By 2025, self-service in the financial and banking industry will become a norm. Consumers prefer to manage online money transfers, currency exchange, deposit withdrawal on their own. They also want to get bills, invoices, reports, and other documentation in online banking accounts automatically.

Hence, if you have an online banking or financial portal, you must ensure comprehensive automation now. Financial organizations that don’t enable customers to complete operations independently will lose them in the next few years.

This article clarifies how and why to add automated PDF document generation in your financial software. Discover the ways to implement it quickly and cost-effectively.

Why PDF Generation in Financial Software Requires HTML to PDF Conversion

Financial and banking web platforms initially create documents in HTML. They pull the necessary information from the database upon request to create a web browser HTML. That’s why to generate PDFs in web solutions, you need HTML to PDF conversion.

PDF Generation

HTML files don’t have a clear structure and may distort the information after printing. They also aren’t considered official documents used in financial and banking communications. PDF files, on the contrary, are an industry standard. Users can sign them electronically, download, and print for offline storage without any changes in the layout. HTML and PDF formats are interdependent. For nice PDFs, you will need to process HTML files first.

API-Based Automated PDF Generation for a Successful Finance Technology Strategy

For digital transformation, financial companies have to balance the current consumer needs with where they are going globally. It means they should have a finance technology strategy that pursues big goals but still ensures decent customer financial services along the way. It is also true for the implementation of HTML to PDF document generation. Consumers expect to receive their documents in PDF. They don’t care about your current technical capabilities or budget.

Custom development of HTML to PDF rendering software won’t allow you to supply users with automatically generated PDFs right away. You will need lots of time to design browser-based rendering from scratch and launch it. Besides, custom PDF generator development is expensive.

Under such circumstances, API-based PDF generation seems an optimum solution for an effective finance technology strategy. APIs allow automating HTML to PDF rendering within the shortest time to meet the ongoing needs. API PDF document generation is also efficient from a strategic perspective. Adopting a third-party HTML to PDF conversion API, you don’t pay for maintenance. You can also increase the volume of PDF generation without updating your hardware or local storage.

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The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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How an API Runs Automated PDF Generation

APIs have become a key element of banking financial transformation. They facilitate regulatory compliance and data sharing between stakeholders. Thanks to APIs, the financial industry enjoys better analytics and more data-driven decisions.

An HTML to PDF generator API, in particular, allows finances to supply customers with documents and automate record-keeping. Each time the REST API runs PDF generation based on triggers or events, it automatically stores the generated files in the cloud. It frees financial and banking organizations from manual document management and gives them accurate data about all customers’ transactions.

The PDF generator REST API operates with the help of requests. Imagine a user who wants to generate a PDF invoice in the banking platform. They click the corresponding button, and the platform triggers the API to generate PDF documents. When the API receives the instructions on what kind of document must be created, it transfers the request to the server. After that, the server processes the request and sends the response with the necessary information back through the API. Now, the user can see the required information put in the corresponding PDF template.


The same principle works for document retrieval, deletion, or any other action. The API forwards JSON data requests to the connected server to handle financial document management.

PDF generation APIs are the future of finance platforms. They boast high operational efficiency and allow you to create all kinds of custom banking or financial documents. It’s a secure method of data transmission suitable for healthcare, finances, or other regulated industries. The use of APIs contributes to banking financial transformation since it simplifies automated data sharing between multiple applications.

Besides, API solutions like Inkit Render support integration with software written in most programming languages. You won’t face any limitations while integrating your financial or banking platform. It allows building a complex financial solution with rich functionality with minimum effort.

Learn How to Use an HTML to PDF Converter for Digital Invoicing

Banking and Financial Documents You Should Generate Automatically

Attempting to enhance business performance through innovations, pay attention to all processes you can automate. API-based PDF generation allows automating billing, invoicing, bank notes delivery, statement processing, and other operations.

Check out what financial documents should be processed automatically through an API for profound banking financial transformation:

  • Invoices and bills. Financial platforms with the support of invoicing functionality need to automatically generate and issue invoices.
  • Receipts. Receipts are essential in both financial and banking apps as proof of transactions. The software must enable users to view the receipts in PDF and retrieve them.
  • Bank statements. Automated statement rendering is a must-have of online banking solutions. Be sure to automatically deliver PDF bank statements to your customers’ emails every month. They must also be able to view and download them in PDF using the banking platform.
  • Credit reports. Platforms designed for financial organizations can benefit from automated credit report generation. The software will create personalized reports with individuals’ information and credit history. Financial entities can use such automated reports internally, save the PDFs for record-keeping, or share with customers upon request.
  • Account opening, update, or closing forms. The self-service approach governing banking financial transformation means that customers should do most operations independently, including account changes. Opening, update, or closure of banking accounts requires web forms, the copies of which should be stored in PDF. Hence, automated HTML to PDF generation is essential.

In addition to the listed documents, HTML to PDF generation can also automate loan agreement forms, card request forms, and all types of financial reports. If you regularly handle any document, it’s worth automating its processing for optimization and banking financial transformation.

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Inkit Render API for Automated Document Rendering

Render is an HTML to PDF conversion API for financial and banking services. Product teams can connect it to their financial platforms to automate document rendering and storage. After integration, Render creates custom PDFs based on real-time triggers and events. End-users can view or retrieve them, depending on their needs.

Inkit’s Render supports user roles, which other rendering solutions don’t offer. Hence, you can choose the level of API access for each team. It’s essential to ensure the safety of personally identifiable information financial and banking solutions process.

Start a free trial of Render API here or check out our free or premiumsubscriptions for advanced PDF generation functionality.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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