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How to Reduce Paper Trail and Improve Documents Security

April 16, 2021
Inkit Team

Documents, documents, documents. A business shouldn't drown in them, and there should be a way to store all the information securely. How to achieve both goals in 2021? Read on for the best ways of going paperless.

Paper Trail and Other Features of Paper-Based Processes

Paper trail used to be a part of any business process or communications. However, maintaining paper documentation requires efforts, i.e., secure storage, searchability, efficient document exchange & update method, etc. 

And we’re not even mentioning the complex access management. Valuable information is less protected and could be mistakenly shared when a person leaves a paper document behind. 

In this context, going paperless is not just moving to a new documentation management level. Paperless communications are easier to organize, store, and protect. Moreover, a paperless office means contributing to environmental protection. Let's zoom in on digital document management systems and their advantages.

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Key Benefits of Going Paperless in Business Process Management

Switching your enterprise to an electronic document exchange has many advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced customer communications: emails can be multi-functional. With continuous access to their mailboxes, the clients quickly get all of your offers, letters, and follow-ups. The electronic letters arrive in minutes, so do notifications for you about the email being opened and read.
  • Easy document generation and document exchange within the team or organization. You can create many kinds of papers on the go, using smartphones and different document management platforms. A filing cabinet is a far less convenient way to handle the documents than a paper document management system. 
  • Reliable storage. No more mishaps like pouring some coffee on important documents. Backups in an automated mode will keep you calm about all of your accounting documents, purchase orders and other formerly paper files. 
  • High-level security with straightforward access rights management. You can grant a different level of access, edit, or viewing rights, remove the permissions, or check the access history.
  • Cost-efficient document management. 
  • Environmental friendliness is another big plus.

A Handy Functional Tool for Going Paperless

With several products for businesses of any size, Inkit helps companies go paperless or strike the ideal balance between paper and digital. 

A trigger-based converter Inkit Render with its easy-to-use API generates PDF files from HTML. Then the tool stores the communications in the cloud in a secure way.

Inkit Verify automatically validates the shipping addresses when customers enter them on your website to ensure your database’s accuracy.

Inkit Send will then use this CRM data to automatically print & ship the mailing campaigns based on the triggers you set up.

Strike the paper and digital balance with Inkit, your one-stop shop for customer reach enablement software and your reliable document management partner.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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