Stop bothering with excel lists you keep updating manually to run personalized marketing campaigns. The more time you spend on such documentation, the less time you have to manage the overall process. It’s counterproductive both for small businesses and large retail platforms with millions of users each of whom takes a unique conversion path.

Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform designed for personalized marketing campaigns and advanced analytics in e-commerce. It automatically records information on customer activity, allowing you to focus on strategic planning and big goals. You get access to customizable workflows, cross-channel personalization, and advanced target audience segmentation.

Even though digital marketing is at the core of Klaviyo’s functionality, thanks to extensive integrations, including mail marketing supplied by Inkit, the tool can personalize the customer experience across all channels. To find more about launching personalized marketing campaigns with targeted mail, read today’s article on:

  • How to create personalized marketing campaigns with Klaviyo
  • Ways of targeting specific audiences with Klaviyo
  • Inkit + Klaviyo direct mail for targeted mail campaigns
  • Examples of personalized marketing campaigns

How to Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns with Klaviyo

First, you should decide on the format of future personalized marketing campaigns. How many channels will they include? What level of personalization do you want to achieve? Will you integrate Klaviyo with any additional tools?

For truly spectacular personalized marketing campaigns, it’s necessary to do some pre-planning and set specific goals.

Once you clarify the place of Klaviyo in your marketing campaign, get down to setting up personalized marketing campaigns. Here are the main steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Use Setup and Design tabs to provide information about your business, select the logo, add brand colors, social links, and fonts. It’s a basic setup that will later allow Klaviyo to automatically generate templates for personalized emails and content.
  2. Go to the Lists & Segments tab to import your customer contacts. Note that Klaviyo’s Terms of Service require all contact details uploaded to the tool to be lawfully obtained. So always collect user consent before using their personal information.
A sample from Klaviyo’s Help Center

  1. Head to the Integrations tab to connect Klaviyo with the e-commerce, advertising, target mail, help desk, or other tools you currently use. You will get more detailed data on customer interactions to make your personalized marketing campaigns perfectly tailored to user needs.
  2. Segment your target audience by actions, location, lists, or personal characteristics. This will help you target people more effectively and boost your personalized marketing campaigns with detailed metrics. A Klaviyo account comes with three default segments (engaged profiles, unengaged, and new subscribers) but you can add any additional groups of customers.
  3. Now it’s high time to start building personalized marketing campaigns. In Klaviyo, you can either create a one-time campaign or build a marketing flow that will automatically reproduce the same sequence of actions based on triggers. For example, when customers add a product to favorites, they will automatically receive a personalized video featuring it. Klaviyo includes a drag-and-drop Visual Flow Builder where you can directly add, move, or delete workflow elements.

For more detailed instructions on how to launch personalized marketing campaigns with Klaviyo, visit Klaviyo’s Help Center. The intuitive interface and easy setup make this tool the top choice for over 32,000 businesses of all sizes.

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Ways of Targeting Specific Audiences with Klaviyo

Segmentation is the foundation of personalized marketing. It enables businesses to treat every lead individually and to adapt the offer. With Klaviyo, you can split the target audience into multiple narrow groups and automatically update their data in real-time.

Klaviyo has singled out different engagement tiers you should take into account in your personalized marketing campaigns. These subcategories are based on the recency and frequency of user activity. Let’s take a look at some typical target audiences and the best ways to target them:

  • High Rollers. These customers purchase often and have a high lifetime value. You need to retain them by offering some perks and exclusive services. Targeted mail is an effective option for customer retention programs as it feels very personal.
A sample from Klaviyo’s Help Center

  • Brand Enthusiasts. They also purchase often but spend less than high rollers. Your main goal is to increase the average bill by inspiring such customers to spend more. To do this, you can show the ads with relevant products on social media, send voucher postcards with Klaviyo direct mail, or offer volume-based discounts.
  • Nearly Theres. This category of customers opens your email marketing but never purchases. You need to send them more personalized content that reasons why they need to place an order. Bonuses or discounts are also an option, yet use them only as a last resort.
  • Lapsed High Rollers/Enthusiasts. These guys love your brand but stopped purchasing some time ago. Send them win-back campaigns, selections of new products related to what they’ve bought before, and special incentives.

There are also Potential High Rollers and Brand Enthusiasts, Waiting For Wows, One Hit Wonders, Just Passing Throughs, False Starts, and Dead Weight. For the latter ones, it’s better to save your efforts. To learn how to plan campaigns targeting all the others, visit this page.

Inkit + Klaviyo Direct Mail for Targeted Mail Campaigns

Targeted mail can be used to reactivate any kind of customer. Greeting postcards are great for engagement. Custom catalogs please loyal customers. Print Privacy Notices help to make consumers read and agree to the updated Terms of Service for building trust.

To automate targeted mail and include it into your workflow, integrate Klaviyo with Inkit. After a quick setup, Klaviyo direct mail becomes a part of your personalized marketing campaigns. As a result:

  • Klaviyo direct mail automatically connects to targeted mailing lists formed by Klaviyo and uses them for relevant delivery instead of targeting random people by ZIP code
  • Klaviyo direct mail uses variable data printing supported by Inkit to personalize the content of every mail piece on the go
  • Klaviyo direct mail provides marketers with access to the targeted mail delivery progress
  • Klaviyo direct mail relies on Inkit’s A/B testing capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of personalization

To get a better insight into Inkit + Klaviyo direct mail integration, consider a few common use cases. We hope these examples of personalized marketing campaigns will inspire you to fine-tune your marketing.

Klaviyo direct mail for loyal customers. Narrow down your mail marketing campaign to High Rollers. Greet them with holidays, inform about exclusive offers, and share incentives through targeted mail. Klaviyo will detect the right moment, whereas Inkit will take care of personalized printing and delivery.

Klaviyo direct mail to boost social media marketing. Track the behavior of users on social media to nudge them into conversion with targeted mail. You can send an advertising postcard when consumers ignore your online ads or hesitate with a purchase.

Klaviyo direct mail for new subscribers. Share your loyalty program, Privacy Policy, rewards system, or any other crucial information with the newly arrived. Since targeted mail attracts more attention than digital channels, it’s an optimum way to convey important information and increase the conversion rate.

Cannot wait to run advanced personalized marketing campaigns with targeted mail? Integrate Inkit and Klaviyo to start now.

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