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6 Platform Types Where You Need an Address Validation and Address Autocomplete API

November 4, 2021
Inkit Team

Some software owners benefit from real-time address validation and autocomplete APIs more than others. Automated address checks allow them to obtain more accurate information and optimize services. For example, verified address information can enhance the quality of delivery in logistics. E-commerce companies enjoy more secure transactions and identity verification. Healthcare portals send confidential records by mail more securely with data enrichment.

Address verification and address autocomplete APIs are the standard way to add real-time address validation to software. They enable product teams to layer address verification tools and autocomplete into existing web platforms. After integration, a web platform automatically parses, standardizes, formats, and validates address data.

Would you like to know whether your platform needs real-time address validation and autocomplete? Keep reading to find out when to integrate address verification software.

Address Validation API vs. Address Autocomplete API

First, we’d like to stress that not all real-time address validation APIs support verification and autocomplete. Many basic solutions offer only address validation. Hence, you should differentiate these features to know what functionality is essential in your specific case.

Real-time address validation is the process of address parsing, standardization, and matching with United States Postal Service databases. Software processes an address record to detect if it has the right format, includes the necessary details, and can be used for delivery.

Address autocomplete is a more complex procedure that involves address validation as one of the stages. An address autocomplete API processes an address while a user still types it to show matching records from a verified database. The offered suggestions are already formatted and validated. The user only needs to pick the right option. The main task of the address autocomplete API is to facilitate data entering for users.

The best address validation APIs, like Inkit Verify, combine real-time address validation with autocomplete capabilities. It makes such APIs an option for all kinds of web platforms that process address data.

Five Web Platform Features that Require Real-Time Address Validation and Autocomplete

When a web platform has AVS checks, order tracking, and other features, it can benefit from real-time address validation and autocomplete. Check out the functionality that requires integration of address verification and address autocomplete API:

  • Online ordering and checkout. If your web platform enables users to place an order, they will enter addresses at the checkout. You will use these address records to approve transactions and deliver the purchased products. Hence, you need to build automated address checks and suggestions to ensure data quality.
  • Offline delivery. Businesses that collect addresses through their portals for offline delivery of products or direct mail must verify them. An embedded postal address validator will reduce the risk of misdelivery or delays.
  • Order tracking. To track orders, users may need to enter delivery addresses. A verification and address autocomplete API adds the city, state, and other details to help them fill out forms.
  • Identity verification. Some web platforms (e.g., solutions that provide financial and banking services) may utilize validated address data for identity verification. Since address information belongs to official records, it’s a reliable way to check if the person is who they claim to be.
  • Data cleansing. If you regularly check contact information in your database, you need an address verification API. It will automate address checks and make the cleansing of data collected through a web platform easy. Since address information becomes outdated very soon, you must have automated regular checks in your software.

The adoption of real-time address verification and autocomplete through an API optimizes the listed functionality. These processes happen automatically and take much less time to complete. As a result, companies can focus on more critical business tasks.

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Best Address Validation API Uses: 6 Platform Types Where You Need It

The features that require you to verify addresses automatically are characteristic of specific platforms. If you manage one of these platform types, connect a real-time address validation and address autocomplete API.

#1. E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce platforms need real-time address validation and address autocomplete APIs for many reasons. First, they use postal address details to ship orders after customers place them. Delivery details verified with a CASS-certified validator allow businesses to reach the destination. They get standardized addresses with all the necessary details. Second, e-commerce businesses run AVS checks at the checkout to confirm credit card ownership. It’s required to combat fraud and secure transactions.

Apart from real-time address validation, e-commerce platforms also significantly benefit from address autocomplete. Automated address suggestions at the checkout streamline the process and enhance conversion rates. When customers don’t waste time filling out forms, they are more likely to finish a purchase.

#2. Direct Mail Marketing Tools

Platforms that automate direct mail marketing need address validation services for quick and accurate mailing. Such platforms cover all stages of mail processing, including custom design, printing, and delivery. Hence, they need to make sure each mail piece ends up in the right hands. Address verification and geocoding APIs allow the owners of automated mailing platforms to verify address batches and single records with equal ease.

#3. Financial and Banking Platforms

Financial and banking platforms collect lots of personal information about users for identity verification. Thus, they need to automatically match the obtained data with official records to detect discrepancies. It reduces the risk of data breaches and attacks that terrorize the financial sector.

Financial and banking platforms also render official documents that are later delivered offline. Secure and reliable delivery is another reason to integrate such platforms with address verification and address autocomplete API.

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#4. Government Portals

Government bodies support web portals to process citizens’ requests. They also store personal information about people, including postal addresses. That’s why similar to financial platforms, government portals need automated address checks. Real-time address validation helps to collect quality data when users register and later use it for communications.

#5. Healthcare Platforms

Even though test results are usually available electronically, healthcare organizations still deliver lots of documents. Personal health information is among the most confidential data types. Thus, when healthcare providers send something offline, they must be sure a specific person will receive the mailing.

#6. Logistics Platforms

Logistics platforms allow users to order and track delivery. They need both real-time address validation and address autocomplete APIs. Address validation enables logistics platforms to process and check addresses at the point of capture. Automated suggestions enhance user experience and help to collect properly formatted data from the start. Besides, logistics companies use the global addresses collected through web platforms for actual shipments and delivery.

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Inkit Verify for Automated Real-Time Address Validation and Autocomplete

Inkit Verify is a real-time address validation and autocomplete API for web platforms. It’s the best address validation API to implement automated address checks in your software. Verify connects with web solutions written in all widely used programming languages, which makes it universal.

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