For steady sales, keep the balance between potential and existing customers. Although loyal customers are up to twelve times more likely to purchase, you must remember that a part of them will leave after some time. As a result, without customer engagement and newcomers, your customer base will thin out very soon. The company will start to lose revenue.

To keep afloat and grow, you need effective ways of reaching out to new customers. Communications must be well-tailored to the tastes of your target audience and happen across multiple channels. It’s also important to find fresh approaches since modern consumers are sick of cliches. 2021’s marketing trends show that creativity and a high level of automation win.

To guide you on how to reach out to new customers, below, we will discuss customer engagement trends and tools. Read on to get more skillful in reaching out to customers.

Five Leading Trends in Reaching out to Customers for the First Time

Automated software is at the core of most modern marketing efforts and trends. Such solutions allow collecting data about customers for analytics. They enable you to personalize messages and build an omnichannel marketing strategy. With automated software, you can also offer automated support messages, customize products or services in catalogs, and enhance customer service in many other ways. Therefore, the use of automated software for reaching out to customers is essential.

Apart from comprehensive automation, the leading large and small businesses follow other trends.

Reaching out to customers through the most convenient channel

The customer-centric approach still prevails. Hence, to start customer relationships right, you should research their preferences in advance. Before reaching out to customers, study your target market to figure out what consumers like. People of different ages and social statuses prefer contacting brands through different channels. Seniors choose phone calls more often than millennials who prefer live chats and social media.

The channels customers of different age groups prefer to contact customer service


Reaching out to customers through messengers

The popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Discord, and other messengers keeps growing. Since more and more potential customers switch to these communication channels, you should use them for reaching out to customers. You can utilize messengers to show ads, send newsletters, provide support, and deliver other automated communications.

Paid search and display advertising

Paid search is the most frequently used channel for customer acquisition. 86% of marketers utilize it for reaching out to customers. As it gets more challenging to get the top results through organic ranking, many companies invest in paid search to attract new customers. Apart from paid search, marketers often rely on online display advertising (85%), SEO (66%), web retargeting (61%), and mobile web (52%).

display advertising

Automated offline communications

Automated communication systems allow automating not only online but offline messages. You can deliver automated offline communications based on triggers to reach new customers. Since direct mail is less frequently used than online communications, it is more likely to grab the attention of people who haven’t heard much about you.

Find Out 7 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing as a Part of Your Strategy

Focus on storytelling and emotions

In social media and other advertising content, you should tell people unique stories. It will make your brand stand out from tons of other similar brands and trigger an emotional response from consumers. When people can relate to the personal story of the brand or business owners, they will remember it.

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How to Reach out to New Customers: Tools and Tips

To follow the listed trends and reach potential customers, you need automated communication systems and other software. The integration of multiple solutions enables you to build an effective customer reach marketing strategy across channels.

Software for Reaching out to Customers

Depending on the business processes and customer interactions being automated, you can apply the following tools:

  • Automated communication system. Automated communication systems make customer communications like emails, messenger notices, direct mail, social media, or other messages triggered.
  • CRM systems. CRM software automatically records information about existing leads, allows managing online marketing campaigns, and highlights sales opportunities.
  • Data verification solutions. This software automatically checks information provided by newly arrived customers to ensure you will reach them on the first attempt. Data verification solutions usually validate emails and postal addresses.
  • Call center software. Call center tools help manage inbound and outbound calls. They enable you to track who you have already reached and what is the result of the conversation.
  • Customer sentiment tracking. Such tools collect customer reviews across social media, review sites, and other channels to show what customers say about you. Since positive feedback shapes new customers’ minds, you should keep your finger on the pulse.

Four Tips on How to Reach out to New Customers and Attract Leads

To get the most out of reaching out to customers, you should follow some marketing hacks. Professionals rely on them for effective customer acquisition.

How to reach out to new customers tip #1. Encourage people to subscribe

Give potential customers a reason to follow you. For example, offer them a 20% discount on the first order if they subscribe. It will allow you to collect contact details from your target audience and nudge them into conversion. The implementation of this marketing hack is easy. Just add a custom pop-up to the website or send your prospect leads a leaflet promoting the subscription offer.

New Customers

How to reach out to new customers tip #2. Ask for referrals

A referral program is an effective way to grow your customer base. This approach is suitable for businesses that offer both products or services. Offer your existing customers to become your brand ambassador and get a bonus for bringing a friend that places an order. It allows reaching out to a more interested and ready-to-act audience.

How to reach out to new customers tip #3. Verify contact details

If you have a database with the contact details of potential leads, you need to make sure they are accurate. It allows preventing misdelivered messages and related financial losses. You can create custom communications with the name of the person and the unique tailored message.

How to reach out to new customers tip #4. Do social media marketing and blogging

Articles and posts show potential customers that you are an expert in what you offer. When SEO-optimized, they bring traffic from organic search. You can also publish content on social media to keep your existing customers updated and encourage them to share. When users share your posts, their friends and subscribers may see them and convert.

Automated Communications for Customer Reach with Inkit

Inkit Send is one of the tools provided in the Inkit Reach Enablement Platform (REP) for automating communications. It allows reaching out to customers through personalized direct mail messages. After integrating Send with your CRM system or another software storing customer records, you can deliver custom mail.

Inkit Send automatically sends personalized offline communications based on triggers. For example, when a new customer fills out a form on your website, they can automatically get a catalog in a few days. It’s an effective method of reaching out to customers that have just learned about your brand. Combine Inkit Send with Render to automatically convert HTML content into print-ready PDFs and Verify to validate the shipment addresses during the on-site purchase for a complete offline automated communications process.

Contact us with any questions or select one of our free plans to test our products.

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