Product teams that use API PDF generators largely do it to integrate the document rendering functionality. Working on a solution that needs document management, they choose API documentation templates as a shortcut. The implementation of API-based document generation software reduces expenses and saves time.

Yet apart from optimization, API PDF generators bring many measurable benefits to end-users. Regulatory compliance is one of them. When document generation becomes automated, it also automates document tracking and management. As a result, software adopters have every document, communication, or message they deliver stored in their system. They can withstand any audit and quickly locate the necessary doc, which is the primary demand of most regulations, be it finances or healthcare.

Would you like to know what rules API PDF generators help to meet? Check out the list of top regulations across industries that API PDF generators will help with.

How Does an API PDF Generator Help with Compliance?

Since many core regulations require comprehensive record-keeping, document automation is essential to become compliant. It enables you to optimize the document management tasks you would otherwise need to do manually. Data processing becomes more transparent and organized.

Even though you can use other solutions to generate PDF documents automatically, APIs are an optimum choice for compliance:

  • API PDF generators become a part of your existing systems. API integration allows embedding HTML to PDF rendering into your software for better control over data processing. You get one system to care about instead of many disparate solutions.
  • API PDF generators like Render support user roles for granular data access management. Some REST APIs allow you to configure different levels of user permissions. Hence, only entitled team members can access personal data to generate PDFs. It reduces the risk of misuse or leakage.
  • API PDF generators enhance workflow control. Thanks to full automation, you can track what happens with every document at each stage of its processing. You see who turned the URL to PDF, sent it to the recipients, edited it, etc.
  • API PDF generators minimize the risk of human error. Unlike humans, PDF document generation software is unlikely to make typos or mix up something. It makes the generated documents more accurate and, therefore, helps API users to pass regulatory audits.
  • API PDF generators support version tracking. When PDF document generation software enables you to see all the versions, it’s easier to prove compliance. You can always retrieve the previous data when necessary.

These are the universal benefits of using API documentation templates to create documents. They facilitate compliance with many key regulations governing top industries. Accurate record-keeping, extensive document management capabilities, limited access, and data security are usually enough to meet the law.

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7 Regulations and Standards to Meet with a PDF Document Generation Software API

This list of standards covers the most strictly regulated industries. These are healthcare, finances, banking, insurance, etc. They all need reliable document creation software and template editors for creating a PDF doc. PDF is a standard document management format. It ensures the necessary level of data security and ease of document rendering.

#1. SOX Act (the Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is a federal US law passed in 2002 to establish financial record keeping and reporting rules for corporations. It aims to protect the public and stakeholders from fraudulent accounting practices and unlawful alteration or falsification of records. The SOX Act applies to all public companies requiring them to keep clear and accurate documentation. They must adhere to strict document storage timelines, including a 5-year mandatory retention period. The SOX Act hits accounting and IT departments the hardest, so they are the most dependent on efficient document management.

API integration provides tech teams with an easy way to automate document storage, while accountants can automatically generate dynamic documents. When PDF template rendering is an automated feature, systems have copies of every invoice, bill, or communication sent.

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#2. Federal Trade Commission Act

The FDA Act prevents unfair methods of competition and protects consumers against deceptive practices in the marketplace. It regulates all entities engaged in commerce, including banks. Given the extensive scope of the FTC Act’s requirements, automated document management is only one of the steps you need for compliance. Nevertheless, it makes your business operations more transparent, which may help you confirm you are not engaged in predatory business practices.

#3. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HIPAA is a leading regulation in the healthcare industry that makes providers carefully watch their data processing approaches. According to HIPAA, organizations must limit access to medical records and PHI-based documentation for unauthorized individuals. PDF document generation software with user roles allows you to set up a complex access system. People with no access won’t be able to initiate API calls.

#4. Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed to optimize the cost of health insurance coverage. It makes health insurers report the share of premium revenue spent on medical care and related quality improvements. Medicare Advantage organizations must keep the medical loss ratio record for ten years from the date of reporting to CMS. This way, quality document generation software can simplify Affordable Act Compliance through automated record-keeping.

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#5. GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation remains a powerful driver for data security across companies handling EU citizens’ data. Anyone who develops or adopts software that collects, stores, or processes personal data must meet GDPR requirements. How does a PDF generator API help with that? By integrating an API PDF generator with your systems, you are likely to get document management capabilities that are already compliant. API vendors know the industry standards and supply compliant solutions.

Besides, API documentation templates allow you to record all communications and docs delivered to customers. Hence, you can provide or delete them upon a GDPR request.

#6. California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)

The California Consumer Protection Act is very similar to the GDPR. It also extends the consumers’ control over the personal information that companies collect about them. To be able to provide copies of the data you collect, you need to store them. Since PDF document generation software is effective for archiving, it’s a trusted way to meet CCPA requirements.

#7. 9001 ISO Certification

Compliance with 9001 ISO Certification is not mandatory but may considerably boost your business growth. It’s a sign that you have reliable quality management systems in place. PDF document generation software helps get 9001 ISO Certification since reliable document storage is among the primary requirements you need to meet.

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Inkit Render PDF Document Generation Software API

Render is a PDF rendering REST API for compliant document creation and management. Connect it with existing products written in core programming languages to automate document generation, storage, and deletion. Apart from extensive rendering capabilities, Render also supports user roles. You can configure different access levels across teams to increase data security and control permissions.

Besides, Inkit meets GDPR requirements and other leading data protection regulations. By choosing it, you already enjoy a regulatory compliant API.

Learn more about Render’s functionality and pricing options here to choose the plan for you.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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