The well-known fact that new customers are more expensive to convert than existing ones shouldn’t discourage you from reaching them. New leads are the only way to grow your customer base and win the market. Even though existing leads generate more profit, businesses lose 10 to 25% of buyers every year. Hence, if you do nothing to engage new people, things will soon turn sour.

To successfully acquire new customers in 2022, you need more personalization and flexibility than ever. Consumers expect you to guess their desires, preferences, and needs. Fortunately, modern software, including Inkit, enables that through advanced digitalization.

So how to reach out to new customers this year? Read our tips on how to reach more customers below.

Why Is It Difficult to Reach New Customers?

Would you go to a dentist you have never heard about? You may do it if there are no other choices. Yet if you have an opportunity, you will research alternative options and only then choose. The same approach relates to consumers.

New customers know nothing about your brand. It makes them ignore your communications unless your offer is unique. They also receive tons of other messages and ads that steal their attention. In other words, the competition is very high.

The low trust in businesses additionally complicates customer acquisition. 65% of customers don’t trust advertisements, whereas 71% mistrust social media ads. 55% of consumers claim they used to have more confidence in the companies they buy from before. Hence, most people treat messages from unknown brands with suspicion.

To deal with these challenges, you should know how to find the right customer and how to treat them. It’s essential to send tailored communications and make them time-sensitive. For more tips on reaching customers, read the next section.

Reach New Customers

Discover Actionable Customer Engagement Strategies for 2022

How to Reach Out to New Customers

When it comes to new leads, you should be very careful. One wrong move, and they leave. That’s why we recommend analyzing your target audience and some other approaches that help reach the right customers in the right way.

#1. Do Buyer Persona Analysis

A buyer persona allows you to understand the target audience of your marketing efforts.

You need software that collects data about customers to analyze it. Relying on what you already know about your leads, you will detect your potential buyers.

To create a buyer persona:

  • Analyze your current database to see how leads or customers interact with your communications and content.
  • Research the available information about the customers in your market niche.
  • Add website forms to learn additional details about customers.
  • Communicate with your sales team to ask who they interact with.
  • Collect feedback from your current leads.
  • Analyze customer interactions with your website to know their behavioral patterns.

Such an analysis helps both take a closer look at your current customers and design the persona of new leads. Later on, you will use these findings to focus on the most promising leads and reach them with suitable content.

#2. Segment Your Target Audience

Once you know the buyer persona, use it to segment your target audience. The more granular segmentation is, the more you can personalize the customer experience. For example, you can display Instagram ads only to people under thirty who have previously shown interest in similar content. It makes your marketing more precise and cost-effective.

The best thing about segmentation is that you can widely use it in automated marketing campaigns. Many marketing software solutions support advanced segmentation and allow tailoring content to each group.

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#3. Don’t Treat Your New And Existing Customers Equally

Mind the differences between new and existing customers while developing your customer reach campaigns. If something works for existing leads, it won’t necessarily help attract new ones. New customers have no loyalty towards your brand. They are more likely to ignore your messages and bounce never to come back. They also need more credibility. Therefore, you may want to encourage new leads to convert with special offers like discounts, coupons, bonuses, etc.

#4. Consider Alternative Ways to Reach Unreachables

Chances are a part of your potential customers skip your emails, digital ads, social media posts, and other standard communications. They receive too many messages like these to notice them. As a result, you cannot reach many consumers who could convert otherwise. If you usually put up with losing such customers, it’s time to rethink your customer engagement approaches. With alternative communication channels, you can reach the unreachables.

What channels to utilize in 2022? Customized direct mail is among the best options to consider. It has much higher response rates than digital channels and feels more personal. When people find a mail piece at their doorstep, they are very likely to check what’s inside. It gives you a unique opportunity to engage them. Besides a personal touch, direct mail is easy to target. With a list of addresses tied to customers’ profiles, you can choose what customers to reach and when. It gives you flexibility and enables accurate targeting.

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#5. Promote Referral Programs

Encourage customers satisfied with your products or services to bring a friend. 81% of people trust the recommendation of their friend or family member more than business advice. Use this to reach new customers through existing ones.

Just be sure to offer something valuable in exchange for a reference. It may be a discount, access to exclusive content, premium subscription, etc. For example, Payoneer, an American financial payments provider, offers $25 for each referral. It’s a convincing bonus to make someone invite a friend (or many friends).

New leads from the referral program already think positively about your brand. It allows you to get off on the right foot and reduces the risk of bouncing.

#6. Collect Data From Multiple Channels In One Place

To successfully connect with new customers, you need to send messages through multiple channels. Cross-channel communication has already become a customer reach standard.

In 2022, cross-channel messages remain in place, but the approach to implementing them evolves. Nowadays, apart from using multiple touchpoints, it’s also critical to ensure data interoperability. You must connect marketing tools in such a way that all data they collect is recorded in one place in real-time. This approach ensures a single customer view and smoother automation. All teams working with new customers have one source of information to rely on. Thanks to this, sales and marketing specialists can align their customer reach efforts.

How to achieve the necessary level of interoperability? Prefer software with API-based integration. Through APIs, you can build a single system uniting multiple services. API integration allows adding the required functionality on top of existing solutions to make them work as a whole.

Inkit for Automated Customer Reach Campaigns

Inkit is a reach enablement platform with automated document rendering, address autocomplete, and direct mail marketing functionality. It combines three products that can benefit any online business: Render, Verify, and Send.

How to reach out to new customers with Inkit? Connect it with your existing software through an API to add the desired functionality. You can integrate Send to implement automated direct mail marketing campaigns and target leads who ignore your online messages. Use Verify to facilitate onboarding through website address autocomplete or connect Render to generate PDF communications automatically.

Would you like to know more about Inkit’s capabilities? Start for free now to test how it works.

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