Do you believe that automated direct mail is a great asset to your B2B marketing campaigns? We too! Offline channels, including B2B direct mail, help marketers to build stronger customer relationships, which are essential in the B2B decision-making process. Data-driven mail campaigns almost certainly hit the target, attracting the attention of the right people at the right moment.

But how can you know which moment is the right one? It’s easy if you integrate Inkit with Pardot to run Pardot direct mail campaigns. Powered by Salesforce, this tool is designed specifically for B2B marketing with a strong focus on lead management and smart analytics. It smoothly connects with Inkit to optimize automated direct mail campaigns and make them more effective.

Salesforce Pardot
Source: Salesforce Pardot

To learn why Inkit + Pardot direct mail is so good and how it works, discover:

  • Who should consider using Inkit + Pardot integration for automated direct mail?
  • Data-driven B2B direct mail: 5 reasons why Pardot makes mail marketing more effective
  • How does Pardot work and integrate with Inkit for automated direct mail?

Who Should Consider Using Inkit + Pardot Integration for Automated Direct Mail?

Inkit is constantly taking steps to expand its network of integrations with multi-functional tools for different marketing purposes. The integration with Pardot is the next step in tailoring automated direct mail to the needs of B2B. This combination can be used by all categories of B2B companies regardless of their existing marketing approaches, including:

  • B2B businesses that have never used automated direct mail and want to add it to their current marketing campaigns. While Inkit enables launching automated direct mail, Pardot helps such companies boost their ongoing marketing efforts. They will be able to automate a large share of the marketing workflow and make more data-driven decisions.
  • B2B businesses that start building cross-channel marketing campaigns from scratch. Inkit + Pardot direct mail is also a natural choice for someone who wants to start campaigns aligning offline and online channels. Since Pardot is designed by Salesforce, it seamlessly connects with this CRM, giving companies everything they need to launch effective B2B cross-channel direct mail: Salesforce’s CRM, Inkit’s mail automation, and Pardot’s B2B marketing tool.
  • B2B businesses that have direct mail marketing in place but want to make it more advanced and better targeted. Inkit + Pardot direct mail is an easy way to upgrade legacy B2B marketing campaigns. The companies that were sending personal mail pieces in the past should already have mailing lists and designs, which means they can launch automated direct mail within a few hours. They just need to upload the designs to Inkit and connect it with Pardot to start configuring automated direct mail.

Apart from that, Inkit + Pardot direct mail has no limitations. Pardot direct mail can enhance the marketing efforts of any B2B company, from financial services to a construction agency. Paired with Pardot, Inkit makes traditional direct mail highly personalized and efficient.

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Data-Driven B2B Direct Mail: 5 Ways How Pardot Makes Mail Marketing More Effective

Although Inkit can be used as a standalone solution, Pardot helps to achieve truly spectacular results. It backs up every mail piece you deliver with data, detailed analytics, and real-time user behavior. Besides, Pardot direct mail can be synchronized with custom emails, social media communications, and other personalized interactions. This supercharges your mail marketing strategy for the following reasons:

Inkit + Pardot direct mail relies on data

Pardot marketing automation platform collects data on lead activity to perform lead scoring and segment the target audience. In this tool, you can view a detailed profile of every B2B lead with contact details, lead generation source, tags, interactions, and prospect activities. Most importantly, each lead is assigned specific points that reflect its readiness to convert and purchase. Therefore, Pardot direct mail is always data-driven and relevant. You can check whether it’s time to target a specific customer with direct mail and configure automated mailing based on custom triggers or events.

Inkit + Pardot direct mail has a clear place in your B2B customer journey

Pardot can help you with lead generation, qualification, scoring, and management. In other words, it covers the main stages of the customer journey. Since you can view how customers move through the sales funnel and where they get stuck, you know when to use B2B direct mail. Automated direct mail often replaces digital marketing efforts that don’t work. Thanks to higher open and response rates, B2B direct mail attracts attention much better than emails or other online content.

Salesforce pardot
Source: Salesforce Pardot

Inkit + Pardot B2B direct mail allows you to align marketing and sales teams

The joint work of your marketers and sales reps is critical to make sure they pursue the same goals. With Pardot, you can see the correlation between your B2B marketing and the actual income generated by sales. Moreover, the Real Time Alerts and Engage Campaigns features provide your sales teams with valuable updates on hot leads and the ability to instantly send them marketing-approved messages. Traditional direct mail, even if automated, cannot ensure the same smoothness of cooperation between the two teams. Remember that without real sales, your marketing is pretty useless.

Inkit + Pardot B2B direct mail is sustainable and cost-saving

By collecting unique customer data and segmenting leads, Pardot makes automated direct mail better optimized. You send postcards with the right call-to-action to a limited range of people that are very likely to convert. As a result, the ROI skyrockets and you don’t waste money on printing tons of mail pieces that will end up in the garbage. That’s good both for the environment and your marketing budget.

Salesforce pardot
Taken from Salesforce Pardot

Inkit + Pardot direct mail leverages AI

By 2025, in 95% of cases, consumers will interact with brands via AI. Thus, powering your B2B direct mail with Pardot’s AI-based functionality, you simply get ready for the future and gain a competitive advantage. Pardot can bring a lot of AI capabilities to your direct mail marketing. For example, it finds leads that are the most likely to become customers, detects similarities among prospect leads, optimizes your marketing campaigns, sends automatic personalized messages, and more. Use this to run B2B direct mail campaigns that none of your competitors have launched.

How Does Pardot Work and Integrate with Inkit for Automated Direct Mail?

Pardot is often used jointly with Salesforce, which complements its functionality with additional analytics and cross-channel marketing features. Generally, Pardot is a tool with a strong focus on B2B marketing and lead management. It collects data about leads, analyzes, segments, and labels them as they move through your sales funnel. To use this information for automated marketing communications, you will need to set rules. These rules serve as triggers that initiate a specific interaction when a certain event or action happens.

Inkit + Pardot direct mail works in a similar way. After you connect Inkit with Pardot and create an automated direct mail campaign within Inkit, you can include it in your Pardot marketing workflow. After that, Pardot will automatically trigger personalized B2B direct mail when the set conditions are met. For example, you can automatically address leads with a custom postcard 10 days after sending an email if they don’t respond.

Cannot wait to launch automated B2B direct mail? Start now or contact our team for more tips and tricks on Inkit and Pardot integration.

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