If you are interested in mail marketing, you know that it’s going through a period of renaissance. Direct mail campaigns are powerful. Mail has great response rates, seems more personal, appeals to emotions, and so on. What is often neglected is that traditional direct mail and modern mail pieces differ. Today, the best direct mail marketing campaigns are data-driven and tied to digital channels. Companies include creative direct mail into their integrated marketing campaigns, automating every process that can be automated. They align offline and online marketing to provide a consistent message across all touchpoints.

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Klaviyo + Inkit integration is one of the easiest ways to use direct mail in an integrated marketing campaign. After a quick setup, the software will automatically launch mail delivery in response to specific customer actions. A user doesn’t complete the payment at the last moment? Send them a discount reminder (or whatever you want) within a few days. Remember that best direct mail marketing campaigns are focused on understanding your customers. It’s almost a telepathic experience.

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What Is an Integrated Marketing Campaign and How Does It Differ From Ordinary Marketing?

An integrated marketing campaign unites several channels, including email marketing, social media, direct mail, search ads, content marketing, and others. The key goal of such an approach is to provide a seamless experience across all channels and allow customers to connect with a company using any of them. The main marketing message must remain unchanged. This helps business owners build an effective sales funnel and quickly guide buyers through its stages. The combination of multiple channels in integrated marketing campaigns eliminates possible obstacles on the conversion path. People can choose the most convenient and quick way to access a product or service. Whenever they go, the brand image is presented in the same way, so they don’t get lost or confused.

Effective integrated marketing campaigns are also highly personalized. They rely on real-time customer data and adapt a call-to-action accordingly. For this purpose, most marketers use trigger-based marketing, advanced tracking, and analytics software.

What Is the Primary Difference Between Traditional and Integrated Marketing Campaigns?

Today, traditional marketing campaigns, such as every door direct mail, are frequently run by non-professionals who focus on the use of one or few channels without synchronizing them. Such marketing usually targets the neighboring community and could look rather disparate. The brand image and marketing message aren’t crystallized and, in many cases, can even contradict each other. For example, a company store uses one slogan on its website and absolutely different wording on flyers. Or a store launches a loyalty program but doesn’t mention it on social media.

Launching an integrated campaign requires a well-thought-out strategy and thorough preparation. However,  integrated campaigns generate better results than the use of a single channel targeted at a limited audience. They build trust and merge offline and offline channels into a strong marketing strategy powered with the same idea.

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Klaviyo: Possibilities, Benefits, and Goals

Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform for omni-channel marketing. Omni-channel marketing is basically a new-level integrated marketing campaign. Klaviyo’s functionality allows you to achieve the ultimate synchronization of several marketing channels. This means that any chosen event in one channel will automatically influence the customer journey everywhere else.

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How does this look in practice? Once customers subscribe to your loyalty program, they are automatically sent a welcome postcard. The delivery starts according to the workflow you have previously customized. No need to repeat everything manually.

It’s only one of the hypothetical uses. Thanks to numerous integrations and continuous updates, Klaviyo offers excellent possibilities for integrated marketing campaigns:

  • Easy integration with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento), email list tools (Convertful, GetSiteControl, KickoffLabs, OptinMonster, Sumo), marketing tools (Facebook or Instagram ads), and automated direct mail software (Inkit).
  • Trigger-based marketing: The provided content and offer changes depending on the actions or choices of a specific customer or an entire target group in real-time.
  • Marketing automation: Make money even when you’re swimming somewhere in the Bahamas. After the initial configuration, such integrated campaigns will run automatically.
  • The help of Customer Success Managers who know how to launch an integrated marketing campaign, provide strategic advice, offer deliverability optimization, and more. Such assistance is essential for integrated marketing newbies and beginners.
Source: Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s functionality gives you full control over a sales funnel. You can fine-tune every communication and interaction to gently lead customers towards the target action. Klaviyo helps to present your product or service to its best advantage since you can study the current preferences of consumers. Real-time data collection and processing is an excellent way to stay aware of continuously changing buying trends and patterns. You can see that customers are losing interest in your offer before they leave, and save the situation.

