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Customer Data Glossary: Address List, Data Enrichment, and Address Verification Explained

March 26, 2021
Inkit Team

A customer database with the customer address list is a must in any marketing campaign for your business. You will divide it into groups based on customer interactions and communications. And its accuracy determines a significant share of the campaign’s success. A creative message won’t be compelling if the receivers are not your carefully selected target buyers.

Wasting time and money is nobody’s goal. And the brand’s reputation also decreases with every failed campaign. Let’s not even mention how essential accurate customer data is for revenue and churn prognosis, customer health score, customer satisfaction index, etc. Senior management always uses these metrics to decide on the business goals and strategy.

Want to navigate the customer data landscape confidently? Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an efficient customer address list with a glossary of key terms.

Customer Data Types

There are lots of customer data types, depending on the sources and the selection parameters. The most common division is demographic and geographical data, but they are not enough for a marketing strategy. The following 4 types of data will be useful in your CRM: 

  • Customer Data Type #1: Consumer interests - the collection of activities, interests, and everything that impact your customer’s behavior when it comes to buying.
  • Customer Data Type #2: Attractive features of the brand - the particular characteristics that are recognizable and valuable for your target audience. 
  • Customer Data Type #3: In-market buying behavior - all the information about the purchase history, the products that your customers review or mark as favorites.
  • Customer Data Type #4: Visit patterns - the tracking data from the customers’ geolocation and checking-in.  

All these types of data make the campaigns customized. You get the answer to the questions “What to send?” and “To whom am I sending?” Keep reading to answer the crucial one: “Where to send?”

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Data Enrichment for Your Customer Address List

Data enrichment helps add the raw data stored on different resources into well-structured databases that businesses use for further customer communications.

The main difference between the initial and the final data state is the logical structure and relevance for a specific purpose. 

Read more about data enrichment and geo-location in this guide.

Customer Address Enrichment 

While collecting the customer addresses for an address list in the CRM, we sometimes face empty, incomplete, or inaccurate address fields. But an accurate shipment address is essential for making the address reachable. To solve this issue, businesses use customer address enrichment.

The way of address enrichment can differ. An occasional manual search can usually find a correct zip code. But sometimes, the search results are insufficient, or the database is too large for constant manual updates. In such a case, it makes sense to automate your customer data enrichment process.

Find all the rules, legal limitations, and options for marketing data enrichment with customer addresses here

Address Verification and Address Validation

Wrong addresses in your database are a hazard. They result in thousands of wrong deliveries worldwide daily.

There is a process of address verification to avoid such situations: a check of the addresses provided against the existing local or worldwide address database. It is also known as address validation.

How Inkit Verify Simplifies Getting the Right Addresses

Automatic address verification is helpful, but Inkit brings even more to the table. With Inkit Verify, the address input becomes easier for your customers. As soon as they start entering their shipping address, they will get a dropdown with the address suggestions--in the correct format and with all the required address details. No space for typos, errors, or empty fields. Inkit Verify will also run re-verification and help you stay compliant dealing with customer data.

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