Are you sure that all the contact information provided by your customers is correct? What if we told you that 8.4% of email addresses users enter on websites are fake, invalid, or misspelled? That’s huge, right? Inaccurate information results in unnecessary financial losses and undermines your marketing efforts. In addition to email marketing, invalid email addresses also affect the efficiency of other channels, including ESP direct mail.

But what is the connection between the direct mail powered by the marketing platform and validating email addresses? If you know the email addresses of your customers, you can send them personalized postcards and other mail. Of course, you will need to set up all the related processes in a sophisticated marketing automation software – as the majority of today’s companies do.

To be more precise, you need to integrate TowerData email validation and data enrichment software with your growth marketing platform + direct mail automation tool offered by Inkit. Such a three-component integration automatically eliminates bad emails and verifies customer addresses for mailing campaigns. TowerData and Inkit exchange data with growth marketing platform Iterable in real time to instantly process it and use in cross-channel marketing. As a result, your marketing campaign turns into one well-synchronized mechanism that automatically completes many processes under your management.

Email Validation

We know that a three-way integration, like that of TowerData + Iterable + Inkit, may be tricky. Therefore, in today’s article, we share with you some tips about:

  • TowerData’s functionality and benefits: Email Validation, Data Enrichment, Postal Append, and more
  • How the integration of TowerData + Iterable + direct mail by Inkit work?
  • Why Iterable’s growth marketing platform is essential for cross-channel campaigns
  • How the TowerData + Iterable + Inkit integration can boost your cross-channel approach in 2020

TowerData’s Functionality and Benefits: Email Validation, Data Enrichment, Postal Append, and More

As we have already mentioned, not all contact information provided through website forms or by other means is accurate. With the increasing number of mobile users, typing becomes more inconvenient and people are likely to make mistakes.

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Long story short, TowerData’s email validation and data enrichment functions help to solve this problem. Since its launch in 2001, TowerData has developed into a strong marketing growth platform comprising email validation, identity matching, website visitor identification, and email intelligence. Today, it provides a broad range of marketing and analytics services related to email validation and data enrichment. TowerData can tune-up your customer data in the following ways:

  • Automatically correct spelling errors, wrong syntax, and typos in email addresses. You get working emails that can be used to engage customers
  • Remove spam emails, verify domains or mailboxes, and prioritize best addresses.
  • Enrich customer details with demographic and household data to tell you more about your consumers and enhance cross-channel marketing
  • Add customers’ postal addresses and full names to your email database with the Postal Append feature. As a result, you will be able to target people by their geographic location and send more personalized mailings.
  • Detect fraudulent and invalid email addresses. This helps to filter out non-existing leads and increase open rates, conversions, and CTR.

TowerData can boost your business processes both as a separate tool and when paired up with third-party services. In this article, we want to focus on the immense potential of its identity matching and postal append functionality when connected to Iterable and direct mail powered by Inkit.

Real-Time API
Real-Time API

How the Integration of TowerData’s Postal Append Functionality +  Iterable + Direct Mail by Inkit Works

The TowerData’s Postal Append + Iterable + Direct Mail by Inkit integration is a perfect way of sending direct mail based on the customers’ email records. TowerData enriches these records with demographic and postal details to make highly targeted mailing possible.

Note that TowerData is committed to data privacy and processes information only after obtaining the prior consent. Besides, no data from minors, as well as race, ethnic, or medical data, is collected.

Here is an approximate outline of how this integration works:

  1. Users fill in their email addresses in a subscription form on a website — or via any other way that you collect your users’ and customers’ email address.
  2. The data is sent to Iterable which records, processes the information and forwards it to TowerData for email validation.
  3. Emails are verified with the help of TowerData’s API in real time (without the integration, you would have to manually upload email lists for batch processing).
  4. TowerData detects invalid email formats, corrects misspelled emails, assigns one of 30 statuses to every email domain, estimates the delivery, soft bounce, or hard bounce, and provides email analytics.
  5. After email validation, TowerData’s postal append service matches the obtained contact details to its database to add related full names and postal addresses to the customer list.
  6. The verified data is transferred back to Iterable’s growth marketing platform and can be used for cross-channel marketing or other purposes.
  7. Iterable uses the integrated Inkit webhook to create customized mailing campaigns based on customer behavior and event data.
  8. When Inkit is triggered by customers’ specific actions or settings, it retrieves the postal details from the Iterable platform to automatically launch mail printing and delivery. The triggers can be set in the Iterable’s drag-and-drop workflow Studio.
  9. Iterable platform can also track mail delivery and collect analytics on open rates. This information is essential to evaluate the efficiency of personalized messaging.
Drag-and-Drop Lifecycle Campaign Composition
Drag-and-Drop Lifecycle Campaign Composition

If you need any assistance with TowerData + Iterable + Direct Mail integration, you can always contact the corresponding support team. Alternatively, you can visit the help centers of Inkit, Iterable or TowerData.

Why Iterable Is Essential for Cross-Channel Direct Mail Campaigns

Iterable’s growth marketing platform is a pillar that connects TowerData and Inkit. This is the campaign management solution that records customer data to process and then transfers it to other integrated services.

Without Iterable, Inkit and TowerData cannot interact directly and enrich customer email records with postal details. You will also need Iterable to create workflows and set triggers that activate mail printing and delivery.

Beyond that, Iterable can strengthen your marketing campaigns with:

  • Advanced target audience segmentation based on hundreds of demographic and custom event data fields for each user profile
  • Seamless customer engagement across email, mobile push, SMS, in-app, web push and social retargeting
  • Performance optimization with robust A/B testing and custom reports and dashboards
  • A flexible data model and numerous partner integrations to retrieve information from any source at massive scale
Flexible Data Integration

Here is a bit of humble advice: if you decide to test the described three-component integration, don’t forget to research what additional features are available in every tool. If you realize the full potential of your marketing technology stack, then your campaigns will work wonders.

How TowerData Email Validation, Iterable, and Inkit Can Boost Your Cross-Channel Marketing Approach in 2020

With every passing year, the importance of accurate customer data is growing. To understand what to expect from the future and how the TowerData +  Iterable + direct mail by Inkit integration can help with the possible challenges, let’s take a look at the current trends.

First of all, today, companies that effectively handle customer information achieve much higher efficiency than laggards. At the same time, around 54% of companies name the lack of quality and complete data their biggest obstacle to successful data-driven campaigns.

Yet, the focus on data isn’t the only leading trend. The right approach to using such information is no less important. 72% of consumers prefer to connect with businesses through several channels. At the same time, only 14% of companies currently align marketing efforts across all their channels. The use of direct mail in cross-channel marketing is even less common, despite its great open rates and effectiveness. Thus, a mail automation solution like Inkit is essential to make mail marketing data-driven and synchronized with other channels.

The combination of Inkit with TowerData and Iterable allows you to incorporate industry-leading marketing practices. You can seamlessly communicate with customers across all channels and automatically validate the information they share. To learn more about our three-way integration, request a custom demo today with TowerData, Iterable, and Inkit.

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