Goals for Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Klaviyo

You are about to read one of the marketing universal truths: Effective marketing campaigns are always based on clear goals. To know what marketing steps are paying off and which are wasting your money, you need KPIs. The regular comparison of your results against the set targets will show you how to redistribute your marketing budget.

When it comes to integrated marketing campaigns, the role of continuous assessment is even more significant. Considering that multiple marketing channels are used simultaneously, you will need to know which of them yield better results.

Thanks to Klaviyo’s marketing platform, goal setting is easy. Here are some of the possible KPIs you can use for an integrated marketing campaign:

  • Subscriptions to your product or service
  • Lead form inquiries
  • Natural shares on social media
  • New website visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Calls to your commercial phone number
  • Funnel abandonment rate
  • Loyalty program members
  • Number of views

Klaviyo automatically records and calculates this data to reflect your progress with marketing and business goals. All you need is to analyze the provided statistics and make strategic choices. Sometimes a minor shift in the workflow of an integrated marketing campaign can drastically change its results. In addition, Klaviyo allows you to test all marketing materials before using them on a large scale.

5 Examples of Best Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Launched with Klaviyo + Inkit Integration

Marketers’ favorite thing about using cutting-edge marketing solutions like Klaviyo is integrations. Such platforms are compatible with third-party tools that broaden their functionality. Inkit is one of them. The best direct mail marketing campaigns are integrated. Inkit uses real-time data collected with Klaviyo to upgrade traditional direct mail to trigger-based mail marketing. Regular mail services or a post office cannot do that.

To better understand how direct mail can be used in integrated marketing, check out examples of best direct mail marketing campaigns. You can implement them with Klaviyo + Inkit integration.

Direct Mail Campaign #1. Referral Mail

When Klaviyo’s marketing platform records that a current customer has referred a friend, the customer is automatically sent a thank you postcard. Such a mail piece may provide a discount or just express gratitude. This will show that you appreciate your customer’s loyalty and trust and value your relationship.

Direct Mail Campaign #2. Mail Marketing for Upselling

Learn the tastes of your buyers analyzing their previous purchases, favorites, and subscriptions recorded in Klaviyo. Once you know what they want, you can create tailored selections of related products and promote them with a direct mail campaign. An integrated marketing campaign based on Inkit + Klaviyo combination supports variable data printing and advanced target audience segmentation. This opens almost unlimited personalization capabilities.

Direct Mail Campaign #3. Loyalty Program for Customers Who Have Spent $500+

Not all customers keep track of your special offers. To make them stand out, you can run an integrated marketing campaign. Use direct mail to inform customers who have spent over $500 that they’re eligible for your loyalty program. Inkit will automatically initiate the delivery immediately after the necessary threshold is reached.

Direct Mail Campaign #4. Direct Mail with a QR Code

The best direct mail marketing campaigns leverage the latest technological advances. You can send direct mail to provide your potential buyers with quick access to your web resources. Just add a QR code to forward customers to your geolocation on Google Maps, a social media account, catalogs, a product page, etc. Scanning QR codes is not only fun, but it also helps to track how many people interact with your mail pieces.

Direct Mail Campaign #5. Reminders for Inactive Customers

Benefit from high response rates of mail marketing to engage potential buyers who haven’t stopped by recently. Sometimes people start ignoring your services because they switch to another provider, consider your pricing too high, or for any other unspecified reason. Klaviyo can show you the main cause of such inactivity with its behavior tracking functionality. In addition, if you include Inkit’s direct mail campaign in the wordflow, customers will automatically receive reminders about your services after they stay inactive for the specified time.

We hope that these examples of best direct mail marketing campaigns will inspire you to use automation software for your integrated marketing campaign. Start boosting your growth with Klaviyo and Inkit right now!

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