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How To Run A Successful Offline Marketing Campaign Using Direct Mail Flyers

April 6, 2022
Inkit Team

Incorporating direct mail flyers into your marketing strategy can be a great way to attract new customers, build your brand, and increase brand awareness. According to Marketing Charts, flyer marketing has nudged 31% of baby boomers into a purchase. People revisit flyers 3.6 times, giving businesses a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Mail flyers are one of the oldest methods of traditional marketing. But flyer marketing isn't what it used to be decades ago. We've recently witnessed significant renovations in flyer marketing as modern direct mail flyers have proved to be much more effective.

This article will discuss the ins and outs of running offline direct marketing with mail flyers and how to send flyers with Inkit.

Why Should Your Business Use Direct Mail Flyers?

Direct mail is an effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audience. It's a tried and tested marketing technique used for decades to promote businesses. And while direct mail isn't right for every business, it's an excellent choice for companies that want to reach targeted audiences without spending a fortune.

A study done by the U.S. Postal Service in collaboration with the Center for Neural Decision Making found that physical adverts had more impact than digital advertisements. Physical advertising connects with customers at a more personal level as they engage with the message written in letters, postcards, and mail flyers. As a result, customers get more desire for the product/service on the advert and recall the message faster.

Still not convinced? 57% of recipients open flyers immediately when they land at their address. It proves that flyer marketing can outperform emails with a low open rate of 21.33% across all industries. These numbers bring us to the key benefits of direct mail flyers in your marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Flyers

The Benefits of Direct Mail Flyers

Marketers often complain about not seeing results from their mailing efforts. But the real benefits of direct mail are often overlooked.

Here are a few benefits of direct mail flyers:

Flyers are Tangible and More Memorable

People tend to feel emotionally attracted to something they can hold in their hands. That's why mail flyers offer more intimate communication with customers. Direct mail makes customers feel valued and appreciated when the business makes an effort to address them with personalized flyers and postcards.

Flyers are Cost-Effective

Marketers opt for flyer mail marketing because of its low costs (especially when sent in bulk). Generally, the cost of direct mail and flyer marketing will vary by flyer mailing service, budget, volume, location, and many other factors.

Undivided Attention

Most digital marketing techniques, such as emails and pop-up ads, are pushy. Flyers, on the other hand, are not intrusive. People can open them, view the contents, or discard the mail. It's also less likely that your customers will throw away mail without opening or scanning it. Besides, direct mail is more formal than digital mail and naturally gets higher attention.

Enhanced Creativity

Getting creative with what you mail to your customers is limitless when it comes to direct mail. But note that customers already receive many postcards, product catalogs, manuals, and coupon flyers. Be sure to make your mail pieces unique with irresistible incentives, sweet deals, and personalized signatures.

How To Target Your Direct Mail Flyers

The success of your direct mail strategy is determined by where that mail ends up. Customers already know how to receive flyers in the mail but won't benefit if they don't reach them at the right time. So, how should you target direct mail flyers?

  1. Identify your Customers and Prospects

Every marketing strategy starts with a clear understanding of who the customers and prospects are. Learn more about your customers and prospects using the insights and data collected from previous campaigns. Discover their needs, tastes & preferences, demographics, and anything that can help craft a solid strategy.

  1. Understand Your Customer's Profile

Once you have all the data you need about your customers and prospects, organize and re-group the data into demographics, age, gender, location, earnings, etc. Find out their location in terms of postal code and city.

  1. Generate a Mailing List

Sadly, even the best flyer mailing service doesn't always have an accurate database. Hence, you will need to create one yourself.

That's where address verification tools like Inkit Verify can help. This tool automatically validates customers' addresses while they type information at the checkout or in other website forms to create reliable mailing lists. Address verification ensures that you're not sending flyers in the mail to the wrong people.

5 Tips for Sending Flyers in the Mail Successfully

Many business owners struggle to get the most out of their mailers despite all the available research about the best ways to run direct mail promotions.

Here are five tips on how to get your flyers in the mail:

  • Use a coupon flyer in the mail as an incentive. Incentivized flyers offer much more value to the customer. By giving out something for free, you're communicating that you care about the customer and genuinely want to help them. This approach makes you stand out from the competition as customers are more likely to trust you.
  • Target both new and repeat customers. Flyers aren't for new customers only. There's a high likelihood that repeat customers will keep coming back for another purchase if you send them flyers.
  • Personalize your message. If you know how to send flyers through email, then you know that customers love it when you personalize your message. Direct mail isn't different either. If you want customers to open your mail, make it engaging and relevant. Think about what your customers like, who they are, and what they need. Use their names, add facts about them, etc.

You can also add details about your products or services to create a more personal feel. Find email flyer examples online to boost your creativity if you run out of ideas.

  • Stay informed about marketing trends. Sending flyers in the mail should always be governed by current marketing trends. You need to stay informed about the changing technology to understand what works and what doesn't.
  • Use color to your advantage. Many direct mailers are all-white, which can make them seem impersonal. For something to stand out against the white background, you can add color.

A bright orange CTA might grab your customer's attention, while a turquoise envelope means something different to a yoga studio owner than it does to a dentist. Pay attention to the color themes of your industry and the goods and services you sell.

How To Mail Business Flyers With Inkit Send?

Inkit Send is a direct mail automation API you can use to deliver flyer marketing and other mail pieces. Integrate it with your CRM and marketing software to automate mailings and align them with customer activity. It allows you to easily send print communications to the right customer based on real-time actions (e.g., newsletter subscription, video download, opened email, etc.). Such mailings are not only time-sensitive but also personalized with tailored messages.

Join us for free now to use Inkit Send for your company.