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Postal Address Validation API: Comparing Custom, Open-Source, and Inkit Verify

October 7, 2021
Inkit Team

The US Postal Service covers 161.4 million addresses across the country. These are millions of consumers, businesses, organizations, and entities. The communication between them depends on the accuracy of address data. Reliable address information is also required for KYC checks, fraud prevention, financial operations, order delivery, and more.

If your company runs regular address matching, you will benefit from postal address verification software. It can be a custom solution developed from scratch, an open-source address validation API, or a premium API like Inkit Verify. The choice of the software depends on the operational needs of your company and budget.

In this article, we will compare the address verification services to help you pick the right option. Read on to learn the capabilities, benefits, and costs of each postal address verification solution.

What Is Address Verification?

Mailing address verification is the process of matching postal address records with official databases to detect discrepancies. Some postal address verification solutions also standardize every address on file, format and enrich it with a ZIP code or missing details. By validating an address and ZIP code, you increase the accuracy of mailings and can run identity checks.

Overview of Address Verification Services

Although postal address verification is the primary feature in all these solutions, additional functionality and the scope of automation vary.

Custom address verification services are tailored to the technical and business needs of a specific company. They can offer anything from standard validation to automated AVS checks. In this case, the software vendor covers all the costs of software development and maintains the address verification service.

Open-source address validation APIs are freely available and have limited functionality. They complete basic automation tasks and cannot offer you access to the latest PII data for security reasons.

Premium postal address verification APIs like Inkit Verify balance the capabilities of automated custom address verification services and open-source APIs. They are cheaper and easier to implement than custom solutions but offer equally strong functionality and security.

Address Verification

Build versus Buy: Use Cases of Custom vs. Open-Source Address Validation API vs. Paid API

To figure out what solution will be the most effective for your company, you should know how others utilize it. Here are some common use cases.

Custom Postal Address Verification Solution

Custom postal address verification solutions are no longer popular. Only large enterprises or software providers invest in development. They hire engineers to design address validation solutions and sell to B2B users or adopt them internally. Small and medium businesses prefer more affordable and readily available alternatives.

Open-Source Address Validation API

Open-source address validation API is a shortcut many businesses look for. These companies want to implement postal address verification capabilities in their existing software for free. Unfortunately, open-source address validation APIs are not the best decision if you seek reliable address validation. Professional data validation requires access to authoritative databases that open-source APIs don’t have.

It makes open-source address validation APIs unsuitable for business use. For example, you cannot run AVS checks to validate the holder of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express before transactions. Apart from AVS response codes, open-source address validation APIs also cannot help with offline delivery, which requires ultimate accuracy and data security.

Inkit Verify’s Postal Address Verification API

A premium postal address verification API like Inkit Verify is an optimum choice for most businesses and organizations. Inkit Verify is CASS certified and matches records with USPS databases that include the latest information.

For example, companies use it as an address verification service (AVS) to match billing addresses with the records of issuing banks and card issuers. Such AVS code checks are a must-have in e-commerce. Logistics companies, financial organizations, healthcare providers, and other entities that use street address data for official communications also pick the paid postal address verification API. It smoothly connects to their existing systems and automates street address checks.

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Benefits of Different Postal Address Verification Solutions

Now that you know the uses of the core postal address verification solutions, let’s single out the benefits of each option. They should guide you on what address verification service to choose in which case.

Custom Postal Address Verification Solution

  • You can fully tailor billing and postal address verification to your needs. If you expect unique capabilities that standard solutions don’t have, custom address verification services are the only option. No out-of-the-box solution, including premium and open-source APIs, offers the same customization as the software developed from scratch.
  • You can develop postal address verification for internal needs or sell it as a separate solution. It enables you to offer postal address verification as a vendor to other businesses.
  • However, the cost of custom software development is hard to predict. It depends on too many factors, including project complexity, developers’ salary rates, internal tech resources of the software vendor, and more. When the solution is ready, you will continue to spend money on maintenance and support. Hence, if you choose this option, get ready for high and regular expenses.

Open-Source Address Validation API

  • Open-source address validation API is offered free of charge. It’s the primary advantage for startups and small businesses looking for freebies.
  • It allows testing to understand what postal address verification functionality you need. Free address verification services enable you to see how such software works before purchasing more advanced solutions.
  • Open-source address validation APIs are freely available, and, therefore, anyone can use them. However, they have lower quality than other alternatives and usually don’t support at scale verifications.
Open-Source Address Validation API

Inkit Verify’s Postal Address Verification API

  • It is much faster and cost-effective than custom software development. You don’t need to waste time on engineering and can integrate automated postal address verification in a day. Automated validation becomes an indispensable part of your software’s functionality at an affordable cost.
  • The premium postal address verification API has universal features suitable for most businesses. Inkit Verify supports automated address validation, data enrichment, and autocomplete. These features are enough to cover the needs of most companies, from e-commerce websites to large financial corporations. Hence, if you need address verification services, this option is likely to fit you.
  • It offers professional tech support, maintenance, and high security. When a software vendor offers a premium API, they are also responsible for regular updates and troubleshooting. You always have someone to help with integration and configuration.
  • The cost of premium postal address verification solutions depends on the plan you choose. Contact Inkit’s team for pricing options or a demo.

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About Inkit Verify

Inkit Verify is an address verification service (AVS) offered through an API. It allows integrating your existing software with Inkit’s automated address verification and autocomplete solution. With just a few lines of code, you get automated address checks in your website or application.

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