Business owners wonder how automation will affect insurance. The disruption caused by COVID has accelerated changes within the insurance industry and showed it’s high time to adopt innovations. Based on the latest numbers, the automation rates will keep growing. By 2030, 46% of current policy processing and insurance claims jobs will become automated. Machine learning, AI, robotic process automation also gain traction.

We encourage you to join the automation trend by automating the insurance documentation process. It will give you a competitive advantage and prepare you for comprehensive digital transformation. Start now to gradually automate insurance documentation processes and prepare your systems for further and more sophisticated automation.

In this article, we have listed eight types of insurance documents that need automated document generation. They are based on insurance templates and, therefore, convenient to handle automatically.

What Is Automated Document Generation?

Automated document generation is the process of automatic document management in applications or platforms. The software automatically compiles a custom document based on templates filling it out with personalized data. For example, it may add the name of the recipient, due dates, contact info, and other details that vary from document to document.

Automated document generation is particularly effective in the industries that handle massive amounts of documents and need to automate it. In these fields, docs serve as a primary means of communication and are critical for regulatory compliance. These are finances, healthcare, utilities, e-commerce, and insurance, of course. Apart from these domains, automated document management can optimize business operations in any organization that delivers communications.

Learn How Automated Insurance Document Generation in Insurance Portals Works

Why Use Insurance Templates in Your Web Portal?

If you provide an insurance web portal as a vendor or use it in your company, you need to automate the insurance documentation process. Users will automatically receive personalized docs with accurate details in real-time. The portal will also automatically store the copies of the generated and delivered docs for record-keeping.

Here’s how automation impacts insurance software users and owners:

  • You turn a large portion of manual processes into automatic.
  • The speed of insurance claims processing increases.
  • The cost-efficiency of claims handling grows as you can manage more requests within a shorter amount of time.
  • You prepare your software for more advanced automation, including the automated insurance documentation process as one of the core components.
  • You grow your business by channeling human resources into more critical fields than the manual insurance documentation process.
  • The enhanced user experience offered in your web portal improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The automation of the insurance documentation process is also a shortcut to regulatory compliance. If you use a document rendering API, the software provider is responsible for data security. Hence, it becomes easier to run the data processing workflow following the rules.

8 Types of Insurance Templates to Use for Insurance Documentation Process Automation

If you have an insurance web portal, you can use insurance templates for automated document generation processes. The software will complete data entry for you to render tailored PDFs ready for printing and delivery. This list includes the most common insurance templates to implement.

#1. Insurance Request Form

Insurance templates of request forms are the primary document type to automate in a web platform. Whatever insurance services you provide, health insurance, car insurance, or liability, customers will need to send a request form. If you implement insurance templates in your web platform, the software will automatically generate pre-filled request forms for users. They will only accept and sign the document to start using your services. It speeds up the onboarding of new leads and improves customer experience.

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#2. Data Processing Consent Request

Insurance documents include lots of personal data that users must allow you to process. Therefore, data consent is one of the essential insurance templates in a web platform. Since it’s a standard document, automation is easy. Inform consumers how you process their personal information and collect their official approval. It will make the operation of your web insurance portal more transparent and compliant.

#3. Car Policy Insurance Templates

These insurance templates are intended for car insurance providers who use web software to offer their services. Consumers that look for auto insurance scan many offers and rates before choosing the most suitable one. Therefore, when they visit your web portal, they should be able to download a PDF car insurance policy. You can also fill such insurance templates automatically to email them as marketing materials and engage more leads.

#4. Regular Insurance Communications Templates

Apart from official documents, the insurance documentation process includes regular communications. Many of them are template-based and allow automation. You can adopt automated document rendering to archive email communications, send welcome messages, deliver notifications, and more. Such communications are not life-critical, but they considerably enhance the quality of customer service.

#5. Healthcare and Life Insurance Templates

Healthcare and life insurance dominate the US insurance market. Many Americans join healthcare plans to secure themselves from tremendous financial expenses in case of health issues. The market segment is well-established and highly standardized. Hence, there are tons of healthcare insurance templates to adopt. Certificate of long-term care, group health plan coverage, and insurance claims are just a few of them. Hence, if you run a healthcare or life insurance portal, be sure to automate the insurance documentation process for standard docs.

#6. Insurance Bills

If your insurance web platform supports billing, you must automate financial docs. It would enable you to deliver custom bills and invoices based on real-time triggers. For example, you can send bills every month or when a new lead joins your services. When billing documents are available within the platform, it’s more convenient both to customers and insurers. Whereas customers have important docs at hand, insurers enjoy automated document generation, delivery, and storage.

#7. Certificate of Property Insurance

Certificate of property insurance should also be among automated insurance templates. It’s a summary document that the agent issues on behalf of the insurer to notify about the policy issued to the insured. Property certificates are usually issued for homeowners, renters, and flood insurance policies.

#8. Certificate of Liability Insurance Templates

If you work in the insurance industry, you are very likely to handle this document type. A certificate of liability insurance or COI is a form insurance companies issue to verify the existence of an insurance policy. Small businesses are the primary target audience. The COI form includes the issuing insurance company, insured, policy number, dates, limits, and deductibles that document generation software can fill out automatically.

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Inkit Render Automates the Insurance Documentation Generation Process

Render is a document generation API you can integrate with your insurance web portal. It automatically converts HTML to custom PDF files based on personalized templates and real-time triggers. Layer it into your existing insurance software to automate the insurance documentation process, including document creation, retrieval, and archiving. Since Render supports user roles and is regulatory compliant, it’s a perfect fit to process insurance docs with personal data.

Check out Render pricing here or get a free plan to test how it works.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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