Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with its social distancing restrictions, most businesses have almost entirely switched to online operations. As a result, the advent and rapid development of digital marketing have shaped a new reality of the digital economy. You might think that traditional advertising techniques are no longer relevant in such circumstances. However, we still get lots of flyers, brochures, gift cards, and letters in our mailboxes weekly. The explanation may be simple. Any channel is valuable when it comes to inducing the customers to buy your products or services. The truth is that the print word has not lost its power yet.

What Is Direct Mail Copywriting?

Direct mail copywriting is all about creating advertisements for products and services and sending them via postal mail or other methods right to potential customers. Such campaigns use visible means that quickly attract the audience's attention and evoke an immediate response. Advertisements of this kind are distributed to a broad audience at once, evading the interference of salespeople or promoters. They can be dropped into the mailbox, stuck in the door, or inserted into the delivery package.

Of course, to make this mode of marketing work and generate revenue, an entrepreneur needs skillful writers and designers. The former can produce the text that will compel the potential customer to buy the product or service. The latter can wrap it into an alluring form, attracting attention and adding to the desired outcome. An experienced copywriter from a custom writing service like Top Writing Reviews can create a powerful direct mail copy for your business.

Like any other marketing campaign, direct mail copywriting can be a "win or lose" tactic. No use in concealing the fact of mass dissatisfaction with such advertisements. Indeed, many people view them as annoying junk, casting the most beautiful postcards into the nearest trash bin without even reading them. Still, there is a considerable percentage of potential customers whose positive response can impact sales and revenue, which is a viable reason to use direct mail copywriting as an advertising campaign for your business.

Frank Hamilton provides his view of the reasons to use direct mail copywriting in business strategy. Here, we would like to offer some valuable tips for the successful implementation of relevant campaigns.

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Direct Mail Campaign

How to Plan a Direct Mail Campaign

Printing out a text about the benefits of your product on a sheet of white paper and dropping it into the mailbox is not enough. The chances that people will throw it away as spam mail are enormous. Form and content need to work in unison to convey a clear and timely message.

Thus, you need thorough direct mail campaign planning to achieve fruitful outcomes. The main issues to consider are:

  • Your Goal
  • Buyer Persona
  • Mailing List

Define Your Goal

Before starting any endeavor, you need to define your purpose clearly. Are you trying to create brand awareness or generate new leads? Whom are you planning to reach? What is their expected reaction and actions after reading your direct mail? The answers to these questions will direct your further steps in the campaign.

Create a Buyer Persona

Draw a detailed portrait of the ideal customer. Consider their gender, age, race, education level, occupation, income, location, etc. Issues like purchasing preferences, hobbies, and interests are also important. You can even take into account the type of car or house they own, the movies they watch, the music they listen to, or any other characteristic that pertains to your offerings and matches your goal. Make the portrait of the potential buyer of your specific product or service as detailed as possible.

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Get a Mailing List

A mailing list segments people you will send your direct mail to. You can generate it yourself since many companies already have lists of existing customers. If you plan some new twist in your offerings or want to attract new leads, you can rent or buy a mailing list from relevant companies. Be sure to complete address verification of the mailing list to increase the accuracy of mail delivery and response rates.

Now that you have defined your goal and the exact audience to send your mail to, you can set to creating your direct mail copy. Again, the process presupposes specific steps and strategies to make it successful.

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Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Copy

Of course, an advertisement must be creative. However, certain structural elements will help in conveying the message most effectively. When creating your direct mail copy, you need to:

  • Hook the reader. Ensure that this piece attracts the reader's attention, preventing them from throwing it into the trash bin and compelling them to read it to the end and respond.
  • Relate to the audience. After a powerful hook, offer the information readers can identify with to hold their attention. Show them that you know their needs and can meet them.
  • Add a call to action. Since you already know your definite purpose, you should be able to provide adequate appeal. The text must be powerful enough to induce the recipient to take appropriate measures.
  • Provide further guidance. Of course, your mail is not the final point of the campaign. For example, you can invite the readers to your brick-and-mortar store or website. Direct them on where they should go next.
Direct Mail Copy

Additional Tips on Direct Mail Marketing

To make all the mentioned elements work, demonstrate your expertise in the issue. Statistical data and research findings can be beneficial in showing that you know what you are writing about. The recipient should understand that you are a real expert in the field who they can trust and rely upon.

You can relate to your audience better if you show them that you understand their problem and can resolve it. Any experienced marketer knows the trick of selling a solution instead of a product. If potential customers see that your offering can really make their lives better, they will become your loyal buyers.

Finally, you can use direct mail automation software like Inkit Send to make your communications personalized and trigger-based. It's an API that connects to your existing systems to synchronize mailings with customer activity and events across channels.

Bottom Line

A successful direct mail copywriting campaign requires thoughtful planning and a team of experts to implement it. Every detail matters when it comes to attracting and retaining potential customers. Hence, you cannot just let it all to chance but should scrutinize the entire process thoroughly to ensure fruitful outcomes. If you feel like you cannot do without the help of an expert writer, engage one. Such a specialist will ensure that every word in your direct mail copy is felicitous and targets the specific audience that will form the base of your loyal customers.

If you want to automate mailings, join Inkit Send for free now.

Frank Hamilton has been working as a freelance proofreader at essay review service Rated by Students. He is interested in many different areas such as social media marketing, email marketing and SEO. He also loves communicating with people from other countries and cities.

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