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Op-Ed: Meal Delivery and Direct Mail

June 12, 2017
Michael McCarthy

I love going out to eat.


My husband and I typically cut ourselves off after two (maybe three) nights out every week. Our wallets don’t seem to widen as easily as our wastelines!

In fact, up until a couple years ago, my husband Jeremy and I loved trying all the latest local restaurants after work. We’d spend hours exploring the textures, flavors, and cultures of countries around the world. Food is like a physical diamond of history. Thousands of people over the years altered these traditional dishes to perfection through the chaos of wartime and serenity of peacetime. As an example, each ingredient in our local taqueria reminds me of a time and place far away. With each bite, I can envision a mother in Mexico rolling and packing the beans, rice, and carnitas to form the perfect hearty meal. There’s magic to breaking bread with people you love and transcending space and time through cuisine.


In any event, Jeremy and I don’t go out like we used to anymore. Crazy work schedules and a baby on the way making it difficult to find the time to go out and indulge in the restaurant scene. Fortunately, after nearly a year of grocery store meals, we stumbled on a food delivery service called Caviar. Finally, an easy solution to take out with reliable and timely delivery – all from the comfort of a couch.

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My husband and I are not unique in our desire for delicious meals from our favorite local restaurants at the touch of a button.  Everyone has a desire for tasty food and can see the value in meal delivery and meal delivery kits.

I love the whole concept of food delivery because it saves me time and enables a certain level of equity for restaurant consumers.  It’s about allowing the restaurant enthusiast with minimal free time to enjoy the same transcending experiences that food brings as a younger person with more time on her hands. This is a concept that’s finally being capitalized on by mall companies like Caviar. Yet as much as we enjoy our regular Caviar deliveries, the only way I’ve heard about new meal delivery services available in my area is through word of mouth. I want to know more about the different offerings in my area and have the liberty to bounce between different services as needed. What about the thousands of older and senior citizens who would really benefit from quick deliveries? Why are these companies leaving out important segments of the potential market?

food delivery

I got a mailer from Caviar last week and ended up ordering dinner for my family from the app that night. Most people love getting mail – direct mail that is – demonstrating the potential of outbound marketing to be a huge opportunity for these growth-focused startups. With the time I saved from preparing a normal dinner, I worked out, showered, and set the table with the peace of mind that a piping hot meal was on the way.

delicious food

Eating just got easier. Based on their technological advancements alone, the companies are worth millions. But the company that can widen their net beyond its immediate surroundings will be launched to stardom thanks to some smart people and delicious dishes. I’ll be chowing down until then!
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