The previous year hasn’t changed recent trends in business communication dramatically. Consumers still spend a lot of time online and switch between multiple channels. Actually, digitalization has even intensified. In 2021, consumers aged 16 to 64 use social media for 2.5 hours daily. Internet use on all devices reaches almost 7 hours per day.

Such tendencies nudge organizations to increase the share of digital communications. Businesses send more emails and introduce live chats, voice communications, in-app calls, and other digital touchpoints.

Many of these latest trends in digital communication systems will continue in 2022. Would you like to learn more about them? Keep reading to get some insight.

What is Digital Customer Communication?

Digital customer communication is any message a business or organization delivers to customers through digital channels. It may be an email, social media message, live web chat, SMS, notification, or in-app message. Even video conferences, blogs, and podcasts are considered digital communications.

Digital communications enable brands to stay in touch with the target audience. Businesses use them for marketing, sales, and everyday interactions. The quality of communications considerably affects the quality of services and user experience. Hence, you need to keep the finger on the pulse and deliver messages that sound relevant to modern consumers.

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7 Digital Customer Communication Trends to Expect in 2022

Current digital communication technologies considerably affect recent trends in communication systems. As soon as a new technology gains popularity among consumers, marketers rush to use it as one of the channels. Business approaches, like customer-centricity, also shape communication trends.

Check out what communication trends will lead in 2022.

#1. Ultimate Personalization

Speaking of personalized communications, many marketers still mean a customer’s name added to an email. Personalization is much more than that. Today, it’s about sending the right message at the right moment through the right channel. Thus, apart from collecting details about the person you want to reach, you need to know how they behave. For example, if someone is more likely to read Whatsapp messages with updates, it is better to use Whatsapp.

Current digital communication technologies have such capabilities. An advanced CRM supporting multiple channels allows building dynamic workflow for different types of leads and activity. As a result, it automatically delivers the most suitable digital content to the person based on real-time events and triggers.

#2. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics involves the use of statistical algorithms and machine learning to make predictions relying on historical data. In 2022, its role will increase. Prepare to collect transactional customer data, behavioral patterns, product use, live chat messages, emails, complaint forms, preferences, and other valuable details to analyze them.

After data processing, tools with predictive data analytics automatically generate valuable recommendations. You can learn when customers have a negative experience with your product or want to bounce. These findings enable you to take action before bad things happen.

#3. Automated Document Rendering

There are different forms of digital communications. In addition to sending marketing and sales messages, brands use digital channels to deliver official docs. In the upcoming years, the speed of paper-to-paperless transition will only grow and entail the increasing adoption of automated document generation.

Businesses connect their systems with document rendering solutions to automatically generate PDF invoices, bills, agreements, or healthcare reports. It allows them to create personalized PDF docs based on HTML data to display or send them. This approach helps automate many everyday communications and make them more accurate.

#4. Data Verification and Enrichment For Hyper Accuracy

Misdelivery is not only about the lost moment but also about the lost conversion. As the market competition keeps growing, modern businesses invest in accuracy. To be sure communications reach the target, companies must keep their database in order. That’s why they use data validation software that scans records and detects any typos, mistakes, or discrepancies. Many also adopt data enrichment solutions to obtain additional contact details about customers. It allows sending reliable digital communications through many channels.

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#5. Comprehensive Automation Through API-Based Systems

In 2022, top businesses will not waste their time on manual messages or switching between tons of tools. They choose smooth data sharing managed within one system. To ensure automated and instant data exchange, they connect CRMs with the necessary third-party solutions through APIs.

It allows building a highly automated CRM system adapted to specific business and marketing needs. You get a basis and then layer additional features to upgrade it. For example, if you need automated social media messages, but your system lacks the feature, an API can add it. After a quick integration, you will automatically deliver communications based on selected triggers.

#6. Consent Before Anything

The trend that started with GDPR persists. Businesses and organizations always ask customers’ consent before adding them to their newsletter list. They must also inform people about how their personal information is processed and used for communications. It’s also important to show customers that they get something valuable in turn for the information they provide. For example: If you share your email, you will be the first to receive special offers.

#7. Alternative Channels

When consumers get used to certain types of digital communication technology and messages, their effectiveness starts to decline. Therefore, businesses look for alternative ways to communicate with the target audience and hold their attention. Even though you shouldn’t refuse from emails or social media, it’s good to add less popular channels. Messengers, feedback forms, and video content can make your brand more noticeable among some target audiences.

Unique Alternatives: A Postcard Marketing Campaign

The digital communication model is the backbone of customer relationships, but online messages lack a personal touch. Thus, to ensure a unique customer experience, you should use offline channels, such as a postcard marketing campaign.

Marketing postcard designs tailored to every recipient build a special connection between the consumer and brand. Customized postcard email design is among the leading direct marketing trends to use in cross-channel campaigns. A New Year greeting, hello postcard email design, gratitude for loyalty are only a few postcard campaign examples.

Here are some more postcard campaign examples:

  • Use postcard marketing when customers ignore your emails for too long. The low open rate means you should try reaching the target audience through another channel. An engaging postcard email design can remind the customers about your brand and retarget them to digital channels.
  • Launch a postcard marketing campaign to complement digital communications delivered to loyal customers. Personalized offline postcards are a nice way to tell someone you are happy to have them.

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Inkit for Automated Digital Communications

Inkit is a reach enablement platform for automated customer communications. It’s a toolkit that combines several solutions for document rendering, address verification, and mailing. While Render enables you to automatically generate custom PDF documents, Send manages offline postcard printing and delivery. Verify is effective for automated address verification and autocomplete.

All of these products are available as APIs. Hence, whichever solution you choose, integration with your current platform will be smooth. You can layer the necessary features into software products written in all widely used programming languages.

Would you like to see how Inkit works? Create an account to start for free now.

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