Convincing people to vote for you is thin ice. If you become too pushy, you will repel the potential voters and may destroy your reputation, never to rebuild it.

Hence, the best approach is to use marketing channels that don't seem too intrusive, like direct mail. You can spread the word about yourself and engage more proponents by sending postcards.

Learn how much do political mailers cost and tips on sending them below.

Why Political Postcards and Whom To Reach

The most crucial task of a political promotion campaign is to establish credibility with your voters. Many parties use modern social media targeting to reach their audience, but it has several significant drawbacks. 

First of all, social media fails to reach some demographic groups, as even in 2022, not every potential voter is a proficient social media user. Secondly, people are less likely to pay attention to ads if they see them every day online. Third, the credibility of social media advertising remains inferior compared to alternative promotion methods, including direct mailing. You may be surprised, but according to the United States Postal service's research devoted to the 2020 Post-Election analysis, 68% of voters surveyed consider direct mail the most credible form of political outreach. In comparison, only 26% of voters can state the same about digital ads, and 47% prefer home visits. 

Judging from the statistics, direct mail is the most efficient way to reach your target audience. Not only is it more effective, but targeting political postcards offers many detailed options like sending mail based on income, location, age, sex, and personal preferences. This information allows you to build a marketing campaign that appeals to the right people. When planning effective political campaign targeting, it is essential to research the potential voters' area so that you can target your audience directly. Tuning your demographics will let you target specific groups of people.

For instance, according to USPS and its "Reaching Women Voters," women are the most reachable voters. They tend to choose direct mailing over TV and social media ads, gaining the most information about political campaigns from political postcards. Despite the age gap, millennials, gen X, and baby boomers are all eligible voters that tend to check their mail and receive information from political mailers.

You must note the contents of your political postcards as well. Your political mailer should contain the candidate's biographical data and political statements. Be sure to include your candidate's website and a QR code additionally. Provide political mailer examples with up-to-date information on places, methods, and times when people need to vote. The goal of your political mailer is to persuade the target audience to vote, so make sure the included information is impactful for a specific demographic based on their stereotypical needs and preferences.

Ways to Send Political Mail

The most important in delivering political postcards is choosing a way to do so. Many political marketing managers concentrate on the content of their political mail but forget about its form. There are various ways to send political messages:

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Letters

The brochure needs a correct design to reach its peak effectiveness. They can be used as display pieces or handouts but rarely succeed in grabbing the viewer's attention. We recommend using political postcards as your main instrument. It has a required visual appeal as there are no envelopes. Postcards are cheap and easy to produce. A potential voter is more likely to contact you directly after receiving one. It is also a great option to combine both methods and use brochures as a supporting one.

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Postage Rates - How Much Do Political Mailers Cost

To answer the question "How much do political mailers cost" we need to analyze the political mailing market and political mailer examples.

The pricing varies. Depending on the mailing type, delivery dates, and the number of recipients, a postcard may cost from $0.1 to $1. USPS, an organization regulating mail deliveries in the US, offers three options to send political postcards.

Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM is a service that allows you to mail to entire routes instead of individual addresses. It requires little time to start because the target audience may be the whole district. As USPS doesn't need to worry about getting the mail straight to a specific address, Every Door Direct Mail remains the cheapest option to send political postcards. How much do political mailers cost when using EDDM? It charges only $0.2 per minimum seized piece. All you need is to set up the addresses and choose several parameters.

Such an approach has its obvious drawback. You can't use it to send letter-sized pieces of mail. EDDM is suitable for creating an information field around your candidate, but it won't focus enough of your voter's attention as it doesn't aim at a specific demographic.

Marketing Mail

USPS Mail Marketing is an option created to enable businesses to ship bulk mail to their customers without high costs, losses, or time wastage. It was designed for a commercial purpose, but you can also send political postcards via Mail Marketing.

Your political campaign needs to meet these criteria to qualify for Marketing Mail

  • Bulk mail (minimum 200 pieces or 50 pounds) 
  • Include a product advertisement (political mailer examples in our case)
  • The maximum size of each piece is 15 x 12 inches

Marketing Mail is the most popular way to send bulk mail and a balanced option between First Class and EDDM.

First Class Mail

First Class Mailing is a mailing option similar to Marketing Mail, except it has certain weight limitations and a much higher price. First class mail is also more convenient to track if that is what matters to you.

Best Political Mailer Examples

The best political mailers combine functional yet appealing user design, content, and cost-efficiency. Just try googling 2020 Joe Biden's and Donald Trump's postcards for some political mailer examples. You will see strict designs with minimum colors that are pleasant to see, a small amount of text that usually contains powerful political quotes, and helpful information that tries to explain why to vote for a specific candidate.

What you probably won't see is the amount of delivery and price optimization that has been done to deliver such pieces. The previously discussed USSP is the tip of the iceberg, as direct mail automation tools do most work.

Why Inkit Send to Automate Your Political Campaign

Inkit Send direct mail automation allows you to build and deliver automated customer communications at any scale. Instead of slowing your political campaign with tons of manual work, you can automate your print workflows. The system integrates with your CRM and existing tools to automatically deliver political postcards based on specific actions or events.

Set up usage scenarios, and Inkit Send will deal with the rest of the printing, delivery, tracking, and gathering statistics. Your marketing team can now concentrate on the content instead of handling routine processes. 

One of the main advantages is that you can sign up for a free trial and test Inkit Send beforehand.

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