Most companies today entrust their email service providers with sending important documents in the easiest way possible - through email. However, the increase in cyber-attacks has become the greatest menace that threatens the safety of confidential documents sent via email.

Shipping documents internationally or domestically safely is more than simply delivering the material to your mail carrier and having them send it to the recipient.

Statistics reveal that over 155 million people's sensitive data was accidentally exposed in 2021.

For this reason, shipping documents through the old post office could be the safest way to mail important documents for your business.

In this article, we have covered:

Why is it Important to Send Your Documents Safely?

Even though the internet has changed how we send and receive information, one of the pillars of effective communication is the confidentiality of sensitive information. Sending sensitive information over email is incredibly dangerous. If the wrong person gets their hands on this information, you could lose your job, your reputation could be ruined, or you could put your company at risk.

Electronic documents are easy to share, but they are also easy to lose. That’s where shipping documents via mail comes in. Sending sensitive documents through the mail is an easy yet common way to communicate with the people that matter the most to your business.

Confidential documents like letters, medical records, wills, financial records, and so on can be sent via the USPS, just like ordinary letters. Each letter is protected by tons of federal law, so, you can rest assured that the risk of breaches is kept to a minimum.

How to Ship Important Documents Securely

It’s no secret that businesses face increasing challenges as the scope of their operations expands and diversifies. These days, businesses need to operate at a much faster pace than ever before. And, as a result, there’s an increased risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Thankfully, there is no right or wrong place to start when it comes to security. All you have to do is learn how to send legal documents through mail, financial documents, and all kinds of confidential papers with the USPS mail delivery services.

Here’s how to mail documents safely:

Use USPS Registered Mail

USPS Registered Mail service grants additional security to confidential documents and packages. By shipping documents by Registered Mail, you get the advantage of open access to track the entire delivery process of your shipment from drop-off to when it is delivered.

Sending mail via Registered Mail includes a fee based on the value of your package, and it can take between one and two weeks for your mail to be delivered. Packages shipped by Registered Mail can be sent by First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Collect-on-Delivery, and other mail classes.

Shipping documents with Registered Mail also provideS an insurance cover of up to $25,000 if it is stolen or damaged.

USPS Registered Mail

Send Important Documents Via Certified Mail

Similar to Registered Mail, Certified Mail assures mail security and deliverability. The only big difference is that Certified Mail is cheaper, and it’s sent together with regular mails, unlike Registered Mail.

A USPS Certificate of Mailing provides proof of mailing and delivery. It includes a timestamp that traces the entire mailing process, giving details of every stop and pickup point until the document reaches its intended recipient.

On dropping off your document at the counter, the USPS gives you a unique tracking number which enables you to monitor your shipment till it is delivered. For extra security, you can opt for a delivery confirmation - which can come in form of adding a signature requirement. This way, you’ll know for sure that the document is delivered to the right person.

While you can not use Certified Mailing with other mailing services and classes, you can purchase them separately as an add-on if necessary. Your documents will be delivered in 2-3 business days, depending on the mail class you choose.

Although Certified Mail and Registered Mail are better options for shipping classified documents, they have their own shortcomings. Registered Mail is insured, but you may have to pay for extra coverage with certified mail. Meanwhile, Certified Mail offers a faster delivery than registered mail.

Priority Mail Express

USPS Priority Mail Express provides overnight to 2 days delivery 7days a week. It is a fast and secure way to send important documents. Sending important documents this way means fast delivery, which can mean a higher price than other USPS domestic mailing services.

With its unmatched speed, the cost of shipping envelopes and small boxes starts at around $22.Priority Mail Express ships documents with weights up to 70lbs with the following packaging options:

  • Flat Rate Envelope
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope

While the price for shipping these envelopes differs, the starting price is $26.95.

Plus, an added $100 insurance cover, but you can buy additional insurance for your shipment if need be.

Priority Mail

Priority mail is considered the people's mailing service. USPS confirms that priority mail is their bestselling mail service. Deliveries made via Priority Mail usually take 1-3 business days, depending on the recipient's location.

Priority mail allows you the freedom to mail documents and packages based on weight and size. This means that priority mail prices depend on the weight and final destination of the shipment. However, the maximum weight for priority packages is 70 lbs. And you are likely to pay extra money for sending non-standard size packages. The starting price is around $8.70.

Unlike Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail doesn’t charge extra for weekend deliveries. Part of their package is a $50 insurance cover for most shipments (retail customers) and a $100 insurance cover based on the payment method used (manifest mailers).

However, there are extra services you can add to secure your documents. Add-on services such as Signature Confirmation and Restricted Delivery will give you peace of mind because you are sure the package will reach the right person.

First Class Mail

This U.S. Postal Service mailing service delivers small packages, postcards, letters, and large envelopes that weigh 13 ounces or less. First Class mail delivery typically takes 2-3 days and 4-5 days to deliver local and Nationwide mails respectively.

