To speed up the software development process, many teams use pre-built solutions. They allow quickly getting the necessary functionality at an affordable cost and launching the service much faster. The ready-made capabilities are also helpful when the product you are working on requires complex features, like PDF rendering.

Even though a PDF reader web app might seem simple, creating one is a true challenge. Since the PDF format is highly flexible and complex, only experienced software engineers with relevant experience can build a scalable HTML PDF viewer for websites. Still, they will need to spend a lot of time and resources on it.

Hence, most professionals recommend opting for a pre-built PDF reader web app. It’s super easy to connect by embedding it into existing software through an API.

Want to know more about how to complete the PDF reader web app integration? Keep reading the blog post to find out.

What Is Pre-Built PDF Rendering Software?

Pre-built PDF rendering software is a reliable and secure PDF rendering solution developed by a third-party vendor. You can integrate it into existing products through an API to upgrade them with PDF rendering capabilities.

Learn About the Pricing, Capabilities, and Features of HTML to PDF API

Businesses pay a one-time or subscription fee to use this ready-made PDF reader web app. After that, they can access all the PDF rendering capabilities and complete the integration. Given that the solution is paid, the software vendor is responsible for troubleshooting, regular updates, and upgrades of the PDF reader web app. For other benefits of the ready-made HTML PDF viewer for websites, read the next section.

 PDF Rendering Software

Ready-Made PDF Rendering Software versus Custom Solutions

At the initial stages of software development, product owners have to make a range of important decisions. What elements to design from scratch and what to integrate is one of them. Here are the key benefits of choosing a pre-built HTML PDF viewer for websites instead of custom PDF rendering software development.

Reason #1. Pre-built PDF rendering software cuts software development time

Custom reader web apps, PDF forms, and PDF rendering software only look basic. When it comes to development, such solutions are very time-consuming. They may become a stumbling rock in the engineering process and considerably slow you down. By choosing pre-built PDF rendering software, you instantly have all the necessary PDF capabilities at hand. It saves you months.

Reason #2. Pre-built PDF rendering software speeds up the launch

In a highly competitive tech market, agility is among the critical components of success. The use of PDF reader web app API enables you to finish the product sooner. If you have already released the product but need to add rendering engine functionality, ready-made units help avoid making your users wait. When people need to get a PDF now, pre-built PDF rendering software is the only way out.

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Reason #3. Pre-built PDF rendering software reduces expenses

To embed a PDF to a web page or automatically generate PDF documents, you will need to conduct a lot of research and hire skilled engineers. This will take a large share of your budget and make the project expensive. A PDF reader web app API requires less investment. Therefore, it’s a proven way to optimize your expenses.

Reason #4. Pre-built PDF rendering software gives you tech support

Bug fixing and troubleshooting may take several full-time developers. If you dream of PDF rendering software that doesn’t make you regularly deal with bugs, pre-built PDF tools are the best option. The vendor will ensure life-long tech support, help you with installation, perform updates, develop more advanced features, and be accountable for many other tasks.

When to Use a Pre-Built PDF Reader Web App

The PDF file format is universal and is used in many apps for mobile devices and web browsers. Yet, some products heavily depend on rendering and cannot operate without it. These are mostly the apps with the following capabilities:

  • Agreement and contract generation. After meetings with customers, business teams need to quickly add new content to a standard sales proposal in PDF. The same relates to official employee offer letters, NDAs, legal letters, and statements. That’s why contract generation software requires automated PDF rendering.
  • Data extraction and analysis. Apps that automate content analysis need to extract data from documents, analyze it, and generate PDF reports with deeper insights. They require PDF processing functionality to get the data from existing documents, create summary reports, and download PDFs.
  • Archiving. The PDF format is a popular and regulatory-compliant solution for archiving. This makes the PDF reader web app’s functionality relevant in any product that automates record-keeping. It can be anything from an email marketing service to invoicing software.
  • Content generation and publishing. When a tool is designed to generate PDF job postings, course certificates, reports, or employee onboarding materials based on several data sources, it needs PDF reader web app functionality. Content generation solutions must be able to create, display a PDF in modern browsers, and publish it.
  • Financial document rendering. Banks, utilities, healthcare companies, e-commerce, and other businesses send tons of PDF bills, invoices, purchase orders, and other PDF documents every day. PDF rendering capabilities are essential in the software they use for billing.

To sum up, a pre-built HTML PDF viewer for websites and PDF rendering software are relevant in any solution that reads or generates PDFs. APIs are a shortcut. The integration of a rendering API allows product teams to implement professional PDF functionality in several lines of code.

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Learn About the Enterprise Use Cases of an HTML to PDF Converter

How to Integrate Pre-Built PDF Rendering Software

To get the most out of pre-built PDF rendering software, pick the tool with extensive functionality and detailed documentation. Whereas the features enrich your existing product, guidelines facilitate the integration. These are two things that matter.

Based on Inkit PDF rendering software API, the integration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the pre-built PDF rendering software.
  2. Retrieve the API key from the corresponding section of your dashboard.
  3. Store the API key somewhere secure and provide access only to the necessary users.
  4. Copy and embed the code into the coding environment of your product.
  5. Run the snippet to generate and display a PDF.
  6. Enjoy automated document rendering and use it based on your software needs.

If you want more detailed instructions on integrating the pre-built PDF rendering software, visit this page. It includes the steps to connect automated HTML to PDF renderer through an API.

Inkit Render’s API For Automated HTML to PDF Conversion

Inkit is a reach enablement platform (REP) that provides an API for PDF rendering integration. Render automatically generates PDFs from HTML based on triggers and stores them for record-keeping. Once the document is generated, Inkit can also deliver it to the necessary recipient.

You can leverage Inkit’s API to power document management, invoicing, archiving, and document generation products with automated PDF rendering features. The integration takes less than a day and doesn’t require professional code editing skills.

Have any questions about Inkit’s pre-built PDF rendering software? Contact us for a talk or to get the demo.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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