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October 29, 2019
  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Direct Mail Automation by Inkit
  2. How Does Salesforce Direct Mail Integration Work?
  3. Use Case for Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Direct Mail Inkit Integration

Direct mail has a superpower digital marketing doesn’t. Neuroscience research has shown that people spend 21% less cognitive effort on print marketing materials than on digital content. Besides, direct mail triggers the parts of the human brain responsible for attention increase. This means that customers process print much quicker than online ads and are generally more likely to notice print marketing. In addition, a direct mail campaign can enhance your email marketing, drip campaigns, social media promotions, and other digital marketing channels. You only have to choose the right platform to unite all marketing resources and simultaneously manage them.

Inkit supports Salesforce direct mail integration as one of the options. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, direct mail omni-channel marketing is simple and well-optimized. Salesforce direct mail integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate mail campaigns into a customer journey. Postcards, leaflets, or letters will be triggered only when a person completes a certain action or reaches a specific point. Powered with Inkit’s direct mail infrastructure, Salesforce functionality provides high-quality automation, personalization, and delivery tracking. Print marketing campaigns become as easy as email marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Direct Mail Automation by Inkit

Salesforce direct mail integration is key to creating a maximum number of touchpoints with your customers. They can find your contact information on a flyer, order right from a catalog scanning a QR code, receive an appealing reminder about an upcoming meeting, and more. While they are doing this, you can track and optimize everything with Salesforce marketing automation. You get a unique opportunity to access information in real-time and make your marketing efforts highly proactive. This will bring your customer service to the next level.

Benefits of Salesforce Direct Mail Integration with Inkit

Integrating Salesforce with Inkit, you get a range of financial, managerial, and marketing advantages. The tools complement each other, which considerably expands their functionality and allows you to:

  • Align several marketing channels. Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, direct mail campaigns won’t be separated from other marketing channels. If you automate direct mail with Salesforce + Inkit, you can build a strong connection between offline and digital marketing.
  • Minimize your marketing efforts. The time you spend on Salesforce direct mail integration is worth the time and effort you save in the long run. With such marketing automation, you will forget about manual analytics and planning – everything will happen automatically. Salesforce will trigger mail at the right moment and record the results, while Inkit will handle printing and mailing chores.
  • Build a smoother customer journey. Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports the Journey Builder feature you can use to manage the life-cycle of customers. It gives better control over the steps people go through during the sales process. This way, you can see when the customers are the most likely to convert and nudge them with direct mail.
  • Handle data in real-time. Without a CRM platform like Salesforce, direct mail is more difficult to track in real-time. There is no way to process all conversions manually and quickly aggregate them into statistics. The integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud + direct mail functionality by Inkit solves this problem. The software automatically records delivery and subsequent customer interactions to provide real-time statistics.

Among other benefits, Salesforce direct mail integration also allows you to learn more about your target audiences. You analyze their reactions and behavioral patterns to better understand what type of direct mail is the most suitable. Thanks to this, you can send specific mail pieces to a certain audience and improve targeting. Better targeted marketing campaigns generate better sales and help to use a marketing budget more efficiently.

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How Does Salesforce Direct Mail Integration Work?

Marketing Automation

Salesforce is used to build an automatic sales funnel and customer journey, whereas Inkit can handle the whole printing and mailing process instead of you. In other words, Salesforce is the foundation that ties many elements, while Inkit is the element fully responsible for mail marketing. With Inkit, you design postcards from ready-made templates to later launch automatic delivery based on customer contacts from Salesforce CRM. Just include an Inkit mail campaign in the customer life-cycle, and Salesforce will trigger the delivery at the necessary moment.


With Salesforce direct mail integration, every interaction with your customers becomes relevant and personalized. You can dynamically adapt your content based on user activity in real-time. For example, you can design different mail pieces to nurture existing leads, greet new customers, reactivate users that have abandoned carts, or remind people about a meeting. Such mail will have customized calls to action, format, and content depending on the event or action.

Delivery Tracking

Once a direct mail campaign is launched, Salesforce creates a unique record for tracking delivery and conversions. It allows you to follow the mailing progress and see how customers react to your postcards. Delivery tracking reflects mail effectiveness, as well as shows when it’s time to move to the next stage of the sales funnel. Salesforce direct mail integration with Inkit is an excellent way to connect your direct mail with other channels.

Use Case For Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Direct Mail Inkit Integration

Theoretical information is not enough to launch a successful direct mail campaign. To come up with print marketing ideas, make sure to analyze omni-channel campaigns launched by other companies. Pay attention to the tips and tricks they use. This will show you how marketers integrate direct mail, web, social media, and email marketing into real-time. Here is a common option for omni-channel marketing with Salesforce and Inkit integration:

  • Track print marketing with Salesforce direct mail integration to trigger calls and emails from sales managers upon the delivery. This will help to establish a connection with customers and get in touch with them right after they check your offer. The efforts of your sales team will yield much better results.

To discover other capabilities of the Salesforce+Inkit integration, get the demo version of Inkit and start testing its functionality. This will help you find the right direct mail use for your marketing strategy.

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Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.
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