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Direct Mail Cost: USPS Postage Rates and Post Office Shipment Prices

March 19, 2021
Inkit Team

Marketing strategies need impeccable planning and organization. Another thing worth considering is cost-efficiency as all the shipments are on the commercial base. When it comes to direct mail campaigns, the price depends on several factors, including postage rates. Before launching the campaign, you should: 

  1. Choose the post office and the mailing service or a direct mail campaigns provider. Consider the postage rates and all the benefits offered.
  2. Ensure you've done everything to keep the campaign synchronized with the CRM and all the data about customer activity. 

This article will show you how to calculate the standard mail delivery cost, compare it depending on the provider of national or international shipments, and achieve the best ROI & cost-efficiency for your direct mail campaigns. 

Postage Rates for Standard Mail

The postage rates may vary for many reasons. Though letters are the cheapest to ship, their cost will multiply based on the batch volume that you send during the campaign. 

For example, the USPS prices for letters shipment within the USA will be the following:

  • the ounce of a metered letter - 51 cents (increased by 1 cent),
  • the additional ounce of a letter - 20 cents (increased by 5 cents),
  • domestic postcards - 36 cents (increased by 1 cent).

There will be no increase in the price of mail flats. They will remain $1. Ordinary letters also are not getting more expensive, with the cost of 55 cents. 

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The Prices for Packages Shipment

The shipment’s exact price depends on many factors, but in general, USPS remains the cheapest postage service for international shipments. Comparing the delivery of a medium box between USPS, UPS, and FedEx, we can see a significant difference in the prices. 

  • USPS  $82.15 - $101,55
  • UPS $210,05 - $222,55
  • FedEx $212.95 - $232.25

USPS flat rate boxes are the cheapest variant, almost two times cheaper than FedEx. But there are some inconveniences like delivery time and difficulties with tracking that may impact your choice.

To select the correct package or box for your shipment, read our guide to USPS shipping dimensions and box sizes.

Opportunities for Discount  

If you use direct mail regularly and print the shipping labels with an online postage service provider, you may take advantage of commercial base pricing. It is much cheaper than the retail postage rates. Considering USPS, the discount usually works for the following services:

  • First Class Package Service,
  • Priority Mail,
  • Priority Mail Express,
  • First-Class Package International Service,
  • Priority Mail International,
  • Priority Mail Express International,
  • Global Express Guaranteed.

Hidden Cost Factors and How to Overcome them with Inkit Send

Even if your campaign's postage rate is advantageous, you should also consider the additional hidden cost factors like:

  • Minimum order requirements,
  • Batch size limitations,
  • Personalization costs,
  • Destination from the location you send to the recipients,
  • Database management costs
  • Campaign results & KPIs tracking,
  • Undelivered mail errors.

And we’re not even mentioning the related reputation risks. Luckily, today’s software tools help launch the direct mailing marketing campaigns automatically, including the print and shipment triggered directly from your CRM database. Zip code and address verification by Inkit Verify will eliminate human errors, while Inkit Send will ensure advanced personalization and a single customer view for your omnichannel customer communications.

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