A digital business is not about a specific type of company. It’s any organization that adopts automation to go through digital transformation and revolutionize the customer experience. These are the companies that change their working approaches from traditional to innovative and software-powered.

The number of such digital businesses is growing crazy fast.

Based on a recent survey, global companies list digital transformation as their leading priority for IT initiatives. They are ready to invest in automation to cover as many operational processes as possible. The spending on digital transformation is projected to reach 2.4 trillion dollars in 2024, with the US taking 34.4% of the world’s market.

Today, we will discuss a solution that lays the foundation for digitization in business – the best PDF converters. Most companies that are going to become digital businesses need it. Such a simple tool has so many applications for digital companies that it’s irreplaceable.

Learn why digital businesses need the best PDF converters so much and how PDF converters help them with process optimization below.

What Are Digital Businesses?

A digital business is a company that aims to create new values in customer experience and business approaches with the help of software. Various tools are used to automate internal processes, tailor offline and online marketing, make products and services more convenient to use.

Digital bsinesses

The term “digital businesses” signifies digital-only brands and offline companies that adopt digital technologies to transform their business. Generally, digital businesses have several common characteristics that unite them:

  • Adoption of new technology. Technology gives businesses a competitive advantage and allows them to keep up with innovations.
  • Real-time automation. For proactive decision-making, agility, and seamless customer experience, digital businesses use automation software that works based on real-time triggers.
  • Digital transformation and related cultural shift. To deserve the title of digital business, companies need to make organizational restructuring and change many internal processes.
  • Customer-centric business models. Digital businesses care about customers in the first place. Unlike traditional businesses, they ensure quality customer experience and focus on consumers’ needs first.

Learn the Difference Between Digital Transformation and Digital Transition

Digital Businesses Example

Neobanks are a great example of digital businesses. It’s a type of bank with no physical branches that allows customers to solve all requests online. People use mobile and web applications to manage their banking accounts and don’t need to waste time in bank branches. In addition to the shift towards the customer-centric approach, neobanks are also highly automated. The applications automatically generate invoices, bills, and other PDF documents. Internet connection is everything you need to use such banking services.

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What Does PDF Converter Do?

If you wonder how a PDF converter works and whether you need it, here’s a brief explanation.

Best PDF converters fully automate document conversion from the source format to PDF files. Although online PDF converters can be used for any format, like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or XML files, HTML to PDF rendering is the most demanded option.

Digital businesses have to convert HTML to PDF files to automate document creation, archiving, and record-keeping. These processes are at the core of the business operations of any company. Hence, PDF converters are an essential element of the digital transformation process.

7 Benefits of Best PDF Converters for Digital Businesses

We have already mentioned some of the reasons to adopt the best PDF converter in your company. Rendering software streamlines document management and enables companies to automate document generation and delivery. Find some other meaningful benefits of PDF converters below.

#1. The Best PDF Converter Will Make Your Documents More Secure

When you create PDFs from other formats, you increase document management security. PDF files can be password protected or closed from editing. Besides, since PDF conversions are automated, you can minimize the number of people who access the documents. The best PDF converters also support SSL encryption, which means that sensitive information is securely processed and transmitted.

#2. It’s a Long-Term Investment

The truth is, most digital businesses need automated document generation and archiving. Therefore, PDF rendering software is a long-term investment. It provides timeless automation functionality that will remain useful even if a company changes its products or services. It’s crucial for digital businesses that constantly adopt innovations and experiment with new service models.

pdf service

#3. Good for Regulatory Compliance

When digital businesses go paperless by using PDF rendering, they get automated logs of conversions. The software also stores the copies of generated documents in the cloud or on servers. This significantly simplifies regulatory compliance as companies have proof of their actions and can provide it upon request. Automated record-keeping can even save the reputation of some digital businesses in case of disputes.

#4. Cost-Effectiveness and Improved Optimization

Due to high hourly labor costs, manual processes that slow down task completion result in financial losses. Industry best PDF converters allow businesses to free their employees from manually creating documentation, converting one file format to another, or managing email archives. As a result of optimization, they can focus on more important and strategic business tasks.

#5. More Advanced Automation

HTML to PDF rendering is a part of many automation tools. You can use it for document management, omnichannel marketing campaigns, archiving solutions, and other processes. The vendors like Inkit offer HTML to PDF converting functionality in the API format. This means that businesses can add PDF rendering to their existing software as an additional feature. API integration allows them to increase the level of automation in the internal systems.

#6. Integration with Trigger-based Document Delivery

Even though digital businesses go paperless, they still have to send electronic documents. HTML to PDF conversion tools support numerous integrations. By connecting automated document delivery, you can instantly deliver the generated documents. After a renderer generates custom documents based on triggers, they will be forwarded to the necessary recipients online or offline.

Document Delivery

#7. Improved Interoperability Thanks to Standardization

When you handle files in too many formats, document management becomes a challenge. PDF conversion software saves digital businesses from such issues. It enables them to automatically convert files to keep all the critical communications and documents in the standard PDF format. Standardization also contributes to software interoperability. When digital businesses adhere to a single format, they can connect multiple tools more efficiently.

Why Inkit Is the Best PDF Converter for Digital Businesses

Inkit is a reach enablement platform (REP) for digital businesses and companies that only make their first digital transformation steps. It provides several products that automate different business processes, including an HTML to PDF converter called Render.

Render is highly secure, reliable, and quick to integrate with your current software pack. You can use it as a web solution or an API. Render’s API enables businesses to power their existing software with HTML to PDF rendering to start converting PDFs automatically. The conversion process is easy to orchestrate and trigger-based. Hence, you can automatically generate documents when a specific event or customer actions happen. Such customer-centricity is essential for digital businesses.

In addition to Render, Inkit offers products for automated address verification and document delivery. Learn more about them on our website or contact us to get the demo.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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