This just in: Our Braze direct mail integration is here!

One of the reasons we’re thrilled to partner with growth marketing platforms like Braze is that it allows marketing to function more like real conversations between you and your target audience. With Braze, your messages can reach customers wherever they are—through channels like push, email marketing, in-app, and now integrated direct mail.

With our latest integration, Inkit + Braze, the physical mailing is as smart as anything you’re doing online. The Braze direct mail integration is now live in your account. It allows triggering direct mail in real-time as a reaction to customer’s actions online. Do users start a subscription on social media? Stir their interest with a voucher. Or maybe your email marketing doesn’t yield the expected results? Boost the response rate with the Braze direct mail integration.

If you don’t have an Inkit account yet, you can get one right here. Sign up for a free demo now and start dreaming up postcard ideas to add to your Braze marketing campaigns. Setting up the Braze direct mail integration takes less than a minute—seriously.  

Once you link Inkit and Braze, mail automation becomes so easy. With Braze powering direct mail, you can achieve a true cross-channel marketing strategy—online and off. Integrated direct mail will boost your digital marketing efforts and create more personal relationships with your target audience.

Why We’re Excited About Braze + Direct Mail Integration

In case it isn’t clear, we are really, really excited about our integrated direct mail partnership with Braze. The customer engagement platform is all about seamlessly moving across channels to bring your marketing messages to life.

Offering brands live views of customers, predictive data and an interactive feedback loop, marketers can use Braze to take a personalized, data-driven approach to direct mail automation.

What’s more? Ranked #225 in Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies, Braze specializes in helping brands cut through the noise, which is exactly what postcard marketing does. (Over 80% of people read or at least scan their mail daily).

Features and Benefits of the Braze Direct Mail Integration

Integrated direct mail turns a bumpy customer path into a pleasant cruise through the sales funnel stages. Personalized and well-designed direct mail pieces are always appreciated and relevant. To see what Braze+Inkit combination can do for your integrated marketing, let’s take a look at their superpowers. The functions of these marketing automation and customer engagement tools perfectly complement each other to launch a seamless integrated direct mail campaign.

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What Braze customer engagement platform can do for you:

  • An intuitive customer journey building
  • Data-based content suggestions powered with AI
  • Detailed customer profiles with age, gender, location, likes, purchases, and other relevant characteristics
  • Full or partial marketing automation with unique workflows
  • Simplified management of your business processes and marketing campaigns
  • Analytics of customer behavior and preferences

What Inkit direct mail automation can do for you:

  • Postcard builder with ready-made templates and broad customization capabilities
  • Variable data printing
  • Automatic direct mail printing and delivery
  • Unlimited batch size for A/B testing and tailored mail campaigns
  • Integrations with leading CRMs, marketing platforms, and other tools, including Braze, of course.

In a nutshell, Inkit+Braze can make an integrated direct mail campaign highly personalized and data-driven. Unlike traditional mail, such a mail marketing strategy is tightly interlaced with digital channels. Mail pieces are usually sent in the response to a specific action made online. For example, when customers join a loyalty program, this automatically triggers the delivery of a special catalog available to specific buyers. At the same time, physical mailing can serve as a prelude to other marketing efforts and trigger them. A nice postcard is an excellent tactical choice to familiarize buyers with your offer right before calling them.

Braze Direct Mail Integration: 3 Triggered Postcards to Send Now

Your customers’ actions should always guide your messaging. You can use Braze’s live customer views to create smart, triggered direct mail at key stages of the customer lifecycle.

What that means for your brand is dependent on many variables, but here are a few mail pieces we believe just about every brand should send.  

1. Integrated Direct Mail to Fight Cart Abandonment

Do you have a cart abandonment sequence? If not, stop reading this now and go create one. Really. Close to half of all cart abandonment emails are opened, making this a huge opportunity! Considering that direct mail response rate is several times higher than email marketing rates, physical mailing will work even better.

With Braze, setting up a cart abandonment series is easy (and effective). And with the Inkit+ Braze direct mail integration, you can take your campaign one huge step further and close more sales.

Click here to read exactly how (and why) to add a cart abandonment postcard trigger to your campaign.

2. The Automated Re-engagement Postcard

Triggered postcards are the secret weapon most re-engagement campaigns miss. When you need to curb unsubscribes and waning digital engagement, an automated direct mail win-back mailer is key.

Adding just one re-engagement postcard to a Braze email sequence can multiply your chances of winning back a customer. Why? Because email or digital-only retention campaigns have an obvious flaw. They assume all of your inactive customers are still reading everything you send to their email addresses and looking at your ads—but this isn’t true. Many people have disengaged, and others are getting increasingly annoyed by email overload and are dangerously close to hitting “unsubscribe.”

Did you know that about 75% of Americans are overwhelmed by their email inboxes? Don’t pester your customers—know when to send a postcard instead.

Use Braze to monitor for signs of disengagement and start triggering direct mail to get back in your customers’ good graces.

Looking for re-engagement integrated direct mail ideas? Check out this postcard Bite Squad sent using Inkit. It was a huge success, netting an 18% redemption rate. ( Pro Tip: Make sure your Braze win-back postcards contain a can’t-refuse offer—the absolute best you’ve got—like this one below).

retention mailer example

retention mailer example

3. The Automated Loyalty Mailer

Another stage where triggered direct mail shines is post-conversion. You can now send personalized postcards through Braze to foster customer loyalty.

And direct mail is an ideal channel for loyalty campaigns because it has a much stronger emotional impact than e-mail and digital marketing.

At stages of the lifecycle where you want to show your appreciation, thank customers for a purchase or notify them of loyalty rewards, trigger a customized postcard with Braze + Inkit.

Some Other Ideas of Integrated Direct Mail Campaigns

Note that integrated direct mail has tons of applications. We’ve mentioned just a few of them. You can automatically send a welcome postcard, once a customer hits the Subscribe button on your landing page. You can add QR codes to mail pieces to make them more interactive and connect the mail with your social media profiles, for example. Mail marketing unlocks your creative potential better than any art course.

Looking for more Braze direct mail integration ideas? Check out this post for 5 postcard examples to swipe now.

If you’re ready to get started or eager to learn more, click here for a live demo of how to send direct mail with Braze.

Ready to captivate your customers?
Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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