PowerPoint is the go-to tool for making presentations for people in just about every industry. This well-known tool comes with excellent Word processing, outlining, sketching, mapping, and even inserting or embedding PDF files directly into your presentation.

When you make a PowerPoint presentation, you'll have a sequence of slides to work on. The templates you generate on it can display as overhead transparencies or 35mm slides, enhancing your presentation skills in many ways.

And if there’s any external information you want to include, you can do so with any PDF files you have available.

So when you are presenting your announcement, try to do something more with it; for instance, you could add more PDF content to it. 

And below, we’ll show you how to insert PDF files in your slides, directly from your computer.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Benefits Of Inserting PDF Into PowerPoint Presentation
  • 3 Best Ways to Insert A PDF File Into PowerPoint 

Benefits Of Inserting PDF Into PowerPoint Presentation

The benefits of an exciting pdf into PowerPoint are endless. 

It is a straightforward method and also gives many advantages to the user. 

PDFs are frequently thought of as a static document or an electronic printout of that other text, such as a Word processor. PDFs provide a lot of flexibility and are simple to alter.

The ability to add a signature to a PDF document is a basic illustration of something like this. You may give someone authority to alter a PDF so that they might sign an agreement. 


When we are working on a PowerPoint presentation, we only want to decide to move it while everyone else is looking to get the PDF you require. You can escape a clumsy changeover while looking for the PDF you wish to distribute in this manner. 

It helps you a lot when you are making professional presentations, and also it doesn't need any professional skills. You can easily do it by yourself.


One of the most unique and best benefits of using PDFs in PowerPoint is that it gives you a lot of conveniences. When you are embedding a pdf in PowerPoint, it is significantly faster. You don't need to minimize your PowerPoint to locate the document or file you need. 

When you use the PDF in PowerPoint, it makes your work faster and easier. Also, when we use the PDF in PowerPoint, it looks more professional and eye-catching. 

Easy to assemble

An essential benefit of using pdfs in PowerPoint is getting everything in one place. You don't need to open PDF separately when giving your presentation. Using PDFs in PowerPoint keeps your document in one place. You can transmit simply one file rather than a display with a lot of supporting material if you integrate a PDF into your PowerPoint slide. 

3 Best Ways to Insert A PDF File Into PowerPoint

Embedding a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation is easy.

You can either add it to a specific PPX slide, open it during your slideshow, insert it as an image, or copy and paste information from a PDF to PowerPoint.

Below, we’ll cover all options step-by-step.

How to add a PDF file to a PowerPoint slide

Insert the PDF as an object in your PowerPoint presentation to see the whole PDF file. Select the PDF item on the slide during your presentation, and the PDF file opens in a PDF reader. Make sure to follow these steps on your pdfs stating the procedure.

Step 1: Close your pdf file completely. It will be the first and also an important step.

Step 2: After that, open the PowerPoint slide.

add pdf file to powerpoint

Step 3: Then go to the slide where you want to insert the PDF file into PowerPoint.

Step 4: Now locate your pdf file. Then select the insert option from the menu bar. You can find the menu bar on the top of the PowerPoint presentation slide.  

Step 5: After that, click on the object option.

Step 6: Then, select your PDF reader tool and click OK to add the file to the document.

Step 7: Select create from the file.

Step 8: Then select the Browse option; a pop-up window will appear.

Step 9: Open the folder that has your pdf file from that window. After selecting the pdf file, click on the ok option.

Step 10: Then press ok again, which will appear on the insert dialogue box. You will see a pdf icon appear on your PowerPoint slide. That icon will show the pdf you have added to your presentation file.

Step 11: You can double-click on that icon or image in standard view to access your PDF file in your PDF reader tool.

That is how easily you can add your pdf to a PowerPoint presentation slide. Just make sure you follow these steps accurately. Don't skip any step because you might face trouble adding pdf to PowerPoint if you miss any action.

How to open the PDF during your slide show

You already have to go through the steps that include adding a PDF file to your presentation. But it would be best if you also learned how to open these pdfs when giving your presentations. 

These steps are also elementary and straightforward.

  • Before opening your PDF, make sure that PowerPoint is in normal mode.
  • Use the PDF object to present the slides.
  • For the PDF file, choose a picture or icon.
  • Select Action from the Insert menu.
  • If you prefer to view the PDF with a single click, go to the Mouse Click tab.
how to open pdf file in powerpoint slides
  • Then when you click on the PDF icon, you can easily open your pdf file.
  • But if you want to make it easier, select the mouse over the tab.
  • Now select the object action.
  • After selecting the object action, click the open from the drop-down list.
  • Now select the activated contents.
  • After that, the last step is to determine the OK option.

By following these steps, you can open your pdf file simply and easily on the PowerPoint slide in just one step. Follow these step by step to make your work easier.

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How to add a PDF file into PowerPoint as an image

Insert the material of one tab of a PDF document as a picture to a PowerPoint slide if you only want to see one page. Here are some easy steps you can follow to insert your pdf into PowerPoint as an image, so let's start following these steps.

Step 1: To insert a page into PowerPoint, open the PDF file and show the page you wish to insert.

Step 2: Then enter the slide where you want to insert the pdf as an image in the PowerPoint.

Step 3: Now select the insert option.

add pdf file screenshot powerpoint

Step 4: Then choose the screenshot from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Now all of your windows will appear, that includes pdf files.

Step 6: Select the PDF files that you want to display as an image.

Step 7: Then add it to the slide as a picture.

How to Insert Text from a PDF to PowerPoint?

Using PDF text only in the PowerPoint slide is also a professional way to present your work. We can use different readers or Adobe Acrobat readers to add a significant piece of the pdf files to the PowerPoint slide. Follow these simple steps to do so.

To insert the text from the pdf file;

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat reader first.
  • Then open the PDF file.
  • Then select the tool option from the drop-down menu and choose the basics.
  • Now select the text you want to insert.
  • Now select the edit option.
  • Now click on the copy icon from the menu bar.
  • Once you have copied the text, open the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Now go to the slide where you want the pdf text.
  • Select the home and then paste that will appear on the drop-down menu.
  • If you're going to make it easier, press Ctrl+V from the keyboard.
  • That is how easily you can insert the text from the pdf.

You can easily paste the text from the PDF to PowerPoint. 

Check out our full guide to copying and pasting from a PDF document for more info and examples on this!


Hope this helped!

Following the above steps, you can easily paste your PDF files and content into your PowerPoint slides to make your presentation more professional.

Now, if you’re looking for more info on managing your PDF files, be sure to also read:

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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