It is the least expensive domestic mailing service by the United States Postal Service starting at $4.50. However, this price can be influenced by the weight of the item, the type of mailing, and other factors.

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Mailing Important Documents Internationally

Clearance delays, human errors, document shipping costs, and many other challenges are present in international mailing. Perhaps, these can make using international mailing services discouraging and risky. And chances are you may be thinking of the next best way to mail important documents.

On the flipside, emailing confidential documents to foreign IP addresses is more dangerous. With countries having different online security standards, there is a high risk of email breaches.

Are you thinking about how to mail important papers internationally?

Using the USPS international mailing services remains the best way to mail important documents. The U.S. Postal Service international mail services extend to more than 180 countries in the World. Here are some of its international services:

Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)

Global Express Guaranteed, also known as the USPS Express Post, is the fastest international service of the USPS. This international mailing service is a cooperation between the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx Corporation to provide time-definite delivery service to international locations. Where USPS receives the GXG items and FedEx Express handles the international transportation of the packages.

Shipping documents to international destinations takes 1-3 business days. With a money-back guarantee on packages that are not delivered safely on time.

If you are looking for how to send legal documents through mail to foreign recipients in no time, consider the Global Express Guaranteed service along with the USPS tracking service to help you monitor your packages.

It’s worth pointing out that there are conditions regarding the packages shipped through this service. For instance, the weight of the shipment should not exceed 70 lbs, and the combined length and grith should not be more than 108 inches.

A service this good and fast comes at a price. GXG shipping service starts at $67.80.

Priority Mail Express International

Priority Mail Express International provides fast package delivery to 180+ countries within 3-5 working days. Apart from being fast, it is also affordable and safe for sending important documents.

Priority Mail Express International pricing depends on the country you are sending your documents to. But the rates start from $44.95. Included are a $100 and $200 insurance cover (For documents and merchandise respectively), a money-back guarantee, and real-time tracking.

Similar to domestic shipping, the weight of the package determines the cost.

Priority Mail International

In terms of international mailing, Priority Mail International is the cheapest but also the slowest option. It takes 6-10 business days for your document to reach its destination. This may not be the best option if you’re mailing a time-sensitive document.

However, just like other international mailing services, Priority Mail International has $100 of insurance for document reconstruction and real-time tracking included in the service. The shipping rate starts at $37.47.

How to Use Inkit for Sending Mail  

Hand-delivering mail may look out of style in today’s modern age. Email still poses a risk to confidentiality, however, using direct mail automation software makes mailing documents easy and more convenient.

Inkit is a direct mail automation software that leverages cutting-edge solutions to help you create and send important documents safely with ease and speed. Inkit allows you to create, print, and send important documents safely to any part of the world without fear of data breaches.

Here is how to send documents with Inkit.

1.   SignUp With Inkit

How to mail documents? To use Inkit for direct mail, you must be a registered and verified user. Inkit offers a 1-month risk-free trial for first-time users.

Integrating Inkit with your CRM gives you access to direct and automatic storage, real-time document notifications, and enhanced security - all under one roof.

2.   Create Your Mail

Inkit offers ready-made templates to make mail-piece creation easier, faster, and smoother. If you’ve integrated Inkit with your CRM platform, it eliminates the need to manually input data.

For instance, if you wish to ship a customer's account statement on-demand, you can automatically extract a customer's account statement by entering a keyword rather than spend hours entering transaction records,. The same goes for other forms of confidential documents.

3.   Add Recipient’s Address

After the document has been created, the next step is to add the recipient's address. To avoid mailing address errors, Inkit Send leverages real-time address verification from the USPS database. This way, you are sure that your recipient's address is verified and you are not sending confidential documents to the wrong person.

4.  Enable Tracking

Inkit’s tracking feature adds an extra layer of security by automatically notifying you of a package's status when it has been sent and delivered.

5.   Send Your Document

After the creation process is finished. It’s time to send the document. This can be automated or done manually. But for the most part, you don’t need to visit the post office to mail your documents.

After clicking the send button, Inkit prints your document in a secured remote printer and arranges it for mailing through a reliable courier service, usually the U.S. Postal Service.

With enhanced security standards, your confidential documents are far from attacks from cybercriminals. Inkit automates the document mailing process, from printing to tracking to delivery, and frees up more time to focus on other important tasks.

Ready to find out more? You should try Inkit out for free and explore the power of automation.


Sending documents online is convenient, but what happens if these documents fall into the wrong hands? There is always a chance that something could happen to those documents, like your email account being hacked, or a hard drive failure. Fortunately, going a little old-fashioned could add an extra layer of security to your important documents and keep your business out of harm’s way.

Contact the Inkit team to learn how to mail important papers safely and securely.

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