To supersede the marketing campaigns of your competitors, yours need to be faster and stronger. The most common way to do this is to engage channels that other companies ignore or underestimate. Whereas most businesses focus on digital marketing, you can start promoting your services both offline and online. Advanced direct marketing will boost your triggered emails, social media promotions, and other web resources.

Automating three or more marketing channels, you can achieve 250% higher engagement and purchase rates than with single-channel campaigns. In addition, cross-channel marketing improves response rates and return on investment. The recipe for such success is a seamless user experience across all touchpoints. Whenever customers go, they hear the same marketing message, can quickly get help and access the information they need. Fortunately, the modern tech market offers a range of marketing automation solutions for cross-channel campaigns. Today, we’ll talk about Marketo as one of the best ways to build complex marketing campaigns easily.

Over 170,000 of websites have already chosen Marketo mail for advanced direct marketing. If you are one of them, this article will definitely come in handy. Continue reading to learn more about:

  • What is advanced direct marketing and what benefits does it offer?
  • How to start creating Marketo mail campaigns based on Inkit’s mail automation
  • Examples of on-demand direct mail launched with Marketo mail

Advanced Direct Marketing and Why You Should Use It

Advanced direct marketing is the use of automated printing and mailing to deliver highly personalized and targeted mail pieces. Marketing automation allows companies to introduce on-demand direct mail and synchronize it with consumer behavior or events online. As a result, mail pieces are sent only to the people who are likely to convert and react positively. Such mail usually includes personalized content (e.g., tailored marketing messages, unique links, special offers, etc).

On-demand direct mail is quite commonly used to reinforce emails, retarget customers, or greet new subscribers. For example, a marketing platform initiates mail printing and shipment to a specific customer once they abandon the cart. After that, advanced direct marketing software like Inkit accepts the command and automatically manages the entire mailing process. That’s how on-demand direct mail minimizes the role of business owners and marketers in personalized direct mail.

But wait, there’s more! Advanced direct marketing can strengthen your marketing activities in several other ways:

  • With on-demand direct mail, you can launch a full-fledged omni- or cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Advanced direct marketing gives you a competitive edge since many companies still haven’t incorporated it in their marketing strategies
  • On-demand direct mail helps to build closer relationships with consumers than digital channels
  • Mail automation software keeps track of all mailing activities. This is critical to analyze your marketing effectiveness or make sure that all the necessary official communications are already delivered

Note that to start an advanced direct marketing campaign, you will need to use a marketing platform. Marketo is a stunning option. It connects the related marketing channels, allows you to manage the marketing workflow, and analyzes the results. In the next sections, we will discuss different ways to Inkit + Marketo mail.

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How to Start Creating Marketo Mail Campaigns Based on Inkit’s Mail Automation

Marketo is Adobe’s SaaS marketing automation platform for email marketing, lead management, consumer, account-based, and mobile marketing. It also provides extensive analytics capabilities and easily integrates numerous third-party services, including Inkit.

To create your first on-demand direct mail campaign with Inkit + Marketo mail, you will need to:

  1. Create Inkit’s and Marketo’s accounts (if you still haven’t done that).
  2. Open Inkit and navigate to the templates page.
  3. Choose the template you want to use > click the three dots icon next to it > Copy ID.
  4. Go to Marketo, create a new webhook to connect Inkit’s mailing services, and fill in the details.
  5. Include on-demand direct mail into an existing Marketo’s workflow or create a separate one.

To get detailed instructions on how to integrate Inkit with Marketo and start building Marketo mail campaigns, visit this page.

3 Best Examples of On-Demand Direct Mail Launched with Marketo Mail

Inkit + Marketo mail allows connecting advanced direct marketing with the most common channels used in digital marketing. You may either focus on 2-3 channels or build complex multi-channel campaigns. It entirely depends on your budget volume and marketing strategy. Below are several popular ways to establish solid mail marketing campaigns with the use of on-demand direct mail.

Marketo Mail + Triggered Emails

According to the DMA, 63% of consumers are likely to take mail seriously compared to only 18% for email campaigns. Besides, from 54 to 83% of people check their mail – the more official mail, the higher open rates. On the other hand, the average open rates for emails range from 25 to 47%, which is significantly lower.

Triggered Emails
Source: Marketo

To increase the effectiveness of emails, you can first send direct mail to familiarize customers with your offer. Thus, when they receive emails, they will recognize your brand and will be more likely to respond. With Inkit + Marketo mail, you can track the moment when every customer on the mailing lists receives direct mail and automatically initiate email delivery in, let’s say 48 hours.

Make sure to develop a single high-quality marketing idea for greeting postcards and emails. You will also need to pick proper email subject lines and take care of email deliverability. Such tiny details considerably boost the response rate of triggered emails.

Marketo Mail + Social Media

With the growing impact of influencer marketing and over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, you just cannot overlook this channel. But you can get the most of it with advanced direct marketing.

Source: Marketo

For example, you may customize your mail design and include the icons of social media in Inkit’s postcard builder. They will inform the recipients about your online resources and encourage them to follow you. QR codes that take consumers directly to your official social media account is another excellent alternative. With Marketo, you will be able to record all the conversions to estimate the effectiveness of mail campaigns.

As an option, you may also send triggered direct mail as a response to specific behavior on social media. Just make sure to transparently notify your customers about your Data Use Policy. Once you receive their official approval, instruct Inkit + Marketo to automatically launch mailing when a user participates in a contest shows interest in a special offer, etc.

For more ideas on how to integrate direct mail and social media read our article.

Marketo Mail + Web Content + Targeted Ads

In this case, we offer you to combine three channels. This option can yield great results if you run an online store and use targeted advertising to promote your products.

Let’s start with the digital part of this Marketo mail campaign. Use Marketo to collect data on user behavior on your website. Try to understand how people interact with your products, what attracts their attention, and why they churn. After that, rely on this information to display personalized digital ads.

Marketo digital ads
Source: Marketo

Record responses to the targeted ads to determine the potential customers that ignore online banners. Once Marketo detects such users it can activate Inkit’s advanced direct marketing. As a result, those who suffer from banner blindness or just chose to neglect online ads will receive a mail piece with the relevant offer. You could offer them a discount, bonus, or any other valid reason to come back to your store.

Interested? Subscribe to Inkit and Marketo to start building cross-channel mail campaigns now.

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