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November 12, 2019
  1. Klaviyo Marketing Platform Functionality
  2. Klaviyo Integrations: What Marketing Software Can Be Used with Klaviyo Marketing Platform?
  3. Klaviyo Integration with Inkit: Include Direct Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns

Whereas in brick-and-mortar sales you can directly communicate with customers and monitor them, online buyers are more difficult to track. You cannot ask what they think about, what they want, or why they have decided to leave your store. Such blank spaces in your marketing campaigns make you particularly prone to mistakes. Luckily, modern marketing software easily solves this business challenge bringing you numerous additional advantages. Klaviyo marketing platform is one of the most multi-functional marketing automation tools. You can use it to automate your marketing workflow based on customer behavior and make your marketing campaigns more effective. In addition, Klaviyo marketing platform seamlessly integrates with third-party CRMs, helpdesk software, marketing tools, and other services, including Inkit’s direct mail automation software. Klaviyo integrations significantly expand its capabilities and allow you to automate omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Klaviyo Marketing Platform Functionality

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Klaviyo is marketing software designed to boost the growth of your online business. Using it, you get a unique chance to peek into the preferences of your customers and tailor your strategy accordingly. Klaviyo marketing platform also offers extensive marketing automation to maximize your marketing results, increase return on investment, and ensure the ultimate customer experience. Such an effect is achieved with the following functions:

  • Target audience segmentation. Klaviyo marketing platform records and processes data about every existing or potential customer. Based on this information, you can segment users by the custom property, such as a $1000+ purchase, visits to a certain section, newsletter subscription, and more.
  • User behavior targeting. Klaviyo supports real-time web tracking to record everything users do on your website.
  • Advanced personalization. The next level personalization allows you to customize order details, product recommendations, custom web feeds, and cart contents.
  • A/B testing. With Klaviyo marketing platform, you can easily test your marketing materials before showing them to a large audience.
  • Workflow automation. Turn your customer journey into a well-orchestrated sequence of steps with trigger-based workflows.
  • Customizable template design. Upload your designs or indicate colors, and Klavio will automatically use them for default templates.

This isn’t an extensive list of everything Klaviyo marketing platform can do. To get more details on Klaviyo’s functionality, visit this page. The combination of its functions ensures quality marketing automation and can significantly increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. You will obtain unique information on your customer behavioral patterns to better understand their needs and problems.

According to the information provided by Shopify Store, e-commerce stores that start using Klaviyo marketing platform witness an average 67x growth of ROI. Moreover, after configuring the marketing workflow, you will be less involved in the marketing process. This allows you to focus on core business activities, marketing analytics, and planning.

In addition to this, the use of Klaviyo marketing platform for e-commerce stores can reduce the percentage of lost sales. If a user has almost ordered products but abandoned checkout at the last moment, Klaviyo will record this and take the necessary action. For example, the marketing software can command to send a discount follow-up or show a CTA pop-up. You can even deliver a printed postcard to make the potential buyer return to the abandoned cart. To run such campaigns, you’ll need to integrate Klaviyo with other marketing automation services that complement its capabilities.

Source: Klaviyo

Klaviyo Integrations: What Marketing Software Can Be Used With Klaviyo Marketing Platform?

Once you get your Klaviyo account, you can choose from numerous services that support Klaviyo integration. Klaviyo marketing platform is an excellent foundation to connect several marketing channels, provide better customer support, improve targeting, and more. Here are some of the most useful Klaviyo integrations:

Useful Klaviyo Integration #1: CRM Platforms

You can perform Klaviyo integration with another CRM platform, such as LimeLight, Salesforce, or Zoho. For example, LimeLight allows you to build cohorts to automatically sync and send them to Klaviyo. Using Zoho, you can personalize emails based on a custom property of every lead pulled from this CRM.

Useful Klaviyo Integration #2: Helpdesk Software

Such software is essential to provide decent customer support and make sure every request is solved. Integrate Klaviyo marketing platform with Desk, Help Scout, Olark, or Zendesk to track customer interactions with your support. You can view the full support history of users to understand their problems and adapt your future marketing campaigns.

Useful Klaviyo Integration #3: Email List Tools

The choice of email marketing integrations is very broad. Customized email campaigns are supported by Convertful, ConvertPro, GetSiteControl, KickoffLabs, OptinMonster, Sumo, Typeform, Unbounce, ViralSweep, WisePops, and Wufoo. The combination of Klaviyo marketing platform with any of these tools can make your emails more personalized and trigger-based.

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Useful Klaviyo Integration #4: Marketing Tools

Klaviyo integration is available for a range of marketing tools, starting from pop-up marketing software to Facebook or Instagram ads. The information on new leads acquired through different marketing channels automatically syncs with Klaviyo, so you can instantly customize the next steps in their customer journey.

Useful Klaviyo Integration #5: E-commerce Platforms

Klaviyo marketing software connects with leading e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce,, and others. Shopify integration is one of the most popular options. For instance, you can use Shopify’s order and custom profile property tags to track user behavior patterns. After that, you will be able to combine the newly acquired information with historical data (e.g., past purchases, order data, visited pages) to customize your marketing materials.

Useful Klaviyo Integration #6: Payment Software

You can leverage customer payment data to increase post-purchase upsells or automate billing communications. The email address from Klaviyo lists will be used to send the corresponding email to the user who completed the target action.

Useful Klaviyo Integration #7: Rewards Programs

Turn occasional buyers into loyal customers with engaging loyalty programs. Integrated with rewards software, Klaviyo marketing platform can remind customers to redeem their points, use bonuses, or benefit from other promotions. Klaviyo integration capabilities are available for, LoyaltyLion, and Swell services.

To learn more details about Klaviyo integrations, go to your Klaviyo account and check the Integrations tab or visit the corresponding website section.

Source: Klaviyo

Klaviyo Integration with Inkit: Include Direct Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns

The Klaviyo integrations described above can significantly boost your digital marketing. Nevertheless, they may be not enough to run an omnichannel marketing campaign that comprises both offline and online channels. In case you want to achieve ultimate personalization and use all marketing resources, consider integrating Klaviyo marketing platform with Inkit. The combination of Inkit’s functionality with Klaviyo allows sending unique mail pieces based on online user activity. This way you will be able to attract additional customer attention with tailored direct mail sent at the right moment. Among others, such integrated campaigns have two major benefits:

  • Omni-channel marketing. Inkit + Klaviyo integration can maximize your marketing results since mail pieces will be automatically delivered when users reach a certain point in their customer journey. For example, you can send a discount flyer to entice buyers to finish the abandoned checkout. Note that successful omnichannel engagement strategies retain around 89% of customers compared to 33% retained by simple engagement approaches. In addition, direct mail has a 10 times higher response rate compared to mail marketing.
  • Smart personalization. Since Inkit supports variable data printing, it can pull customer data from Klaviyo to personalize every mail piece. Moreover, customers will receive this unique mail when they are the most likely to convert. You can also use Inkit to include PURLs and forward users to customized landing pages. This will grow traffic to your online resource and increase customer engagement.

Want to launch an omnichannel marketing campaign? Start marketing automation with Inkit and Klaviyo right now!

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