Transition to remote has accelerated digital transformation in insurance. 78% of providers state COVID has made them digitize operations and adopt new business models much faster than planned. Now, most insurance companies are focusing on online communication through web platforms instead of offline services.

Such a quantum leap opens many opportunities but also entails significant challenges. 29% of insurers admit they have difficulty making quick technology-related decisions. Automation of auto insurance generators and other solutions requires a comprehensive approach. It means the automation of multiple processes, including insurance document generation. After processing users’ requests, web platforms must automatically render custom certificates of insurance, letters, policy templates, and other documents.

This blog post explains the importance of automated insurance document generation and how to implement it. Keep reading for valuable tips and instructions.

Why Web Portals Need Automated Insurance Document Generation

Despite the transition to online, the insurance industry remains a highly regulated field. Insurance companies have to comply with a range of data processing and AAIS standards. They need to ensure accurate record-keeping of all the delivered communications. Document generation functionality in web portals facilitates that. It allows you to automatically store copies of provided document templates for reporting.

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Data security is another reason to automate insurance document generation. Auto insurance generators and insurance web portals handle tons of private data, including name, surname, contact details, marital status, driver’s license, driving history, credit score, driving records, etc. When service providers don’t handle data manually, the risk of leakage or mistakes significantly reduces. It contributes to overall data security in insurance companies.

Document Generation

Most importantly, automated insurance document generation is one of the core requirements of customers. For liability coverage, collision coverage, health issues, and other insurance-related requests, people need to provide a batch of documents for reimbursement. Automated document generation enables you to automatically create official documents in PDF format and allow customers to sign them electronically. It simplifies the experience for consumers since they get all the critical documentation in one place. Insurance companies also win from enhanced customer service and enjoy other business advantages.

Benefits of Automated Insurance Document Generation for Insurance Companies

Document automation is essential not only to meet industry standards. It brings tangible business advantages that inspire insurers to invest in auto insurance generators and other similar solutions. Here are the most significant document automation benefits:

  • Quicker claim processing means higher revenue. Automation allows customers to perform many routine tasks on their own. As a result, you can handle the same number of claims within a shorter time. It makes the insurance business more productive and profitable.
  • Optimized work of multiple teams. Whether you run a healthcare or car insurance company, many teams will use the same document templates. Automation frees team members from manual processing and allows them to collaborate on electronically stored records.
  • Single customer view for better services and marketing. By making automated document generation a part of your web portal, you enrich customers’ profiles with copies of the delivered communications. It allows you to quickly access their insurance history and retrieve the desired records. By accumulating information about your customers, you can also optimize your marketing efforts. A single customer view helps research your target audience to personalize marketing materials and communications.
  • Cloud makes documents readily available. Most solutions for automated document generation, including Inkit Render, store the generated files in the cloud. Thanks to this, you can always access the necessary records and don’t bother about the physical storage. Cloud document management is also essential to make platform users mobile and enable them to access documents on the go.

In addition to these advantages, automated insurance document generation simplifies regulatory compliance. It also facilitates the digital transformation of insurance companies as one of its critical elements.

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How to Implement Automated Insurance Document Generation in Web Portals

If you want to implement document automation in an insurance web portal, mind several things. First, you need to generate files in PDF format and, hence, run HTML to PDF conversion. Second, API integration is an optimal way to add automated insurance document generation to existing web software. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Why HTML to PDF Rendering

PDF is a standard format for official documents, including insurance communications. It looks equally well before and after printing, ensures decent security, and supports electronic signatures. Therefore, insurance companies both deliver and store documents in PDF.

The problem is web portals cannot generate documents in PDF right away. To create a PDF, web-based software needs to generate an HTML file with the necessary information and then convert it to PDF.

Hence, to implement automated insurance document generation in your application, you need HTML to PDF rendering. There are two ways to add rendering functionality to existing web platforms. You can either invest in custom software development or connect an API documentation template PDF solution. Since custom engineering is time-consuming and expensive, a third-party insurance document generation API is more efficient.

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HTML to PDF Rendering

API Documentation Template PDF Integration as an Optimum Solution

An API document template PDF solution is an API that connects web platforms with a third-party HTML to PDF renderer. The integration layers automated PDF generation and retrieval into your existing systems.

As a result, when users initiate PDF generation in the web insurance platform, the API manages this request. It ensures the communication between the server and the integrated application to create a PDF based on HTML source.

What makes API documentation template PDF solutions so good? They ensure great interoperability of insurance systems. Data sharing becomes smooth, which is critical for comprehensive automation. Besides, APIs are a quicker option than custom software development. Even though you need a tech specialist to connect and configure API document generation, it takes days instead of months. You don’t need to maintain or update the API documentation template PDF solution after implementation. Hence, even insurance companies with limited budgets can afford to power their web systems with automated insurance document generation.

PDF document generation APIs like Render are also highly secure. They allow you to assign access permission to different teams. You can choose who manages insurance document generation, who has only the view access, etc. This way, unauthorized users won’t be able to obtain confidential details included in insurance documents. It’s a great capability given that insurance companies handle lots of private data and require ultimate security.

Inkit’s Render for Automated Insurance Document Generation

Render is a Document Generation Platform (DGP) powered by Inkit. Integrate it with an insurance web solution through an API to automate HTML to PDF document conversion. After the integration, your application will automatically generate custom PDF insurance documents and communications. You can customize document size, headers and footers, page numbers, margins, and other parameters for personalized communications. Since Render API ensures trigger-based document generation and retrieval, every user receives tailored PDFs.

Check out Render pricing plans offered by Inkit and start a free trial or a free plan to generate documents now.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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