Do you know that traditional single-channel marketing strategies went stale? Having a corporate website or several disparate social media accounts is no longer effective. To stand out from the crowd, you need to communicate with customers through all popular marketing channels and ensure equally good user experiences throughout the whole customer journey.

Direct mail is no exception. Actually, the right mail content matches strength with email campaigns, paid search, online ads, and other digital channels.

Yet, every marketing touchpoint has the good and the bad. To get the maximum benefit, you will have to combine multiple channels within an omni-channel marketing platform.

This time, we offer you to discover the capabilities of Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation. It provides the functionality for multi-channel campaign management and effectively unites online and offline marketing efforts, including Adobe Campaign’s direct mail powered by Inkit.

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  • How Does Inkit + Adobe Campaign’s direct mail work?

Direct Mail as Part of Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

Although 87% of retailers admit the importance of omni-channel marketing for successful campaigns, the number of those who implement it is much lower. When it comes to the use of direct mail as one of the channels, the situation is even worse. This is quite short-sighted given that mail marketing provides an excellent opportunity to target customers who cannot be engaged with digital resources.

Source: Adobe

Losing them, a company loses sales, income, and loyalty. It was found that an average omni-channel customer spends 4% more on every in-store shopping and 10% more online than a single-channel customer. Not to mention that the more channels buyers use, the more money they leave in the store. For instance, 4+ channels increase the average check by 9% compared to one-channel.

Direct mail can additionally whet customers’ appetite. It was proven that people spend 21% less effort to understand direct mail than they spend on digital ads. They also find it 20% more motivating. In other words, by incorporating mail activity into your omni-channel marketing, you establish contact with your potential customers much faster. They become more likely to notice your call-to-action and the important information you want to convey.

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Features and Benefits of Adobe Campaign’s Marketing Automation

Adobe Campaign is one of the leading tools for marketing automation. With the main focus on email marketing, it can also be used for mobile ads, mail content personalization, marketing analytics, and reporting. These and other Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation features can upgrade your promotional strategies in the following ways:

  • Easy launch of omni-channel marketing. Multi-channel campaigns cannot exist without marketing platforms that transmit data in real-time and allow building workflows. Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation perfectly copes with these tasks.
  • Improved customer service. Once the omni-channel marketing strategy runs smoothly, you will be able to treat your customers equally well across every channel and device.
  • Integration with other Adobe tools. By integrating Campaign with Adobe Analytics, you can significantly expand its metrics and enrich the tracking formulas with new parameters. You could also consider using Adobe Sensei for AI-powered emails or other Adobe Marketing Cloud tools.
  • Convenient to upload reports and data spreadsheets. With Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation tool you get access to useful data imports that can be further used for marketing personalization and analytics.
  • Preliminary content testing. Create up to three variants of emails to find out which of them impacts your customers most. You can also preview the designs on more than 70 web, mobile, and email clients.
  • Target audience segmentation. Apart from categorizing your customers for email newsletters, you can also segment the recipients of Adobe Campaign’s direct mail.
Source: Adobe

The listed functionality is the backbone of Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation. You can either expand it with integrations or pick a few features based on your needs. This tool works equally well for very simple marketing strategies and complex omni-channel campaigns.

Adobe Campaign’s Direct Mail: How Can Adobe + Inkit Combination Boost Your Mail Marketing?

The more automation, the merrier. That’s why we offer you to combine Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation with Inkit. While Adobe takes care of target audience segmentation and analytics, Inkit ensures variable data printing, advanced targeting, and fully automated mail production and delivery cycle. This allows you to personalize mail content, minimize the time necessary to launch mail marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, synchronize mail with other marketing channels. As a result, snail mail becomes more flexible and better adapted to changes in customer behavior.

How Does Inkit + Adobe Campaign’s Direct Mail Work?

Adobe Campaign’s marketing automation lets you pre-configure fields required by a direct mail provider. For example, you can standardize postal addresses, names, or some more specific details about customers. If you make Adobe Campaign’s direct mail omni-channel, you may also rely on the analytics collected through other touchpoints. This data can show, which segment of your target audience is best suited for direct mail.

Source: Adobe

After you finalize your mailing list, it’s time to use the power of Inkit. Upload the Campaign’s CSV file into the Inkit’s dashboard, select mail design, and launch automated printing and delivery. You can either use professionally designed mail pieces or benefit from a custom postcard builder available in the tool.

The automation offered by Inkit cuts mail fulfillment time so much, that you can use it to provide a prompt response to events in other channels.

Want to try Adobe Campaign’s direct mail in practice? Subscribe to Inkit and Adobe to start automating your marketing and synchronizing mail with online channels.

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