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Using Inkit as a Direct Mail CRM Integration

June 26, 2017
Michael McCarthy

At the end of the day, every business must harness the power of “human touch.” Whether you’re at a young SaaS startup in the Bay Area, a physician with over 30 years of experience in the emergency room, or a real estate agent, at some point you must learn how to personalize the product or service that’s provided. It’s the only way to make sure people continue to spend money on your offerings. And it’s much easier to keep and nurture existing leads, patients, clients, etc. than having to spend the time and money to acquire new ones. Throwing money at marketing can nurture a few cold leads to warm ones, but no amount of amount of money can sway human emotions.

Personalization, on the other hand, will sway how people feel. One of the most successful real estate agents in the Bay Area swears by hand-written thank you cards. The personalization piece is what distinguishes her from every other agent in the area. Over time, it also turns new and recurring clients into recurring, lifelong ones. We know that hand-written cards work, but how can companies with hundreds of thousands of customers achieve this? Most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to write charming thank- you notes to every new customer who decides to click a “sign up” button or walks through the doors.

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Many marketing teams approach this problem via inbound marketing solutions like email drip campaigns and online ads. These common techniques are somewhat effective, but they fail to address the personalization piece.

The answer lies outside the box — outbound marketing. Send automated direct mail through your CRM integration to thank existing customers or encourage latent ones is a simple, cost-effective way to nurture the clients you’ve built thus far. After sending your customer an automated email via Hubspot, follow up with a postcard. It’s super simple:

1. Create an account on Inkit

2. Design your postcard and upload it to Inkit’s platform

3. Press send!

Inkit automates direct mail — making it cheaper, faster, and more versatile than ever before. By utilizing a novel direct mail API, Inkit has distinguished itself as the best direct mail software by boosting customer success and retention. It’s a passive, high-success marketing tool to truly, physically connect with customers without breaking the bank. Keep your current customers happy, and you won’t have to search for new ones!

Inkit integrates with HubSpot, Segment, Salesforce and many more. Click here to get started today!

Ready to captivate your customers?
Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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