Writing can be stressful enough without having to deal with correcting minor spelling mistakes. It can be embarrassing to have complaints sent to you because your PDF has spelling mistakes, like you writing 'ad' in place of 'as.' To make it easier to edit your PDF, this article will tell you:

  • How to Spell Check with PDF readers
  • What other external tools you can use to Spell check
  • Tips to Accurate Spell Checking.

How Do I Spell Check with PDF readers?

A lot of software comes with different ways to spell-check; below is a list of PDF readers with spell checkers and how to use them.

Microsoft word

The Microsoft Word software makes spell checks easy. If you did not write your PDF with Microsoft Word, you could still edit with Microsoft Word. These are the steps to spell check on Microsoft Word.

  • Open the file using Microsoft Word.
  • Spelling mistakes will be highlighted with a red underline, while grammar mistakes will have a blue underline.
  • Right-click on the underlined words, and it will bring suggestions for the correct spelling. Click on the right word.
  • There are some simple words the app autocorrects without underlining or suggesting. If you keep correcting a spelling, you can right-click on it and add it to autocorrect.
  • If there are new words that you keep using and it is being underlined, right-click and add to the dictionary. When you add a word to the dictionary, it will no longer be seen as a wrong spelling.

If you do not want to keep scrolling to check for the underlined words, Microsoft Word can bring the suggestions to a side of the writing.

  • Click on the review tab in the options above.
  • Then click on 'Spelling and Grammar.'
  • The suggestions will show by the side of the article. Click on the words and choose the right word.
  • If a word is misspelled more than once, click on 'Change all,' and it will correct all the misspelled words.
  • If you intentionally misspell a word, click on 'Ignore once' to remove the suggestion.

PDF element

After you have saved the PDF, open with PDF element software and follow these steps.

  • Go to the File menu, and click on preferences.
  • Enable the spell checker and select PDF element as your custom dictionary
PDF element
  • Switch to editing mode and click on any box you want to spell check
editing mode
  • The misspelled words will have an underline. Right-click on it and click on the right word.

Quick tip: Suppose you want to view all the spelling mistakes in the document without clicking every check box. Change the file to a Word document by clicking on convert and then spell check on Microsoft Word.

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Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC does not automatically spell-check documents written on other software (Word, PDF element, etc.) or content written with the Edit option. To have access to the spell-check tool;

  • Click on edit, then check the spelling.
Adobe Acrobat
  • It will bring a box where the sentence with the misspelled word will be revealed.
  • Click on Start to begin the correction.
  • It will show the misspelled words and suggestions on the correct spellings, click on the right one, and select change.
  • If the word you want is not in the suggestion list, you can manually change it by rewriting it.
  • If you intentionally misspelled the word, you can skip it by clicking on 'Ignore.'
  • If you want to add a new word to the dictionary, highlight the word and select Add.
  • When you are done with the misspelled words, select done.
  • If you want to change a word you added to the dictionary, click on edit and then spell-check. Then, click on edit dictionary, and you can add, edit and delete words from the dictionary.

Similar processes are involved in spell checking on document software. If your document opener is not listed here, check for similar features to spell check on the document opener instead of downloading another.

What other external tools can you Use to Spell Check?

If your PDF reader does not have the edit feature or you’re not satisfied with the editing, this list includes other external spell checker software or websites.


Grammarly checks your spelling and checks grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, and many more.

You can make use of it by downloading the app or through extensions on browsers. Grammarly can also connect directly with your Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office software. Also, you can use Grammarly as your default keyboard on both Android and iOS devices.

You can make use of the free or premium version. Even with the free version, you will be able to check some spelling and grammar mistakes. However, you will get more benefits and editing options with the premium version.

How to Use

  • Download the Grammarly software on your PC
  • Save the PDF file you want to edit
  • Import it into Grammarly (your document's formatting will change, but it  will restore it upon download)
  • Grammarly will underline the spelling and grammar mistakes with suggestions of the correct one.
  • The words will automatically change if you accept the suggestions.
  • When there are no more suggestions, save and export.


Ginger is a spell checker and a proofreading tool. It checks for wrong spellings, tenses, and words that do not fit into the context.

You can add Ginger to browsers, Microsoft Word, and Windows App. You can also use it on Android/ iOS and their online site.


Scribens claims it corrects spelling and grammar mistakes ten times better than Microsoft word. Using Scribens, you can double-check your PDF after checking with Microsoft Word.

Scribens checks for Typography error and punctuation, grammar, verbs usage. Each mistake has its color code as follows.

  • Typography and punctuation error – Blue
  • Grammar error – Red
  • Verbs – Green
  • Other suggestion – Yellow

There are several online spell checkers, and a few plagiarism checkers check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Tips to Accurate Spell Checking

While using some spell checkers, the message you were trying to convey has been changed. To avoid minor mistakes in your PDF, these are other tips for checking your spelling and grammar.

  • Use more than one spell checker

If you type with software with the spell checker activated, you can cross-check with another software. If you missed an error in the first software, the second software should point it out and make corrections.

  • Take some time off

If you have been on the computer for too long, you tend to miss the minor mistakes. Take some time off to do other things and come back to it. When you get back, you might notice some errors you missed.

  • Read Aloud

Even though reading aloud sounds strenuous, it is very effective in noticing mistakes. Reading it aloud will enable you to detect errors faster because you tend to read more slowly when you read aloud. However, this might not be feasible if the PDF is a long one.

  • Read Headlines

Headlines are easy to overlook when we check for mistakes. Ensure you do not miss any spelling or grammar mistakes in the headlines.

  • Ask a friend

Much more effective than checking with software and reading it yourself. You could ask a third party to help you crosscheck the writing. A third party reading from scratch has no idea what it is about, so they will read with an open mind and quickly notice mistakes.

  • Print it Out

If the work is short, you can print it out. After staring at a screen for too long, looking at a hard copy of writing will make you easily spot mistakes. Even though you will not be able to correct the hard copy, you will be able to point out spelling mistakes you did not notice.

As little as spelling mistakes can be, they can make your work or presentation look unprofessional.

Make efforts to double-check and ensure your work is error-free. Use apps that support spell checks and crosscheck with external software.  

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