Template-based document generation makes your business much faster. You don’t need to manually compile and format every document before sending it. Instead, you can utilize automatic document generation tools to render custom PDFs in real-time. Such software fills out various templates with personalized information from databases to create docs that are ready for use.

Automated PDF generation is suitable for creating documents of many kinds. Invoices, cash receipts, agreements, test results, utility bills are just a few of them. Basically, any document that has a standard format and is delivered in large volumes should be automated.

This article lists document templates you should consider for automated PDF generation. Discover top popular PDF templates and how to use automatic document generation tools.

What Is Automated PDF Generation from Templates?

Template-based document generation is the process during which automatic document generation tools insert information into template document fields. They retrieve the necessary details from a connected database, CRM system, or another source to automatically enter them and generate PDF documents. Although Microsoft Word documents are also popular for automated document creation, PDF format dominates. PDF files are considered an industry standard in many fields, including healthcare, finances, e-commerce, or utilities. PDF generated documents enable electronic signature and limited access required for security.

PDF automatic document generation tools fall into several categories. There are browser-based solutions with limited capabilities and PDF generation APIs that do everything automatically. If you have a web platform creating PDFs, we recommend using a REST API. API calls allow you to fully automate the document generation process and make it an embedded feature in your systems. After a quick API integration, your software will run template-based document generation independently.

Document Generation API: Definition, Functionality, Integration, and Uses

Benefits of Template-Based Document Generation

If you hesitate to implement template-based document generation, here are some convincing reasons to do it. Automated PDF generation streamlines your business operations, expands the web platform functionality, and brings other benefits.

Better organized document management

The use of template-based document generation gives you more control over document processing and customer communications. You can organize and filter documents in automatic document generation tools to quickly access the desired files.

Customer communications look more professional

When you generate PDFs from templates, you have a definite style. You can add your corporate logo, follow the same styling and formatting rules, and customize fonts. It adds authority to your customer communications and docs.

More documents in less time

Automated PDF generation speeds up document processing. When you connect template-based document generation through an API, the software automatically creates, stores, and retrieves files. It allows you to manage high volumes of documents faster.

Software scalability

By automating PDF generation with an API, you can easily switch between different document processing volumes. If one day you need to manage 10x more PDFs, there should be no problem. You just switch to a more advanced plan, and that’s it.

The use of templates and automatic document generation tools also reduce the risk of human error in automatically generated PDFs. The document generation software fully automates PDF rendering, which means higher accuracy and reliability.

13 Popular Document Templates for Automated PDF Generation

In some fields, automated PDF generation is essential. Hence, we have categorized these 13 popular document templates into several categories by industry and use.

Financial Documents

#1. Invoices and bills

Invoices are among the core documents suitable for automated document generation. First, every business and organization uses them. Second, the volume of invoicing is tremendous and requires optimization.

Find invoice templates here.

#2. Cash receipts

Cash receipts confirm the amount of cash received in a transaction. They record who sent money to whom, how much they paid and still owe. It makes a cash receipt template a universal choice for all industries managing transactions.

Find cash receipts templates here.

#3. Financial Statements

PDF financial statements are used in web-based financial portals to inform users about their financial activities. They summarize revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities of a business, organization, or person. Financial statements are fundamental in the financial and banking industries.

Find financial statement templates here.

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Healthcare Docs

#4. Medical test results and reports

Healthcare and medical portals need to generate PDF documents containing information about patients’ treatment. Template-based document generation allows organizations to provide patients and healthcare teams with identical records. Since medical test results and reports usually have standard fields, you can use templates and automated PDF generation for them.

Find medical test results and report templates here.

#5. Patient information records

Healthcare can win from automated patient record creation in PDF. Information records include patients’ demographic and medical details valuable for collaboration between healthcare teams.

Find patient information record templates here.

Discover 7 Healthcare Document Types Most Suitable for Automated PDF Generation

Customer Communications

#6. Confirmation letter

Regardless of what recipients do, place an order, make an appointment, or file a request, you must send them PDF confirmation. Hence, you need to launch template-based document generation for the types of confirmation letters you deliver most often.

Find confirmation letter templates here.

#7. Request forms

PDF requests belong to official communications used across industries. Hence, to simplify request processing and help customers make requests, you should adopt automated PDF generation. Automatic document generation tools will pre-fill request forms with personalized data to enable users to sign them right away.

Find request form templates here.

#8. Terms and Conditions

When you make some changes in the terms and conditions of your website or product, you need to notify users officially. Custom PDFs attached to emails are a great way to inform people about updates.

Find terms and conditions templates here.

#9. Agreements

When you sell services to consumers or other businesses, you need to sign an agreement. Template-based document generation provides you with personalized agreements created in real-time. You can immediately ask people to sign.

Find agreement templates here.

Insurance Documents

Insurance Documents

#10. Claims

Medical and other insurance claims are the backbone of insurance communications. Hence, if you operate in the insurance industry, it’s the type of document to optimize with PDF templates.

Find insurance claim templates here.

Online Business

#11. Price quotes

PDF price quotes are popular in B2B sales. They list multiple products with the latest prices. Since online businesses regularly update the pricing of different items, it’s better to generate PDF documents with prices using automatic document generation tools.

Find price quote templates here.

#12. Order confirmation

To be an official document, order confirmation must be in PDF. Hence, every e-commerce business needs to design a confirmation template and adopt automatic document generation tools to enter buyers’ details in real-time.

Find order confirmation templates here.

#13. Proof of delivery

When you deliver products, inform customers about the sender, what they send, cost of products, dates, and delivery addresses. It’s a standard notice that is also easy to automate with quality PDF templates.

Find POD templates here.

Inkit Render for Template-Based Document Generation

Render is a document automation REST API for template-based document generation. Connect it to your web platform to automatically convert HTML data to custom PDFs. With Render, you can change page margins, size, numbers, headers, footers, and other parameters to create unique document templates and fill them in.

Learn Render pricing here and start a free trial to test our automatic document generation tools.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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