1. Why Your Company Should Send Business Christmas Cards
  2. Business Christmas Cards Do’s and Don’ts
  3. Where To Find Christmas Postcard Templates?
  4. Business Christmas Card Messages

Reflecting on the past year and your marketing mistakes or achievements? Not so fast! Winter holidays are about to give you an excellent chance to send corporate Christmas cards with the warmest thoughts to strengthen your business relationships. Unfortunately, many companies become obsessed with marketing flyers, forgetting that brand awareness can be more effective than direct sales. Appealing business Christmas cards with an elegant company name and logo show the appreciation that everyday mailing doesn’t. Such business Christmas card messages imply that your desire to please customers is more important than money and sales. This turns you from a stingy Scrooge into a generous and beloved brand.

Frankly speaking, today, business Christmas cards are much more than a marketing strategy. Every year, around 1.6 billion Christmas cards are sold in retail. People adore them! Holiday postcards are also essential to avoid getting lost among your business rivals with holiday marketing campaigns in place. Stop pondering whether to send or not to send business Christmas cards. Start solving practical problems. How to make mailing effective and noticeable? What you should and shouldn’t do in your corporate Christmas cards campaign? And, finally, what business Christmas card messages to use? In today’s article, we answer these and other questions about business Christmas cards to guide you.

Why Your Company Should Send Business Christmas Cards

Christmas business greeting card

Although business Christmas cards are usually perceived as an altruistic nice gesture, they can benefit your company in numerous ways. The fact that they don’t look like direct marketing makes business holiday cards a great way to earn the trust of your customers.

Business Christmas Cards Are Easy to Design

Corporate holiday cards don’t need to meet strict security and data privacy regulations related to direct mail. They include some basic information necessary to complete the delivery and a greeting message. This gives you a lot of freedom in terms of Christmas card design and allows you to stand out from the crowd. In addition, there are tons of Christmas postcard templates and images you can use to create your mail piece.

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Corporate Christmas Cards Are Multi-Functional

A joyous holiday season is an opportunity to express your best Merry Christmas wishes to every stakeholder. There are not so many occasions to strengthen your brand image among customers, business partners, investors, and employees at the same time. You can either use one Christmas postcard template or, ideally, customize the card design for each target group.

Business Christmas Cards Establish 1:1 Communication

Christmas cards are usually something we send to our family members and close friends. In other words, they look more personalized than ordinary marketing materials. Business Christmas cards show that you treat your customers or partners not only as a source of income but as an indispensable part of your brand.

Corporate Holiday Cards Build Positive Associations

It is known that printed materials provoke a stronger emotional response than digital marketing. Especially when it comes to Christmas cards that are by default associated with joy and happiness. After receiving your holiday card message, your customers will subconsciously associate your company with positive emotions.

Apart from the listed benefits, if sent slightly in advance, business Christmas cards can remind people about your brand just before crazy Christmas shopping. This can significantly boost your business, considering that the last year the US citizens spent over a trillion dollars during the holiday retail sales. As you have probably already realized, business holiday cards are a goldmine.

Business Christmas Cards Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas business greeting card

There are no rigid rules regarding business holiday card messages or design. Still, you can follow specific recommendations to increase the effectiveness of your Christmas campaign. Take into account that you aren’t the only one who will send business Christmas cards. They must be perfect. Make sure they are great enough to keep them at home as a memento for many years. Here are some useful tips:

What You Should Do:

  • Make your business Christmas cards more personal with customer’s name and a tailored message
  • Choose an appropriate tone depending on your target audience (customers, partners, employees, etc.)
  • Start preparing beforehand to avoid sending business holiday cards the last minute
  • Remember about postcard dimensions to optimize the card design and the cost of delivery
  • Use fonts that resemble handwriting to make your business Christmas cards unique
  • Remember about accuracy. Make sure the names and addresses are correct and updated.
  • Use recycled paper to print eco-friendly postcards

What You Don’t Need To Do:

  • Don’t try to sell your products or services in your holiday card message
  • Don’t get too religious. It’s better to use neutral wording suitable for any recipient
  • Don’t forget to greet everyone who contributes to your business, not only customers
  • Don’t overuse ready-made postcards templates. Customize them to create something special

If you want to maximize the benefits of your business Christmas cards, try the advanced capabilities of direct mail automation. They will help you tailor business Christmas card messages on a case-per-case basis. In particular, Inkit supports variable data printing and trigger-based campaigns to deliver unique mail pieces to specific people based on their behavioral patterns.

Where to Find Christmas Postcard Templates?

In case you cannot afford to hire a professional designer, Christmas postcard templates are the best solution to cut expenditures. Although you may send a mail piece that looks similar to your competitor’s, the odds of such a coincidence are quite low. We have collected the most popular resources where you can find Christmas postcard templates:

Of course, there are many other resources that offer free Christmas postcard templates or sell them at reasonable prices. As an alternative, you could also download a royalty-freely image and customize it in Inkit’s postcard builder. You can upload any image to this tool and tailor the fonts and colors to your liking. Once the design is ready, just connect a CRM or upload a customer list to launch the automated printing and delivery. This will save you from the hassle of finding a printing vendor and manually taking the postcards to a post office.

Business Christmas Card Messages

Christmas business greeting card

Everything you write on your postcards must be concise, informative, and memorable. These words are the holiday slogan of your company, which may boost or spoil its reputation. Therefore, business Christmas card messages are no less important than the card design. They speak directly to recipients making them keep your postcard or toss it in the garbage. Check out several options to gain inspiration for your holiday card message.

Examples of Business Christmas Card Messages

  • May your life be filled with good cheer
  • We wish you a joyful holiday season
  • May this holiday season fill you with happiness and joy
  • Enjoy true happiness this holiday season
  • Great success and achievements in [year]
  • Thank you for helping to shape our business. Merry Christmas!
  • Warmest thoughts and greetings from [company]
  • Best wishes from the team at [company]
  • All the best in [year]
  • Our thoughts turn gratefully to people who helped us succeed this year
  • We appreciate your partnership and wish you a wonderful holiday season

In this article, we have covered everything you need to launch a successful Christmas mailing campaign. Don’t hesitate to power it with Inkit’s direct mail automation for advanced customization and optimized mailing.

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