimate automation.

Use Case #5. You run an e-commerce company that delivers offline goods

E-commerce businesses can win from an address verification service API in many ways. First of all, it enhances the quality of order delivery. When you validate addresses before shipments, goods reach the destination without delays. Thus, your customer service significantly improves, whereas the shipping losses decline.

The autocomplete feature is another valid reason to connect an address verification API key to an e-commerce website. When the checkout process is quick and easy, buyers are more likely to complete a purchase and return.

Inkit Verify for Automated Address Validation

Inkit Verify is a multifunctional address verification service API. Connect it to your application, web resource, CRM, or other software to enjoy automated address verification and autocomplete. Verify automatically matches provided records with trusted USPS address databases to detect and fix any issues. It also shows suggestions to end-users as they type their addresses.

Inkit Verify is a perfect option for companies that need versatile address validation functionality with ultimate security. It’s a cloud solution that operates quickly and safely.

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