Over time we have seen several new tools and trends emerge in digital marketing. Most might argue that digital marketing has overshadowed traditional direct mail and print marketing. However, direct mail marketing is still an excellent means of engaging with your audience. Why use direct mail, you might ask? It’s because of the personal touch and many benefits it provides. Something that email advertising cannot replicate.

Direct mail marketing involves sending information about your product or service to potential or existing customers. Messages are posted in the form of catalogs, newsletters, coupons, or postcards. They are sent directly with a strong call-to-action that piques the customers’ interest to take action.

Statistics show that the average response rate of direct mail in 2018 was up by 4.9% for prospect lists, while for house lists, it was at 9%. The increase is considerable when compared with the previous year, at 2.9% and 5.1%, respectively. The companies that are already using direct mail fully understand the benefits such as the leads and revenue they can generate, as well as its effectiveness and usefulness as a marketing tool. And for companies who aren’t using direct mail marketing, here are seven reasons to use direct mail as a part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

1. Target the Most Likely Customers

When using direct mail tools, it enables you to target only high-intent customers. You’ll need to take out the time to identify customers who need your product or service. For example, using your customer address database, you can draw up a customer list. There are also platforms such as Inkit that can segment your audience using demographics or customer data. It can likewise integrate your mailing campaigns with CRMs like Drip and HubSpot and then automatically print and ship direct mail at the right moment based on triggers.

Such databases often contain information like customer location, age, income, or buying habits. With your customers segmented, you can channel your efforts where you have the highest chances of achieving results. Furthermore, you have a more accurate understanding of how your customers receive your product or service.

2. Communicate with Existing Customers

In business, customer retention is crucial. It opens up room for repeat customers, referrals, customer loyalty, and long-term relationships. Thus it is always essential to keep communication lines open with your existing customers. Companies that use direct marketing use it to stay in touch with customers. Even when you do not have a product to sell, you can reach out to customers.

For example, with the current global pandemic, you can send messages of encouragement and useful tips to customers. They’ll appreciate the fact you are thinking of them. So when you need to promote special offers, events, or new products, it’s also easy to let them know.

You can also re-establish links with existing customers who haven’t patronized you in a while. From your records, you can get a glimpse of why they have not been responsive. Then you can strategize on how to serve them better, address their needs, and win them back.

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3. Personalize Your Campaigns

A well-personalized marketing campaign can be highly effective and powerful. Customers are likely to be more receptive to your mail when it has a personalized touch. Once your audience has been segmented, you know what kind of messages can appeal to them.

For instance, if you run a custom writing service review like Online Writers Rating, you cannot send generic direct mails to every customer. The open rate will undoubtedly be meager. Since different customer groups require writing services, it’s crucial to post personalized content. For example, the writing services a student requires is different from what a business professional might need. Thus, how you address the message and the offers you communicate goes a long way to ensure a successful personalized campaign.

4. Build Your Unique Brand Image

If you want to build awareness for your brand, direct marketing is an effective way to achieve it. Consistency is vital when building your brand. Thus, your direct mail campaigns should be consistent with your branding efforts. Build your brand image how you envision it and tweak it as you go till you meet your goal.

You can also send out relevant information on current events, coupons, or special offers. Your customers are likely to keep prints that contain such information for some time. Whenever they see your direct mail piece, your brand image feels more familiar to them. A perfect example of this is Crumbs & Doilies/Cupcake Jemma’s bake-at-home kits.

While shops remain closed, the British bakers have been selling baking kits to encourage customers to try baking at home. These kits have baking instructions and recipes the customer can keep for reuse. It’s an excellent way to keep your brand consciously in the customer’s mind when building your image.

5. Measure Performance Accurately

Compared to digital marketing, it is much easier to measure campaign results for direct mail marketing. There’s no need to make use of sophisticated analytics tools to count your leads or sales. And no guesswork when it comes to who has received your message or not. With direct mail, you can quickly check the level responsiveness of your mail recipients. It can be by the amount of returned reply cards, redeemed coupons, phone inquiries, etc. If you decide to use direct mail automation services like Inkit, you will also be able to track the delivery progress right from your dashboard.

With direct mail, you don’t have to monitor the performance of several adverts and groups constantly. Neither do you have to compare the effectiveness of multiple keywords and phrases.

6. Save Your Budget for Other Needs

Saving money from your budget is another benefit of direct mail. Rather than market to everyone, you can send newsletters or offers to only your target clients, and get a much higher ROI. What’s even more exciting is that you can test your direct mail campaigns to see what works before distributing it on a broader level. Inkit’s A/B split testing feature can come in handy when testing your direct mail campaigns. You can send out different mail versions, collect data with speed, and see what works best.

While other marketing formats often have a shelf life, it is not so with direct mail marketing. Your audience can have them stuck to their fridge or having it somewhere around for an extended period. Instead of shelling out funds to keep repeating the same advert, you can save it for something else.

7. Make It Fast and Easy

Direct mail campaigns are easy and quick to execute. Companies that use direct marketing don’t need to invest a lot of time or resources. It is easy for both your business and customers in the long run. You can quickly send out bulk mails and track performance easily. Whether it’s by the number of redeemed coupons or calls received.

While for your customers, they can easily digest the information in print. This is likely to improve your call-to-action responses. Studies show that CTAs are 21% more effective when you use direct mail. By taking advantage of this, it’s easy to craft a message your recipients will understand and respond appropriately. Your company can make use of writing services reviews websites like Best Writers Online. So you have a well crafted professional direct mailing copy your customers can understand.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of direct mail marketing campaigns can help you improve leads and generate sales. They are quick, easy to use, cost-effective, and offer a high on return on investment. Once you have identified your target audience, sending personalized messages becomes easy. Tracking and measuring performance is also straightforward and doesn’t require any expertise.

Additionally, you now have more customers staying home due to the COVID_19 crisis. Thus, they have more time to take a second look at your direct messages. Now is the best time to get the right direct mail tools, create killer direct mail marketing campaigns, and send print communications to improve your sales.

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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