Nine percent (9%) of marketing software adepts leverage over 31 services to refine as many processes as possible. An average marketer uses 12 different tools, which is still a lot.

Simple marketing automation can send trigger-based emails, verify customer data, nurture leads, and handle various other processes. The software allows marketing teams to run better personalized and more sophisticated campaigns.

Yet when it comes to marketing software, the quality of automation is what matters most. Effective marketing campaigns are not about the number of tools you combine. It’s more important to choose the right set of marketing automation tools and get the most of them.

To help you pick the best marketing automation software, we’ve collected ten tools that can help grow your business. They have a high level of automation, easily integrate, and meet the critical marketing and sales needs.

10 Marketing Automation Tools for Marketing and Sales Teams

Before we share our marketing automation software recommendations, let’s quickly look at the demand for marketing automation tools on the market.

Based on the recent research of Statista, HubSpot remains the most widely adopted tool. 28.7% of simple marketing automation customers use it globally, and 26.05% of companies leverage it in the US. 

In terms of the market share, HubSpot is followed by Adobe Marketing Cloud (13.01%), Oracle Marketing Cloud (9.18%), Salesforce Pardot (6.34%), ActiveCampaign (6.06%), and Marketo (4.29%).

Some of these tools made it into our marketing automation software overview. Consider using these and other marketing automation tools in your company.

#1. HubSpot. Marketing automation software to turn outbound leads into inbound

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is a simple marketing automation platform that unites marketing, sales, customer service, and CMS products. Its marketing automation tools allow you to attract the right target audience, walk them through the conversion funnel, and turn into inbound leads.

We also recommend using HubSpot for content marketing. It provides excellent capabilities for blogging, social media management, and publishing videos.

#2. Marketing automation software for email campaigns and messaging workflows Marketing is a messaging platform that allows marketing teams to automate the delivery of personalized emails. Apart from emails, it can also send push or SMS notifications in real-time.

This marketing platform has a workflow builder for configuring events or actions that trigger messaging. Besides, you can narrow down your target audience for email campaigns, view specific customer profiles, and use audiences to display ads.

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#3. Salesforce Pardot. Marketing automation software for lead generation

Salesforce Pardot Marketing automation

Pardot is a simple marketing automation tool for B2B businesses that allows marketing and sales teams to automate lead nurturing.

It provides the landing pages and intelligent form builder, social posting, and SEO functionality to attract leads. And once customers show interest in your offer, Pardot can score them to detect the hottest leads.

Afterward, you can keep using this tool for dynamic content, email marketing, and drip campaigns. It can also assess the ROI and campaign success to know whether your marketing efforts pay off.

#4. Segment. Marketing automation software for customer data management

Segment. Marketing automation

Segment is a customer data platform that enables businesses to accumulate everything they know about their leads in one place. It cleans, validates, and categorizes information to create audiences. Later on, these audiences can be used by other marketing automation tools for more accurate targeting.

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#5. Shopify. Marketing automation software for e-commerce

Shopify. Marketing automation

Shopify is a renowned marketing automation platform for online businesses. This simple marketing automation software is designed for hosting web stores. You can leverage it to launch an e-commerce website and customize it with a drag-and-drop builder. This significantly cuts website launch expenses.

Shopify also allows you to process payments and automate many other e-commerce related processes.

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#6. Typeform. Marketing automation software to collect customer feedback

Typeform. Marketing automation

If you seek a simple marketing automation tool for feedback collection and surveys, use Typeform. This marketing automation software adds different kinds of pop-ups to your website. You can display order, application, satisfaction, feedback, contact, and evaluation forms. There are also templates for surveys, quizzes, polls, and other common pop-ups you can show based on triggers.

Since Typeform smoothly integrates with other marketing automation tools, forms will become a significant boost to your cross-channel marketing strategy.

#7. Braze. Marketing automation software for customer engagement

Braze. Marketing automation

Braze is one of the marketing automation tools that deliver personalized messages across marketing channels. You can use it to send mobile and web push notifications, in-app and on-browser messaging, emails, and SMS. Braze also shows trigger-based content cards to deliver promotions, help customers with onboarding, or promote new content.

Such a combination of features is highly effective for customer engagement campaigns. By delivering relevant content to customers at the right moment, you grasp their attention and foster conversion.

#8. Oracle Responsys. Marketing automation software for cross-channel campaigns

Oracle Responsys. Marketing

Responsys is a cloud-based marketing software by Oracle for cross-channel campaigns. It allows you to synchronize customer interactions across email, mobile, display, web, and social channels. When integrated with Inkit, Responsys can also target customers through direct mail. 

Besides, this simple marketing automation software supports loyalty campaigns, target audience segmentation, and program orchestration. Program orchestration is a handy feature for building marketing workflows. Using it, you can customize future customer interactions based on their previous activity.

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#9. Zendesk. Marketing automation software for customer support

Zendesk. Marketing automation software

Customer support affects your marketing and sales efforts. If you cannot assist customers when they need you most, no digital ads, content, or social media posts will help convert them.

That’s why you should use Zendesk to automate customer support tasks. This platform automates messaging, social media communications, emails, voice support, and live chats. You get the tool that covers key customer support channels.

#10. ActiveCampaign. Marketing automation software for B2B

ActiveCampaign Marketing

ActiveCampaign is a multi-functional marketing automation platform for large and small businesses in B2B. It’s mainly intended for e-commerce, digital businesses, and B2B companies.

ActiveCampaign fully automates the customer journey, from reach and engagement to conversion and support. With this tool, you will automate email marketing and customer audience segmentation, send automated messages, run lead scoring, and complete a range of other essential tasks.

BONUS: Inkit’s Marketing Automation Capabilities

Inkit is a reach enablement platform that automates the core business and marketing processes. It can be integrated with all the listed marketing tools to power their functionality with additional capabilities.

Here are the main ways to benefit from Inkit’s automation:

  • Use Inkit Render to render customer communications and documents in PDF automatically. This tool is also effective for record-keeping and archiving.
  • Use Inkit Verify to check customers’ identities and validate their shipping details, as well as keep your customer database clean and accurate.
  • Use Inkit Send to automatically deliver offline customer communications. When connected through a webhook with other marketing automation tools, Send turns digital marketing into a comprehensive cross-channel campaign.

Apart from this, you can use Inkit as a platform for connecting multiple third-party tools. Thanks to its interoperability, Inkit considerably simplifies the integration process. It supports over a hundred integrations, and the network continuously expands.

Excited to try Inkit for marketing automation? Contact us with any questions or to get the demo.

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