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Automated Statement Printing and Mailing Services

December 12, 2019
Inkit Team

Public utility companies may have a difficult time communicating with customers. There are not so many ways to provide information and ensure decent customer service. They cannot use Google Ads, post publications on Instagram, or message people on Facebook. Besides, utility bills and statement printing process are strictly regulated on the governmental level, which imposes additional limitations. Thus, outsourcing mail to utility bill printing and mailing services is the optimum solution to keep in touch with consumers.

Third-party utility bill printing and mailing services that specialize in sending critical documents know how to achieve maximum readability and effectiveness of print mail. They also have a range of other benefits, which can be expanded with direct mail automation. The tool offered by Inkit can significantly save time and ensure seamless utility bill printing and mailing services.

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  • Functions and advantages of utility bill printing and mailing services
  • Types of utility bills
  • Automated statement printing and mailing services offered by Inkit
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What Are the Tasks and Advantages of Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services?

Statement processing, printing, and delivery is a more time-consuming process than it may initially seem. It consists of numerous stages, each of which requires professional expertise and, most importantly, a lot of effort. Statement printing and mailing services are a helping hand that can organize everything, from bill design to delivery. They have access to printing equipment and cooperate with the USPS to cover all bill mail services and the needs of utility companies. Such utility bills printing and mailing services are usually used by gas, electricity, telephone, water, and sewer providers.

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Outsourcement of Bill Mail Services Has Some Solid Advantages:

Advantage of Bill Mail Outsourcing #1: Cost-efficiency

Statement printing and mailing services providers can advise on how to optimize the mailing process to reduce the postage cost. They are familiar with all the USPS requirements for direct mail dimensions and statement design.

Advantage of Bill Mail Outsourcing #2: Improved customer service

The billing data analysis showed that 91% of consumers prefer printed bills to electronic. Surprisingly, 89% of the newest consumers that are expected to be tech-savvy also want to have their utility bills mailed. This means that the quality of bill mail services has a direct impact on user satisfaction. Therefore, professional assistance is essential for an excellent customer experience.

Advantage of Bill Mail Outsourcing #3: Regulatory compliance

Utility bills and bank statements are considered critical documents with plenty of personal data. Moreover, the processing of such confidential information is regulated on the federal and state levels. You’d better not risk handling them on your own without the necessary expertise. Instead, you can hire statement printing and mailing services that will take care of your data privacy and law-obedience.

Advantage of Bill Mail Outsourcing #4: Ability to focus on your business

Outsourcing of billing statements to third-party providers allows utilities to shift attention to more important tasks. They can manage the work of a utility company without worrying about statement processing.

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Types of Utility Bills

To understand whether you need utility bill mail services, carefully consider everything your company does. Utility documents are largely connected with all the resources a company provides for use in consumers’ houses. For example, mail outsourcing may be just what you need in case you process one of the following utility bill types:

  • Electricity bills
  • Gas bills
  • Water and sewage
  • Trash and recycling
  • Internet and telephone (landline)

Apart from utility documents, bill mail services can also send various kinds of statements, such as invoices, transactional receipts, late notices, tax forms, etc. Generally, all your mailing needs can be easily covered.

Automated Statement Printing and Mailing Services Offered by Inkit

Unlike marketing mail campaigns, utility bills and statements require consistency. Business owners must send them at a specific time and use a standard design familiar to consumers. Starting the cooperation with bills mail services, you begin a long-term partnership that will impact your business. Therefore, you may want to consider direct mail automation for advanced functionality and capabilities. It can do something that traditional utility bill printing and mailing services cannot. In particular, the tool provided by Inkit:

  • Gives you better control over the statement document processing thanks to real-time notifications and constant updates.
  • Integrates with the most popular CRMs to automatically include the necessary customer information on utility bills and statements.
  • Ensures 24-hour support that is ready to assist with any mail-related questions whenever you need.
  • Tracks consumer response to critical documents thanks to the integration with customer analytics tools.
  • Offers a user-friendly custom postcard builder to cut design expenditures.
  • Allows to A/B test mailing on a smaller audience before sending mail pieces to all customers.
  • Provides an unlimited and flexible batch size.
  • Automatically launches printing to deliver the mail within 3-6 business days after you click the Send button.
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These and other benefits of direct mail automation make statement printing and mailing services easily accessible to any business. Top-notch technology is suitable for both small and large enterprises regardless of their domain. Start automating your mail right now.

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