May Inkit Direct Mail Postcard Roundup

May 26, 2017

Every month, we feature direct mail postcards created by Inkit customers so you can see the creativity people are using to promote their businesses, and get some ideas of your own.

Here are the 3 best postcards sent out in May by Inkit customers. All 3 of these postcards are 6” X 11” and were sent via the Inkit Area Mail system. Area Mail lets you deliver to all customers within a given zip code.
Area Mail uses the Indicia in the upper right-hand corner of the postcard, instead of the full right-hand block on Standard Mail postcards.

Eaze – Area Mail is a medical marijuana delivery company based in California that caters to licensed medical marijuana users in the state. Their direct mail postcard promotes their quick and easy delivery service to potential customers in their delivery areas.

Postcard Front

Eaze Postcard Front

The image shows a customer using the Eaze app and tells potential users that their medical marijuana supplies can be delivered within 20 minutes. The headline is clear and the subheadline tells the potential customer exactly what they’ll get, and how long it will take.

Postcard Back

Eaze Postcard Back

The back of the postcard makes it clear what potential customers will get if they go to the URL on the postcard. It also delivers a simple testimonial, showing that 30,000 medical marijuana users in California trust Eaze for their deliveries.

This postcard delivers a simple, yet effective message for its intended audience. Not everyone who receives this postcard via Area Mail will sign up for the service, but Eaze is sure to gain new customers with this campaign.

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Mulberrys – Area Mail

Mulberrys is a dry cleaner based in the San Francisco Bay area of California, and the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. They use biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning agents in their cleaning system, for a more environmentally friendly cleaning process.

The Eagan store in Minnesota used Inkit’s Area Mail service to promote its services to potential customers in the surrounding community.

Postcard Front

Mulberry's direct mail postcard Front

Mulberrys uses the same image potential customers will find on their website’s home page. This is good for continuity. It means people know they’ve ended up in the right place. The postcard promotes a 50% off sale for “Spring Cleaning.”

Both of these are featured prominently on the front of the postcard, so potential customers know they’ll be getting a deal, and why.

Postcard Back

Mulberry's direct mail postcard Back

The back of the postcard lists how Mulberrys is different from their competitors and has a map showing exactly where customers can drop off and pick up their cleaning. It also offers two options for how customers can use their service.

Once again, the 50% off promotion is indicated on the back of the postcard, along with a coupon code and bar code (for tracking) and an end-date and promotion terms.

Mulberrys did a fine job of promoting their dry-cleaning services and showing new customers the fantastic deal they’ll receive on their first order. More importantly, they’ve made themselves stand out from their competition by showing how their service is better and more user-friendly.

Portable Chef – Area Mail

Portable Chef is a meal delivery service in New York City that sources its ingredients from local, organic family farms. Their direct mail postcard shows how “regular folks” in New York City can have a personal chef, without all the hassle that can involve.

Postcard Front

Portable Chef direct mail postcard Front

The potential customer is greeted with an appealing, plated meal, and the knowledge that no one will be coming into their home to cook. The company logo is prominent and potential customers can see exactly what they’ll be getting if they sign up for this service.

Postcard Back

Portable Chef direct mail postcard Back

The message is clear, customers can eat what they want when they order from Portable Chef. This includes dealing with a customer’s personal food preferences specific dietary restrictions or weight-loss goals.

And, Portable Chef is offering $50 off a meal plan of 10 meals or more. The messaging is clear, the information about the company is straightforward and a potential customer knows exactly what they’ll get if they sign up for this service.

This campaign is being tracked by a coupon code, like the Mulberrys promotion. This is an efficient way to figure out the ROI for your campaign.
Portable Chef’s simple offer and upfront details about its services is sure to garner more customers from this campaign.

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