HubSpot and Direct Mail: 3 Simple Tips for Getting Results

January 30, 2018
Abram Isola

In HubSpot, direct mail automation is possible when you plug in Inkit’s integration. This allows you to combine the powerful data and targeting available within HubSpot with the high redemption rates of direct mail.
Direct mail is becoming an even more powerful channel in the Digital Age, as it works best when it is relevant—highly targeted, triggered and personal. Inkit continues to form partnerships with CRMs like HubSpot because the key to doing direct mail well is aligning it with your marketing automation platform.
If you’re a HubSpot user, postcard marketing might be outside of your wheelhouse. Once you set up the Inkit + HubSpot integration, where should you go from there?
If you’re wondering when and how to add direct mail to HubSpot campaigns, here are 3 rules to live by:

1. Use HubSpot to Know Your Direct Mail Audience

If you’re a HubSpot user, direct mail can be an important differentiator in a world where nearly 78% of consumers are hitting “unsubscribe” due to email overload. You know your leads or customers aren’t clicking on your emails, but does this mean you should send direct mail to all of them? Not necessarily.
More than 80% of consumers read or scan their mail every day, according to USPS, but you still need to use your media dollars wisely. Consider your segments and evaluate who is most likely to read and respond to mail.
Are you targeting heads of households? Direct mail is usually read and sorted by household decision-makers, so a HubSpot postcard is a wise play. Going after millennials? It may surprise you, but this generation enjoys direct mail more than any other.
What about behaviors? Consider using HubSpot to send direct mail to consumers who once indicated an interest, but have since disengaged from your online communications.

2. Make Postcards Relevant and Keep the CTA Clear

How do you sort the mail? Do you look at each piece, read every single word and thoughtfully consider it all? Probably not. Most likely, you scan it—tossing some items straight into the recycling bin and setting aside interesting or important pieces to review when you have more time.
Even though consumers spend more time reading direct mail than email, you need to make your offer clear and obvious. You don’t want to end up in the recycling bin or even set aside for later review. (Some of us won’t get around to looking at that stack of “important mail” for quite awhile.) You want the recipient to act now. How do you accomplish this?

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  • Limit yourself to one call to action per piece of direct mail, and make it clear. As a bonus, using just one CTA makes it easy for you to evaluate your ROI.
  • Include a deadline, so consumers aren’t likely to procrastinate making a decision. (However, consider the longevity of your piece when deciding on the redemption period. Mail is often kept for future use, and your goal may be to keep your brand front and center–stuck on the fridge or a bulletin board).
  • Tailor the message. Use highly personalized messaging, offers and graphics.

3. Tie Direct Mail Back to HubSpot Campaigns: Engage Across Channels

One of the benefits of using Inkit with a CRM like Hubspot for direct mail automation is that you can track everything. Use QR codes or tie in landing pages to map the customer’s journey.

HubSpot direct mail campaign

Maybe your CTA isn’t designed to get the customer to purchase right now, but is meant to trigger the next step in your the customer journey. For example, a grocery delivery service might send a recipe card to customers who’ve purchased a relevant item, directing them online to watch videos of more recipes. The back of the postcard could include a reference guide for missing ingredient substitutions—a solid play for long-term prime refrigerator-magnet space.
Whatever your campaign goals may be, remember to include unique trackable urls or other online tie-ins so you can know exactly how using Inkit to send direct mail through HubSpot influences your bottom line.
Ready to give it a try? Learn more about using Inkit to send direct mail through HubSpot here.

Ready to captivate your customers?
Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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