Automated Personalized Postcards for Your Drip Campaign

September 5, 2017
Michael McCarthy

Last Steps: Automated personalized postcards could be the cherry on top of your drip campaign

One of Inkit’s key differentiators is the ability to apply digital methodologies to direct mail. We simply provide an easy way to nurture potential prospects and retain customers using direct mail automation so that it’s as easy as clicking “send”. Setting up a direct mail component to your drip campaign with Inkit’s integration partners HubSpot or Drip, will make sending automated personalized postcards a delicious treat.

Personalized postcards can add value

Here are 3 examples of where postcards can add value to your drip marketing campaign:

1. Onboarding. Customers enjoy a business who knows them. Using HubSpot or Drip, marketers set up an onboarding sequence for new customers. For example, our HubSpot marketing workflow at Inkit starts with an introductory email as soon as a new user signs up. We also trigger a postcard that arrives five days later, reinforcing the benefits of our products. We’ve found that customers enjoy such a personalized surprise. Because of our direct mailing component and our timeliness, our customer satisfaction has increased 43%.

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2. Retention. Harvard Business Review says acquiring a new customer is 5-25x more expensive than retaining an existing one. Many Silicon Valley companies focus too much on growth at the expense of their existing customers. Inkit’s drip campaigns reactivate inactive customers and prevent churn. A recent meal delivery company used Inkit to automatically schedule sends to 45-day inactive customers. They saw a 9% redemption rate!

3. Prospecting. The best sales teams understand a personalized follow up note, far exceeds an email. Standing out and being top of mind wins deals. Inkit’s new HubSpot Sales CRM integration allows sales reps and BDRs to instantly trigger a postcard after a call or meeting. B2B sales teams find using Inkit to target high value prospects has a +1,000% ROI.

Should You Add a Direct Mailing Component to Your Workflow?

It’s time to set up a drip campaign so you can start turning more leads into customers through personalized, one-to-one communication. If you use HubSpot or Drip as your marketing automation platform, then Inkit can connect postcards to optimize your relationships. Finally, you can start a direct mail drip campaign that is smarter, faster, and effective.

What Services Inkit Provides

Inkit offers your company a powerful and profitable last step to your marketing strategy. Automated personalized postcards on Inkit’s platform will empower you to send postcards seamlessly, on demand, with same day service. Remarkable? We think so. Add this direct mail automation step to your your drip campaign today. What are you waiting for?

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Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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