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Artificial Intelligence Takes Direct Mail to the Next Level

October 2, 2018
Abram Isola

It is no secret that direct mail marketing is entering a new era. With advances in machine learning or artificial intelligence, direct mail marketers can leverage data to increase campaign performance like never before.

Artificial intelligence unlocks incredible potential for integrated cross-channel direct mail campaigns. Using AI for direct mail frees up resources; helps develop better customer profiles; and allows marketers to reach customers at the right time with the right message.

But how?

There are infinite ways to use artificial intelligence in direct mail and cross-channel marketing campaigns, depending on the marketing tools you use. And, learning how to use AI for direct mail is much less intimidating than it sounds.

Read on to learn a few artificial intelligence direct mail marketing tactics you can incorporate into campaigns today.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Powers Direct Mail

Many marketers are unsure of what AI can really do and how to use it (even though they may already be using artificial intelligence tools without realizing it.) Artificial intelligence in direct mail generally refers to software that draws conclusions or takes actions without the need for instructions in each instance.

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Here are 4 ways artificial intelligence can enhance your direct mail marketing:

  1. Personalization of AI Direct Mail Content. Are you using software to personalize marketing content? If so, you might already be using artificial intelligence marketing technology. Personalized direct mail is a key tactic to engage customers and encourage loyal brand relationships. In fact, the vast majority of consumers prefer to do business with brands that tailor content to them. AI can enhance your direct mail personalization strategy, allowing you to use variables like location, values, context and behaviors to tailor messaging. When you integrate our direct mail software with your CRM, you can personalize and automate AI direct mail using just about any datapoint you have. You can also use our dynamic content insertion feature to pull variable data right from the Inkit platform.
This personalized postcard from NatureBox uses variable data to pull in each customer’s unique loyalty rewards balance.

2. AI Recommendation Engine to Customize Direct Mail. A recommendation engine (also known as a “recommender system”) is a feature available within various AI martech tools that filters items based on a customer’s potential interest. When Amazon suggests items you might be interested in, or Spotify plays music that suits your tastes, AI is in play. Artificial intelligence recommendations are highly useful in direct mail as well. You can use a recommendation engine to generate products, services or upsells to recommend to individual customers or segments via automated postcard. This approach combines highly personalized content with a high-impact, tangible medium for a one-two punch.

3. AI Direct Mail Automation. Nearly every channel—be it email, social, direct mail, search, in-app or a combination of these—requires a series of actions to create a campaign. Many brands are already using AI to automate a variety of these mundane tasks. But far too many marketers don’t realize that direct mail can also be automated in a similar fashion. Use Inkit with one of our AI direct mail CRM integrations to automate direct mail as easily as email.

4. Direct Mail Campaign Forecasting. Marketing forecasting is one of the most difficult and important things marketers do. Gathering insights from marketing data can be significantly enhanced by artificial intelligence or machine learning. There are a number of AI tools that are aiming to become industry standards on predicting campaign success. These tools tend to analyze data such as clicks, views, purchases and email responses to predict the success of marketing initiatives. You can do this with your direct mail campaigns as well, as long as you are tracking the data in your CRM. Click here to learn more about tracking and measuring direct mail campaigns.

Getting Started with AI Direct Mail

We are here to help with your artificial intelligence direct mail efforts. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Have an AI-direct mail related experience you’d like to share? Let us know below in the comments.

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