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Top 7 Features Your Address Verification Software Should Have

August 5, 2021
Inkit Team

Are you a background check firm utilizing personal information for customer analysis? Or maybe an e-commerce business delivering orders via postal service? Or anyone else who needs postal address parsing, standardization, and validation?

Then, you will have to adopt address verification software. Online address verification services enable businesses and organizations to check the validity of address data automatically. They clean records and match them with official databases to remove incorrect entries. This clean and correct data ensures reliable information for offline delivery and customer checks.

If you belong to businesses that utilize address data, make sure to pick the right online address verification services. It must provide such functions as validating addresses in real-time, address autocompletion, and support some other features listed in our article.

Keep reading to learn what functionality is must-have in online address verification services.

How Does Address Verification Software Work?

Both paid and free address verification software options parse, standardize, clean, and verify addresses. They can process a single address or handle batches with lists of street addresses.

The ways online address verification services work vary depending on their capabilities. Generally, you will have to choose between the following options:

  • Free address verification solutions that operate manually. These are address lookups provided by the United States Postal Service and other mailing vendors on their websites. Since these are free address verification solutions, they have basic functionality. You will need to manually type address data and hit the check button for each verification request.
  • Web address verification software. These solutions are more sophisticated than free address verification portals. After creating an account, you can connect web address verification software to addresses in your database and run checks automatically.
  • API-based address verification software. An address validation API is a perfect fit for companies that want to add real-time address validation into their existing software. These may be e-commerce businesses that want to check addresses on their websites automatically, for example. Or financial services that need address validation in their apps. API online address verification services ensure the best interoperability out of all the available options.

To enjoy a more extensive functionality of online address verification services, you will have to choose paid software instead of free address verification. It offers richer functionality, better security, and customer support ready to troubleshoot for you. Free address verification solutions may be an option only when you need to process several address records. They are not suitable for regular use.

Address Verification Software

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7 Features Essential in Online Address Verification Services

Now, let’s talk about the must-have features of online address verification services. If you run dozens of mailing address checks daily, you need advanced software with the following capabilities:

#1 Address Verification Software Feature: Trigger-Based Checks

Online address verification services must operate based on triggers to verify postal addresses in real-time. A trigger is any event or customer action that automatically initiates an address check. For example, when a user sends their contact data in a form, it will instruct address verification software to process the specific address entry.

This feature has two significant benefits. It gives you the maximum flexibility in terms of address processing and fully automates validation. Trigger-based address verification software will automatically process an entry whenever you need it.

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#2 Address Verification Software Feature: Single and Bulk Address Checks

In most cases, the address verification volume of a company fluctuates. Today, you may need to handle ten separate addresses; tomorrow – process several large batches. Therefore, you should pick online address verification services that verify a single record and a massive batch with equal ease. It will help avoid delays in address verification and related processes.

#3 Address Verification Software Feature: Data Corrections and Enrichment

Even though all online address verification services check addresses, much fewer offer enrichment, and automated correction. These are important features since they allow you to get ready for mailing addresses at the output. Instead of having incorrect addresses highlighted or removed, the online address verification services fix them when possible. For example, advanced checkers can add missing ZIP codes, state abbreviations, correct the address format, and more.

Without automated data correction and enrichment, you will need to double-check incorrect addresses manually. You also risk losing some address details in the course of the verification process.

#4 Address Verification Software Feature: Address Autocompletion

If you want to add real-time address verification to your website or app, autocomplete is essential. The feature will display validated address suggestions as the user types their address. It speeds up form completion, checkout, and other procedures when customers need to enter their contact details. As a result, the user experience and data quality significantly improve. When you offer your customers valid and formatted address options, they just select the necessary one and are less likely to make mistakes. They also appreciate it when a business simplifies data sharing for them and become more engaged.

#5 Address Verification Software Feature: Easy Integration

Nowadays, address verification software is rarely used as a stand-alone solution. Companies integrate it with other services to ensure the ultimate level of automation. Address checks become intertwined with different processes and are trigger-based. Therefore, integration opportunities are a critical aspect of address verification software functionality to note.

If you know you will connect a checker with third-party services or your existing software, pay attention to integrations. Address validation services should either have a broad integration network or offer an API. Supported integrations will enable you to connect an address checker with third-party products, whereas API works for deeper integration. It adds automated address verification as an additional capability into custom software systems.

Address Verification Software Feature

#6 Address Verification Software Feature: Domestic and Global Addresses

Even if you target only the local market, you never know when worldwide delivery will become an issue. International customers may come to your website and place an order, or you may decide to enter new countries and geo-locations. Hence, it’s better to adopt online address verification services that process domestic and international addresses from the start.

These solutions will take into account address formatting differences across countries. They will automatically standardize address records based on local requirements, which significantly simplifies address checks for businesses.

#7 Address Verification Software Feature: Customer Support

If you need address verification software that requires integration and has some advanced features like trigger-based checks or autocompletion, consider solutions with customer support. It will allow you to find a reliable tech partner ready to assist with troubleshooting. You will have someone to ask for help when you cannot integrate the address verification software, triggered checks don’t work, and in case of any other problem.

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Inkit’s Verify for Automated Address Verification

Inkit is a reach enablement platform (REP) offering automated address verification and autocompletion along with other features. Inkit’s Verify is an easy-to-integrate API you can connect with existing products in less than a day. Your app, website, or platform will be enabled to automatically check addresses based on triggers, offer address suggestions at the checkout, leverage enriched address data to automatically confirm customer identities and reduce fraud risk, and more.

Want to learn more about Inkit Verify? Contact us for additional information.

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