Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Beats Digital Ads

July 5, 2017
Michael McCarthy

Rigorous neuroscience research conducted by a variety of reputable sources confirms that direct mail offers unique benefits in connecting with our brains. After thoroughly analyzing brain scans, the researchers found that the direct mail advertisements were mentally easier to process and tested better for long-term brand recall.

A recent study conducted by Canadian firm TrueImpact utilized eye-tracking and high resolution EEG brain wave measurements to compare the effects of direct mail pieces like Inkit — versus digital media like email and social media ads. The results of how they fared are numbered below.

(1.) Cognitive Load — How easy material is to process and understand.

Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive load. This means that the physical paper direct mail was easier to understand and more memorable.

(2.) Motivation — Whether the material was able to persuade the reader one way or another.

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When asked to cite the company’s brand name after viewing direct mail versus a digital advertisement, 75% of respondents were able to recall the direct mail brand versus only 44% who were able to recall the digital ad.

(3.) Attention — How long the material captured the reader’s attention.

In addition to these individual metrics, the researchers calculated the overall effectiveness of each respective advertising technique. The calculation mechanism is called the “motivation to cognitive load” ratio.” According to the industry standard, values greater than 1.0 are predictive of success in the marketplace. According to the scientists’ calculations, direct mail scored 1.31, and digital ads only scored 0.87. That indicates direct mail is nearly twice as effective as digital ads!

For the first time ever, software engineers at Inkit utilized this scientific research to wrangle the power of direct mail — without leaving the couch. They created a direct mail software platform to automate your mail. No more wasted trips to the printer!

Message for Marketers:

Rather than pumping out an all-digital content marketing campaign, utilize a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper direct mail with the convenience and accessibility of digital marketing. Science proves that this will work best.

Ready to captivate your customers?
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